Date Comment Rating
09/18/2017 Perfect!!!
09/07/2017 Very good work. I asked her to do my ssignment in an hour and she gave it to me right on time!
09/01/2017 Super talented! Professional. 
08/22/2017 Excellent essay, faster than my required date of completion 10/10
Thank you so very much it looks good. I appreciate it.
08/02/2017 Great stuff!! 
07/30/2017 Very professional and ON POINT! Grace submitted my paper early and it was very clear. Thank you so much Grace!
07/22/2017 Thank you Professor Grace. I was very nervous to use this site at first but i must say it is very good. Professor Grace works very fast and is very responsive when it comes to the project inbox, she completed my paper weeks before the actual deadline. After being in and out of the hospital for various treatments and rehabilitaion i was left unable to attend classes on campus and had to do a full load online. Treatments make me very foggy and physically drained. It's nice to know that there is a site like this to help struggling students, weather it be for ill students like me, students with disablitlies or just busy and stressed students. This site is great for one time or occasional use to help you get through an unecessary course. If you use this as often as i have, it can get a little expensive but it's a price i'm willing to pay to stay in school. I have no desire to drop out and then have to worry about going back to school and finishing later down the road. Professor Grace , as well other professors on this site have helped me maintain decent grades at a time when i thought i was going to need to drop out. Her work is A worthy , she delivers on time if not well in advance and her prices are very reasonable. Wanted to extend my thanks to Professor Grace for helping out during a very hard time and keeping me in school.
07/19/2017 Thank you for a job well done
07/16/2017 Exceeded expetations, Will use again and again
07/13/2017 good stuff as always
07/12/2017 Grace did an amazing job! This paper was turned it well before the deadline, which allowed for ample time to edit. But it was so perfect it didn't need any changes! Will definitely use her in the future! 
07/11/2017 Good stuff as always
06/28/2017 Gave a difficult project; she did a good job with the information provided, but it wasn't exactly what I needed. I would use her again though, well written and done early.
06/26/2017 Very professional and patient. Wrote a goddamn impressive PAPER too...2 thumbs up!
Excellent work a week ahead of schedule....
06/20/2017 Used her for my entire semester and pretty sure I'm getting an A in this class. All A's from all her papers 
06/14/2017 Grammar and sturcture alone will get you a pass mark. expect good quality work if the needs of both are made clear from the begining,

professor is very accomodating if changes are required.
06/07/2017 6 page paper done overnight!
06/04/2017 Amazing work again! Always follows directions and gives me her best work!! Super happy (:
06/02/2017 Another 3.6. One of my essay's she did wasn't as perfect as it needed to be and she is redoing it for me for free! Still been using her for my entire semester and have been getting A's on all my papers.
05/31/2017 submitted early so that's good, but needed edits and the bibliography was not complete- I had to look up sources she used, otherwise was fine, haven't recieved a grade yet 
05/31/2017 Followed the instructions to a tee for my paper
05/25/2017 Awesome communication and great timing. 
05/24/2017 Failing grade. Got it back ahead of time otherwise it would have been 1 star. 
05/22/2017 Great work and personality! Acutally cares about the work she does and the person she does it for.
05/20/2017 Quick with assignments but you can tell she takes her time to do these papers! Paid her to write 3 pages for me but she wrote 3 and a half to ensure I got the best quality paper. Some professors are so stingy about that! This is like my 5th time using her. Also got a 3.7 on my paper from her last week!
05/14/2017 She's just amazing. So fair in price, so nice. Responds to e-mails so quickly!!! And she finishes the papers I need way ahead of time so I'm not worried staring at the clock as my deadline comes around. Never stressed with her! I'm using her for my entire semester.
05/08/2017 Fantastic job. 
05/07/2017 Thanks!
04/28/2017 Paper was exceptionally well written; fully cited and incredibly meticulous down to the small details. Paper was delivered on time and I could not have written anything remotely of its quality in under 2 days. Thanks Grace!
04/23/2017 Grace was able to take a difficult assignment with a quick turnaround and produce really good work. Thank you so much!
04/23/2017 Great job!!!
04/20/2017 Grace absolutely exceeded my expectations with this essay. The essay is attention-grabbing, flows beautifully, and has great structure. This is my first time using this website and because of Grace, it will not be my last. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better first experience. 10/10 rating well deserved! Highly recommend :)
04/19/2017 Great so far.  Done in no time flat. Thanks so much

04/19/2017 Great job ! On time !
04/09/2017 failing grade 
04/08/2017 Left very specfic instructions for an analytical paper, she wrote a glorified book report. Very low quality paper, not even close to the value of what I paid. Sources that I required and specified in detail weren't used. grace wrote about the book, and not the analysis of the book. This site is acceptable for low level book reports, if you have the money for that, but it is extremely evident why Grace is unemployed.
04/04/2017 Would not reccomend at all. I asked very specifically what I needed for this essay (10-12 pages) and recieved only eight pages. The essay was well written but it basically was just reiterating what a basic wiki search of my topic would yield. I ended up rewriting most of the paper and extending it to meet the page requirements and upon submission was called out for academic dishonesty. I cannot be to mad at "Grace" for this because obviously not writing your own work has risks but if she spent more time on the paper, I would not be in this position.
04/01/2017 Great job look forward to working with this prof again!
03/31/2017 essay needed revisions 
Great job. Will use again.
03/18/2017 Easy to communicate with, completed the essay to a high standard, was delivered quite late after the dealine which worried me however but otherwise good.
03/16/2017 Got an A on the assingment. Well written and listened to my instructions. Communicated with me effectively, some changes needed to be made to the initial assingment, but the professor was amazing and made the changes for me quickly to construct the perfect assingment. Thank you!!
03/14/2017 Awesome paper Grace wrote for me, i was worried at first but when she got back my paper so quickly all my worries went away because it was that good.
03/12/2017 This professor is amazing! She is great with communication and gets back with you pretty quickly! She follows directions great and I got so much great feedback from my professor and colleagues on my essay! She finishes these assignments FAST. I submitted an essay to her that I needed done in 24 hours she got it done about 9 hours before I even needed it. She also did another essay for me that was really long and finished in just a couple days, a week before the deadline. I recommend her and will continue to use her for the rest of my semester and for my essays forever. She's the best!
03/11/2017 A few errors, but not bad
03/11/2017 Excellent job
03/10/2017 The paper was perfect! Your turnaround time was amazing. I have high confidence that this is an A+. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
03/08/2017 Got a A on my paper!.. thank you!! 
03/06/2017 Grace did a fantastic job...will definitely use her again...highly recommend as well
03/01/2017 Very quick. Got an a for the assignement! Will def. use this professor again!
03/01/2017 Grace is awesome! Yes, she is pretty new to the site but she is quick and beyond helpful! She's done very well on every assignment I've given her. And recently, it has been most of my work! I haven't gotten anything less than an "A".!
02/28/2017 Fast and accurate. Complied with all directions. Awesome Job!
02/26/2017 Project was done very quickly and was what I was looking for. I am giving a few less stars, only because I requested 4 pages and the actual work was around 3.5.
02/24/2017 Absolutely the biggest waste of money!  I had to write the entire paper from scratch with less than 3 hours to do it.  Detailed instructions and sources that were allowed to be used were provided, however, she did not follow a single bit of the directions or use the sources that were allowed per the directions.  I requested the revisions and pointed out the directions and her revised paper was the exact same paper with ibid added 6 more times.  She still did not follow the directions.  The actual paper was poorly written and it is hard for me to imagine that this person has a high level of education.  From other reviews, it would seem that it isn't always the same person writing each paper.  I was very disappointed that I wasted this money, but I guess that is what I get for trying to circumvent the process. 
02/20/2017 This professor produced a great presentation as assigned and made revisions quickly when asked. Thanks again!
02/16/2017 Thank you for your timely, well articulated work.
02/14/2017 Grace is an absolute joy to work with. Very open to feedback with a quick turnaround time! Highly recommended!!!
02/13/2017 Very good paper. Only gave her about a day to do it and she finish in about 4 hours. Would pay her to do it again.
02/09/2017 She was amazing, i highly reccomend this professor.
02/09/2017 the essay is fine but their was a miscomunication amongst us. Now i have tos omehow  finish a prooduct that i spent 125 on.
02/05/2017 ..
02/04/2017 I gave Grace a week and a half to complete my assignment. She wrote up the paper with a powerpoint presentation in a little over 48 hours which such a great deal. Highly recommended! 
02/03/2017 I received an A for my paper that was done with a less than 24 hour turnaround time. Bravo!!!
02/01/2017 Grace did great work! She was quick to respond, followed instructions of the assigment perfectly and was able to generate a clear and concise essay according to the rubric presented. 
01/29/2017 New but Great

grace did an amzing job with my assignment. She had it done in less than 24 hours and I got a 96% on the assignment. grace followed the assignment instructions to a T. grace also offered a very resonable bid for what the assignment was.

10/10 would recommend