PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: abbieabominable

Date Comment Rating
09/22/2017 Got a paper that was awesome and a great example for future projects!
09/20/2017 Great paper!! 
09/18/2017 Great work! I got it back early with only one minor error and made an A.
09/17/2017 Everything went well with zero issues.  I would highly recommend this professor!!
09/15/2017 Directions weren't followed, grammatical errors, the paper made absolutely no sense. 
09/14/2017 Great communication and follow up from start to finish. Perfect product.
09/12/2017 Very thorough, very profound in her essay. Project was delivered on time. Will def use this professor again and I 100% recommend  her.?????????????
09/06/2017 Abbie was nothing short of spectacular! She delivered a very large project on-time and worked with me when she needed additional information.
09/06/2017 Very eloquent 
09/05/2017 I received a mark of 43 out of 100 so a FAIL
?But hey I didn't do any work so... lol
09/04/2017 Great work!
Fantastic, timely work yet again!
08/29/2017 Thanks for your assistance with this project.  I ended up recieving a low A on this project and an overall B for the course.   
08/27/2017 Excellent work and good demostration of knowledge, would highly recommend!
08/19/2017 Very reliable and punctual!
Thank you very much....
08/16/2017 Not bad but for the price I paid I expected more than 70%. Did not address the topic correctly.
08/15/2017 Beautiful work - exactly what I needed, and even slightly quicker turnaround time than we had discussed!  I cannot recommend Abbie enough!
08/14/2017 The best Professor, great writer. Knows her stuff. Projects completed in a timely manner. Awesome!
08/14/2017 One word....Awesome!!!!!!
08/13/2017 Super nice and the paper I got back was great! However, I received the paper 9 hours after it was due and needed to be submitted for full credit.  I only wish that abbieabominable would have sent me all questions earlier and not so close to when it was due as to avoid missing my submission window.
Superb work!
Great work once again!
08/07/2017 Got the project in time and the vocabulary she uses makes me sound smart as hell.
08/05/2017 Simply, the BEST! Exceptional work, timely delivery, plus she works with you all the way. Great communication! Thank you so much! All A's, Yey!
08/05/2017 Exceptional work! Finished earlier than expected and the quality of work was excellent!! Excellent writing skills. The best writer so far!  I am so impressed! Thank you so much! Highly recommended. You will never be disappointed!
Great job and timely!
Thanks for the quick turnaround!
07/30/2017 Awesome. Finished well before the deadline.
07/28/2017 Great Job!
07/28/2017 Great Job
07/28/2017 Exceptional work! Finished earlier than expected and the quality of work was excellent!! Excellent writing skills. The best writer so far, WOW! I am so impressed Thank you so much!Highly recommended!
07/25/2017 Excellent work, was a day late in submission but had an acceptable reason.
07/25/2017 The BEST
07/23/2017 Great job on a difficult and important project
07/23/2017 Abbie came clutch at a time of need and was reasonable with her price and accomodating with my deadline
07/20/2017 AWESOME WORK! Very patient and revised work per every request I made! 
07/19/2017 REALLY great! Friendy and knowledgeable. Actually did my 8 page research proposal without plagarism. (i checked it myself) and got it done ahead of schedule. I got an 80% on my paper. 
07/18/2017 Awesome job! 
07/18/2017 Just what I needed! Everything went smoothly, project finished on-time, well-written, and even a little longer than requested (no problem there!). Responds quickly to messages. Highly recommend. A++
07/17/2017 Abbie!  What can I say about your exemplary customer service and AWESOME writing skills but KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS!!!  

Truly enjoyed the experience and getting to know you!  ;-)]

07/16/2017 Great solution to this project. Completed on time and better than I could have expected! A++
07/14/2017 Uploads well within time limit and completes questions & paper correctly.
07/13/2017 Awesome!
07/08/2017 Abbie did everything I requested and the work was fantastic! This is my second time using Abbie and it definitely will not be the last!!
07/06/2017 Professor Abbie did an amazing job, even with a last minute twist when I incorrectly submitted the due date, she was able to pull through and get the essay before the new due date (less than 24 hour notice & turn around).   Will continue to use her for further homeland security papers.
07/04/2017 This was far beyond what I had hoped for!!! Exceptional work, and way before deadline, so now I'm able to enjoy the rest of the week without losing sleep! 
07/04/2017 Rewrote it within deadline when I pointed out an error.
Got the full score. 
07/01/2017 Very considerate of the student, but kindness doesn't get you grades. Could have been much better.
06/30/2017 100%!!
06/28/2017 Finished eariler than expected and the quality of work was excellent!!

06/27/2017 several projects together.  Clear communication, quality and timely work.
06/26/2017 I was given an A+ quality paper with a short window to work with. I would highly recommend to peers.
06/25/2017 More fantastic work by a fantastic writer.  So glad I chose Abbie!
06/25/2017 Abbie was a fantastic choice for me.  She exceeded my expectations and was able to complete the assignment on time without any issue.  She followed instructions as well, which wa the most important!
06/21/2017 Great project outcome!  Pleased I used this UP for a 2nd project.
06/21/2017 Well documented project and delievers in a timely fashion.  I will use this UP again!
06/18/2017 She is working with you until you are satisfy with the final product. 
06/17/2017 Completed before deadline. I asked for 1 revision and was completed within hours. Exactly what I needed, highly recommended. 
06/16/2017 Wonderful!! On time and did a great job!! Thank you :)
06/16/2017 Abbie is absolutlely the best!! She's the best proffesor I've had.   She's so nice, She messages you back super fast and she is willing to make changes after she submits the final paper. She wrote me a fantastic paper and I asked her to make one change on it and she did it with no hesitation. Select Abbie to write all your papers, you won't regret it!
06/12/2017 This is by far the best professor UnEmployed Professors has to offer. Besides being extremely passionate about helping out students, Abbieabominable goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied and pleased. As a frequent user of this service (And return customer for Abbieabominable), I have never met another professor who has delivered such high quality work or customer service. If you are unsure of who to select as your professor then look no further. Abbieabominable will not only deliver your work within the deadline, but she will exceed all of your expectations (Including your professors!!!) The two papers I submitted to my professor (Thanks to the help of Abbieabominable) received an A- and an A. What more could a student possibly ask for? :)
06/10/2017 Very satisfied with finished product! Thank you AbbieAbominable!
06/10/2017 A+ quality with a few hours turnaround time
06/10/2017 Ditto from AbbieAbominable's other perfect reviews!
06/10/2017 AbbieAbominable completed this project with A+ quality work within a few hours of me posting it and accepting the bid. (Several hours before my deadline was even up!) 
06/06/2017 While I've not yet been graded on this work, I am very happy with the work done on this project. The work was intelligent, but not overly academic. It was easy to follow and showed close reading of both the prompt and the requied readings. I could tell, through their messages, that some of the other profs were either apathetic or didn't read the description or title of what I'd given them before offering a bid, but Abbie seemed to have a legitimate interest in the subject and that was evident by the effort put in.
06/01/2017 Great communication in regards to details about the assignment. Finished with time to spare before the deadline.
05/31/2017 Great communication and even better paper! She had my paper complete before the due date and went above the minimum on citations. I am absolutely pleased with her work. Thank you abbieabominable!! 
05/30/2017 Abbieabominable returned a perfectly written 3 page paper within a few hours. I did not have to make any changes to it except my personal information. Thank you for coming through AbbieAbominable!!! I truly appreciate it.
05/29/2017 Great work! Followed directions! It is readable, it sounds like this person speaks English. Will use again!
05/29/2017 Great work! Project was chosen as one of five for group project. That is something.
05/27/2017 Very professional and follows guidelines for project. Thank you so much! 
05/22/2017 Not all of my instructions made it into the project prompt but Abbie was able to adjust and complete to my satisfaction. Great work!
05/21/2017 Did an amazing job on my research term paper which helped me pass a class. Real life saver.
05/21/2017 She is misrepresenting the integrity of Unemployed Professors.  I was very surprised that 22% of my paper was plagiarised.  Because I have always checked the plagiarism percentage of my works and have been confident in the low levels, I was confident that abbieaboniable would provide great work.  However, I ended up getting an F and am very unhappy.
05/19/2017 Just what I needed, when I needed it.  Quick paper, made a few tweaks and called it good.  Even got it early!  Thank you.
05/17/2017 Very knowledgeable, and the quality of the work reflected great critical thinking skills. Provided exactly what I needed. Thank you!!
05/16/2017 Abbie came through!  She had a pretty small time frame to finish my paper... So I could enjoy my impromptu weekend.  Money well spent.  Thanks!
05/16/2017 Responsive.
05/14/2017 Amazing.
05/14/2017 AbbieAbominable provided an actually affordable price for a college student. Especially a college student with a family, job, and tuition expenses. The work that I received for the amount that I paid was a true bargain. This professor is meticulous and follows the instructions or guidelines that you give. I look forward to doing future business with you AbbieAbominable! Thank you.
05/13/2017 Thanks for helping me give it to the man!
05/13/2017 Went above and beyond for sources. A+
05/12/2017 Overall, very satisfied.  The project was completed on time, it was well writen - with a few fixable errors, and Abbie was very polite and easy to work with.  Abbie was also very, very reasonable with pricing. Whilst some professors bid $500-600 on my project, Abbie bid well below that and was just as educated, quick-working, and professional as the high bidders.  WILL BE USING ABBIE AGAIN!   
05/12/2017 Great paper, went above and beyond to find sources.  Glad I chose abbieabominable. 
05/10/2017 ??
05/09/2017 Great work, easy to communicate with, delivers a great product!
05/09/2017 Awesome work, thank you for revising and being so friendly and easy to work with!  Exceptional work. 
05/07/2017 Absolutely wonderful! Received the paper early.  I recommend! Excellent job!
05/06/2017 Thank you very much for the well-researched and masterfully crafted paper. In a timely manner as well. I will come back for future work for sure.
05/04/2017 Thank you for yet another perfectly completed assignment!!
05/04/2017 Amazing work!
05/03/2017 Went above and beyond with my project - I could not be happier and would absolutely use again. Thank you so much!!!
04/30/2017 Thanks for the help.
04/28/2017 I was a little wary of using a paper writing website at first, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but abbiebominable cleared all my fears away. She responded quickly and concisely to any requests or questions and even provided me updates leading toward the deadline. Her cheery demeanor was a wonderful surprise as well. She went beyond my expectations,  I definitely recommend her. You won't be dissapointed. 
04/28/2017 Very professional, kind, and knowledgable. I received an A+! Thank you SO much!!!
04/28/2017 BEAUTIFUL paper! Very pleased with work! Got back to me immediatley and finished before due date. Thanks so much!! 
04/26/2017 Very happy with this professor's work. Was able to manage a tight schedule with a heavy workload and still keep the quality of work very high.
04/24/2017 On time, high quality work.  This Prof will not let you down!
04/24/2017 great work, i actually had a issue with my paper, and this professor went above and beyond to correct and return the same day
04/24/2017 Very great work. Would ask for this professors help again!
04/23/2017 Incredibly good paper! The professor even offered to give the paper a day early with no extra charge.
04/20/2017 I had the most pleasant & professional experience with this specific professor. The work she provided was beyond my expectations. Thank you so much!