Date Comment Rating
09/19/2017 Great written work as always!
09/19/2017 Fantastic work!
08/23/2017 Absolutely fantastic. Worth went above and beyond what I asked for. A++++++++++++. He is "Worth" the extra money ;)
08/20/2017 As always, excellent job. Thank you so much for all your help. Excellent writer, communicator, and dedication to the job.
08/20/2017 Excellent work as always. I appreciate this professor's professionalism and dedication to his work.
08/11/2017 Well done! Great professor with well-written work. My own professor for the class who is pretty particular is intense. I am glad to to have Worth do well-written essays.
08/11/2017 Great work! A+
08/05/2017 Well written!
08/05/2017 I used Worth for a while now. He is adaptable in all subjects. I used him for my media class and Criminal Justice and related area class. Well written as always! Thanks.
08/05/2017 Great work!
07/15/2017 What an amazing first experience I had with U.P., all thanks to Worth. He was incredibly helpful, communicative, and did a wonderful job with my assignment. I will forever appreciate his time, effort, and talent. Thank you Worth!!

07/14/2017 Recommend highly! Always goes above and beyond in all the projects as it keeps constant communication with the student! 
07/11/2017 From start to finish the level of professionalism, communication, and dedication from Dr. P exceeded my expectations at every turn. I would recommend him to anyone as he went above and beyond to complete my project to exacting detail. His writing was clear, concise, and well thought out. He asked questions of me so that he could write with my voice and truly made this project into a collaboration. Amazing work !!!!!
07/05/2017 I am just speechless
07/05/2017 I would like to thank this professor for an outstanding job! I highly reccomend this professo to all that are in need of doctoral level assistance. Outstanding, is fully knowledgeable about the content on a doctoral level.
07/04/2017 Great work!
07/01/2017 Great work!
07/01/2017 Great work always!
06/27/2017 Great work on doctoral level assignment. Work was tImely, accurate, and exceeded expectations.
06/27/2017 Always a great doctorate-level writer. TImely, accurate, and exceeds expectations.
06/26/2017 Wonderful as always!
06/25/2017 Great work!
06/22/2017 Great work!
06/15/2017 The only professor on this site that truly understands instructions and listens to what the student needs. A true professional! Awesome papers and always in time. Answers all questions regarding projects and communicates in an effective way! I would recommend this professor for any project big or small. 
06/14/2017 He's wonderful!
06/07/2017 Wonderful as always! The only professor i use on this site! 
06/03/2017 you are amazing. wow. 
06/01/2017 the best prof on here!  you gotta try this prof.  many As........:)
05/30/2017 Great work as always!
05/11/2017 Perfect paper and no mistakes in APA style.  Dude's good!!
05/11/2017 Project delivered ON TIME and got an A.  Easy to read paper that sounded like me. :)
05/11/2017 Hire him.  He is a great writer and communicates well with students.  
05/11/2017 This guy is the real deal.  Just got an A in my class with his help.
05/11/2017 This professor's name is WORTH.  He is Worth every penny.  His work is fantastic.  Highly recommend.
04/23/2017 Great work!
04/22/2017 Great work!
04/20/2017 Great work!
04/12/2017 This Prof speaks like we do........not whacked!  Does a great job, too!  Pick this one!!
04/10/2017 Got an A on a difficult paper with an almost immediate deadline. Worth updated me through every step of the paper and did a fantastic job. If you are ever just to swamped to keep up Worth will save you. Fantastic work.
04/02/2017 This professor rocks! Was done on time and I got an A on my paper! This professor keeps you informed and up to date on the progress. I would hire him again in a heart beat.
03/30/2017 This professor is amazing! He is always early, and I have never gotten less than an "a" on it. Highly recommend 
03/23/2017 Great work!
03/13/2017 Best of the Best. Excellent work. Always on time. Good communication.
03/11/2017 I got a 98 on my 14 page paper! Enough said! He had about 2.5 weeks to do it, sent me a copy- I sent back a few changes/corrections I would like him to make, he made them super fast! And he even sent me a copy of the sources he used because I couldn't find one of them! He was great!! Will only use this professor for any business related courses!!!! 
03/11/2017 Professor Worth is the very best!! Always willing to help! Great work! I haven't gotten anything less than an "A" on any project he has done for me! 
03/06/2017 Nice job!
03/06/2017 Thanks! 
03/06/2017 SUPEBERB!! 

I will definitely use again, again and again!! 

Thanks for a job WELL DONE  ;-)

03/06/2017 Dr. P,

IS pretty AWESOME, to say the LEAST. Talk about someone who not only takes PRIDE in the final delivery of the papers that is completed.  This Professor also displays integrity and humility as well.  And, for me, that is saying a great deal about who this Professor is not as a person but the level of professionalism and quality with excellence in every aspect.  

Need I say more... Yes, I will - If you are looking for a writer who possesses those qualities mentioned above and so many others that fit this build then look no other he's your WRITER!!

Excellence in ALL he does!!
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for your due diligence and hard work that is PAR none!  :-)

03/05/2017 Great quality paper. quick turnaround. Highly recommended. 
02/21/2017 Great work as always!
02/15/2017 Awesome.  Exactly as I would have done it!!
02/10/2017 If you want a high score on your paper, I will definitely recommend using P.W
02/10/2017 I rec'd an A. Awesome***
02/10/2017 This professor is REALLY GREAT at their job.
02/10/2017 GREAT JOB!!! Will use again
02/10/2017 AWESOME A+
02/10/2017 Well Done and submitted ahead of time.
02/10/2017 Gets the JOB DONE A+++
02/09/2017 Amazing as always had my work back in less than 12 hours. This Professor never disappoints. Highly Recommend. 
02/09/2017 I must say I have worked with a few different Professor on here that were amazing but Professor Worth went above and beyond what I ask. The communication was amazing and the paper got an A. Highly recommend!!!! 
02/08/2017 Great work as always. Top notch!
02/06/2017 Dr. P, was communicative throughout the entire process making sure he understood the assignment needs and, of course, make sure I was happy with the outcome!
02/04/2017 Great work!
01/26/2017 If you want someone who is par none and aims to please than Prof P is your guy!  

In the famous words of The Terminator, "I'll BE BACK!!   :-)

Awesome, Awesome Job!
01/17/2017 Business Law Assignments Help - Grade Received - A
Dr. P is extremely helpful and went completely out of his way to ensure that all of the required details were met. He offered help and feedback ensuring that no stone was left unturned. I highly recommend him as he takes pride in his work. I would absolutely work with him again in the future, and recommend that you do too. 

01/12/2017 I have to say that i have used quite a few professors from this site, however nobody came close to the excellent work that i had from this professor! Always a good and positive experience, not only on big projects but also weekly homework. Each work made an A!
01/12/2017 This professor is worth more than 10 stars! I had help and feedback from beggining to the end! Always on time, honest and dependable! Excellent work!
01/05/2017 I would never consider choosing another professor is he is available. Sincerely, enough said.
12/21/2016 Thanks.  Good paper with plenty of in-depth research.  Well written.
12/17/2016 Fantastic paper from a fantastic professor who really cares about the work and you! 10/10 would commission again :)
12/13/2016 Quick reponses, very attentative to details and your needs concerning the project, overall superb. 
12/05/2016 Great work as always!
12/03/2016 Top notch work, very detailed and specific to what I asked for and delivered on his part and more. Exllecent work, and would highly recommend.
12/03/2016 Excellent, highly recommend. I would work with immediately again. Provides great feedback and phenomenonal papers. Much thanks to you sir!
11/20/2016 Great work as always!
11/15/2016 AAA+ work. PhD assignment.  Always on time. Always excellent communication. Always fantastic work. HIGHLY recommended. If you dont want to spend hours correcting work or fixing errors, use THIS professor.  
11/14/2016 Simply awesome!!!! Very thorough and proficient. Absolutely satisfied!!!!
11/04/2016 Deeply impressed by the professor's professional work. They got my paper done early, longer than I requested, formatted correctly and with more references than I required. Would recommend. 
11/03/2016 Phenomenal work. I can't give enough praise to thank this writer.  Reliable, timely, expert work. You can't ask for a better.  
11/01/2016 Great work!
10/30/2016 Great work!
10/30/2016 Great work!
10/27/2016 The completion of this project was a dissertation which included eight parts, with a grading rubric that called for detailed analysis the ability to build a strategic argument. As Professor Worth found all the necessary reference and support to build the key arguments, which allowed for theme development and produced a series of outstanding recommendations, I could not be happier with the end result. This was a 10 start project which was handled with professionalism and courtesy from beginning to end and for those who are considering using Professor Worth on your project I give him my highest recommendation. A superb writer and when he claimed that he was an expert in his field, this was not idle chatter or boasting, he really hit the nail on the head!
10/27/2016 The completion of this project was a dissertation which included eight parts, with a grading rubric that called for detailed analysis the ability to build a strategic argument. As Professor Worth found all the necessary reference and support to build the key arguments, which allowed for theme development and produced a series of outstanding recommendations, I could not be happier with the end result. This was a 10 start project which was handled with professionalism and courtesy from beginning to end and for those who are considering using Professor Worth on your project I give him my highest recommendation. A superb writer and when he claimed that he was an expert in his field, this was not idle chatter or boasting, he really hit the nail on the head!
10/26/2016 ALWAYS produces outstanding work. Always delivers on time or early. Will Always use this writer when I can.  Absolutely fantastic service.
10/18/2016 Worth is very good at following guidelines. I had given him an assignment with certain specifications and his work proved exceptional. He was an expert on my subject matter and he provided valuable input and synthesis. My experience with Worth is that if you need exceptional work, give him a reasonable time frame and you’ll be more than satisfied with the end result. Worth is in demand so keep in mind that this is a business transaction so be clear as to what you need and what you expect and like FedEx, he will deliver!
10/13/2016 I can't possibly say enough good things about this writer. Consistantly superb, consistantly timely, consistantly Awesome! 
10/10/2016 This professor is the best! The assignement I needed help with was completed and given back to me ahead the time I had asked for. The paper was very well written and scored an A for me. Thanks Rogue!
10/09/2016 Professor always produces quality papers on time. Can't say enough good things.
10/09/2016 Professor always produces quality papers on time. Can't say enough good things.
10/09/2016 Professor always produces quality papers on time. Can't say enough good things.
09/26/2016 Great work!
09/20/2016 Great work!
08/17/2016 Great!
08/06/2016 Perfect! Went above and beyond, I am very statisfied! 
07/13/2016 Excellent in every area. Excellent with communication, timeliness, and in quality of work. I highly recommend Worth.
07/04/2016 Excellent work as always.
06/30/2016 Not only did Dr. P meet my expectations, he exceeded them and I couldn't be more impressed!  I highly recommend using the good doctor for any research articles or critiques.  You won't be disappointed.
Thank you so much for a very well written paper.  I could not have done such a great job!  you were very thorough and detailed.  Excellent
06/16/2016 Awesome!! 
06/09/2016 As always, excellent work and provided before my required suspense date. I will recommend and continue to use in the future. Thank you so much. 
05/15/2016 Always on time.
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
04/27/2016 At first I was a little skeptical on how my essay will turn out as it was last minute and quite an intensive topic.

I have had bad experiences with certain professors on this site but Dr. P made it all up, he's amazing, on time and really cares about the student!

Couldn't be happier!
04/25/2016 you were spot on with the rubric, as you promised. thanks a lot, more work coming your way.
04/13/2016 Did an awesome job. Was exactly how I asked it to be done. Hope to worth with Worth again. the best part it was done way before deadline!
04/11/2016 Great work on the case study. I found it a very intersting to read myself. I look forward to the next one you write. *****FIVE-STARS*****
04/09/2016 This was my second time choosing Dr P. - like the others have said, he's extremely professional, asks questions, approachable and responds back to you quickly. Most importantly, I truly believe that he really cares for his clients!

Thanks again Dr P!
04/08/2016 Awesome work!!
04/06/2016 Dr.P was most helpful and was definitely up to the task. He was very polite and went above and beyond on the assignment. He responds quickly, follows directions, and will make any changes needed to drafts to your liking.I asked him if he could finish it earlier. Dr.P was very accommodating and was able to write it up by the time I needed it. A fantastic paper, great writer and really followed the guidelines. Needed to incorporate a lot of course material which he did and more! I really liked his style and he really knew what angle I was going for. He even took the time to learn about myself!!!! I also really liked how communicative he was with me. Sometimes some professors take a while to get back to you, I felt comforted knowing Dr.P was conscious of replying and communicating. I will use Dr.P in the future no doubt in my mind. Thank you thank you thank you. You won't regret picking him, amazing!!!
03/18/2016 WHat can I say, he nails it again!!!! This guy always delivers the mail!
02/26/2016 I choose Dr P for my psychology essay, as I was referred to him from a friend of mine. I absolutely I have no regrets choosing him. In fact, I will be choosing him again to do my next paper. I was satisfied with the work he provided. He seems very well versed and knowledgeable in the field of psychology. He provided more references than what was required, and also agreed to do some last minute edditing of the paper.

Thank you for all your help Dr P!
02/23/2016 Extremely well researched and written paper. Recieved an A-. 
02/10/2016 Another fantastic paper.  Will use this writer again without hesitation. A quality paper delivered on time.  Thank you!
02/08/2016 Excellent work! Took time to understand requirements and properly address the needs for the project.
01/29/2016 Great! 
01/27/2016 Used worth a couple times now. always top quality. would recomend to everyone 
Great detail.  Well organized.  Easy to work with.  Very flexible.  I will definately look for you again when I have my next project due.

Bottom line is that you deliver what you say you will deliver, and then some. 


You just gained a loyal costomer.

01/11/2016 Top work 10/10. Was skeptical about the quality of work i could purchase online but wow did he deliver. couldnt reccomend more
12/29/2015 Recieved an 'A'. Great job!
12/24/2015 First time I worked with him and my paper was GREAT! Will work with you.
12/24/2015 Was able to work with my time table. The work that was given to me was better then expected. Worth, was up front with me letting me know what he ws gong to do and if any thing needed changes to contact him. Good person to know, if you could.
12/20/2015 Dr. P, 

Thank you for the working with me on the cunfussion that came up with the due date.  From what I've read so far the paper is outstanging.  

Awesome! Great work! will use in the future and would recommend to anyone!

12/15/2015 My paper was impeccable and came right on time. Thank you again and happy holidays!
12/13/2015 Best one here! 
12/08/2015 Without a doubt,  Another FANTASTIC, A+ project from Worth.
On time.
Team player.
Superior communication.
Asks questions.
Knows his SHIT.

Thanks again Dr. P. 

Happy to work with you all the time, every time if possible.

12/05/2015 Great writer. the best in here!!! 
12/05/2015 Once again, here i am. Love the work he does. 
11/28/2015 one of the best!
11/22/2015 Brilliant!!!
11/21/2015 BEYOUND AWESOME! 
11/20/2015 Excellent work! 
11/18/2015 wow. what a writer. i have dealt with him for almost 10 assignments and he is the best one of all. 
11/18/2015 This review should have went up a long time ago, because Worth literally exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Extremely kind and sympothetic, Worth made my experience with this platform exceptional while at the same helping me turn what was a very very stressfull situation into a positive. I had originally posted my project (an upper level sports psychology term paper) with less than 48 hours until it was due not expecting any offers. I thought even if there was an offer, it would be so expensive for what I was asking for that I had no chance being able to afford it. Then comes Worth, who was the only Proffessor that added a note with there bid explaining how their personal experiences were well suited for my needs, and layed out exactly what would be offered and a plan of execution. Worth also based the paper on my personal interest on the subject matter to make it completely relatable as well as thouroughly interesting for me to read.On top of all that, the price was more than reasonable (and I am Canadian so it even cost me 25% more and was still reasonable for what was asked). I even forgot to close out the project and release the funds for the completed project for two days, and Worth was empathetic to say the least and not one once got mad or frustrated. I was only sent a kind reminder that had I not received, I may have forgotten for longer, making even that small gesture helpful to me. All in all, I can't say enough good things about my experience with Proffessor Worth and will be the first proffessor I ask for help on future projects. 

Truly made a positive difference in my life , thank you so much again Worth.
11/17/2015 Professor Worth is OUTSTANDING!!!I knew from first project he was a keeper! I am using him the rest of my time in school!
11/16/2015 I would highly recommend this instructor if you are looking for a top quality assignment. All of the project guidelines were
met and succeeded and while I have not received a grade, I expect a great score and grade. Thanks Professor Worth!
11/16/2015 A terrific assignment, well thought out and planned, and kept me up to date on his progress. A great project and professor!
Professor Worth continues to work his magic, having completed three successful assignments and his ongoing
realiability, especially on short notice has averted disaster. An outsanding assignment as always with attention
to detail and excellent communication throughout the project. Highly recommend this professor if you want to get
it right and on-time!
Well done!

11/16/2015 I not only failed this paper, I received a 34%. Not impressed. 
11/14/2015 Once again, another quality and thorough assignment as requested.

Top Notch.

Thank you Dr. P!

11/10/2015 Great paper!!! I asked for the paper in 3 days, I recieved it the same day!!!! Thanks again
11/04/2015 Great essay, and done super fast. I got accepted into the school. Thanks for your help!!
11/04/2015 Best of the Best!
11/03/2015 Got the project in well before the due date leaving me time to go over it, also incorporated further ideas which was more than I asked for. Easy to work with and responds quickly. Definately would recomend !!
10/26/2015 Absolute Grade A Ghost!
10/26/2015 The research was relevant and exactly what the paper called for! The format was perfect.
It really helped me out. Thank you so much. 
10/23/2015 Very dilligent and timely with his work. Overall, did an outstanding job. Assignment was received on time and was exactly what was needed.
10/22/2015 Best Ghost in the site. I am sticking with him for the whole semester. I highly recommend him. 
10/22/2015 Professor Worth is a pleasure to work with. He follows direction well and is an awesome communicator. The project was delivered on time and I received an A on my paper.
10/21/2015 First time using the site-great customer service and the professor really cared about the final project, going the extra mile. The price was reasonable and the attention to detail and directions, fantastic. Thanks Professor Worth!
10/21/2015 I did not expect the professor to be as helpful as he was, communicating the due dates and letting me know if he had any questions. I was too tired to do the assignment and thankfully Worth was there to save my grade, five stars all the way-highly recommend. 
10/21/2015 Professor Worth is awesome, nailed all three of my assignments. The instructor is very picky and I was afraid the paper was too much, but he loved it and I am now sitting on an A for the class. Highly recommend, excellent writer.  
10/20/2015 As usual, professor Worth was on time and on budget. Thanx
10/15/2015 The paper was great! Tackled every aspect it needed to.  I just hope my Prof feels the same way. He hasnt graded it yet. Again thank you so much for being so patient and understanding.
10/14/2015 Great Paper Delivered on Time Great Communication Would Highly Reccommend !
10/14/2015 Very easy to communicate with, delivered a very strong paper. Outstanding. 
10/12/2015 Wow. I can't even express how helpful and great writer this professor is. He went above and beyond to get my assignment done. I will def have him do my assignment again. 

Thanks Prof. You are awesome! 
10/11/2015 Received a 99% out of 100% on this research. This was a graduate paper written on Homeland Security policy concern. Once again, this ghost has produced a quality product, instruction specific, spot on grammar for this level of writing, and delivered it ahead of schedule. Successfully met the originality requirements, word count, was topic sensitive, and I could not be happier.

Never disappointed with this professor.

Much love, respect, and you are valued highly and appreciated.

WORTH every penny :)
This ghost went well above and beyond to produce a quality, academic, and graduate level project. The response from my professor was, "This looks good in structure and is very well written. Worthy of graduate praise."

The feedback speaks for itself. I received a perfect 20/20 for this research assignment.

I am currently working with Worth now and a significant assignment. I am anxious to see the finished product. 
Excellent communication, considering there is a three hour time difference.
He is passionate and knowledgeable; his writing is ingenious and reflects his intelligence.

This will not be our last academic rendezvous.

10/09/2015 We had a bit of trouble communicating and it didn't really work out the way we wanted to. The final product was good, but timing and content was an issue. The prof agreed to do a complimentary assignment so I can't really complain, glad we saw eye-to-eye in the end. 
10/07/2015 5 star quality, listened to my request and did everything needed exceptionally well. Also was extremely quick responding and friendly. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND
10/07/2015 Outstanding paper that is well supported in references.  Could not be more thankful for the services provided!
10/04/2015 Such a pleasure to work with. So kind especially explaining everything on the site for me and being so great about dates and really went above and beyond
09/25/2015 Worth's communication throughout the whole process was excellent. He completed the project a day before the due date and put forth a great effort.
09/19/2015 Was really helpful, always in touch, answered all my questions, included everything i wanted and wrote a kick ass essay. Really recommend him!!
09/17/2015 Worth did as good a job as could possibly be done in the short time span that he was given. I appreciate his work!
09/10/2015 Where is the theauraus when you need it?  "Outstanding" doesn't begin to describe the work product I received from Worth.  This was a challening project, requiring more than cursory internet research, Worth went far beyond what I expected and produced a project I am proud to present to my instructor.  It is obvious that Worth expended a lot of time and effort on this project and I am very grateful, thank you!!!
09/06/2015 As always great assignment completed before the requested time!
08/30/2015 Worth, did an excellent job completing my discussion questions and peer responses with a lot of detail. I am very impressed with his work and will be using him in the future on assignements. :)
08/23/2015 Splendid work, understanding professor and A+ work, thanks a lot.
08/13/2015 I have to say, in the beginning I was a bit hesistant to use this site. I honestly thought that it wasnt what I expected. Boy was proven wrong.
Prof Worth kept me in the know right throughout the whole time, he told me the direction he was headed in and explained his steps. I cant recall a time where I felt cluess to what was going on, I highly recommend Prof Worth for your troubles. Definitely worth every penny. Thank you Prof. Worth

Customer Satisfaction 5/5
Communication 5/5
Service Provided 5/5

08/05/2015 Worth is an amazing professor. Paper was beyond excellent and was delivered on time. Highly recommended!
07/31/2015 Great looking paper. Haven't got the mark back but quality looks great and material was on point. Worked with me very well and with ongoing feedback from me to tailor the essay and put the paper in the direction it need to go in. Kept me posted on the progress of it as well. Looking forward to getting my mark back for it as it looks great. Thumbs up.
07/23/2015 An outstanding professor that not only create an excellent paper but help me fullfil all the requirements and changes of my teacher, really dedicated into getting the best results. Thank you!
07/23/2015 This professor created a complete, extraordinary and before time project perfectly reference and with many peer review articles. 
07/10/2015 WOW... Professor Worth stands behind his name... the paper was nothing less than superior... I want to give him higher than Outstanding... his willingness to comunicate with costumers puts him in higher category than the rest...
Thank you very much... I'm grading Professor Worth before I turn in my paper... I know it will be an A++ and if not than my professor needs some lessons from Professor Worth.

Thank you very much... beyond my expectations

07/08/2015 Once again, Prof Worth saves the day!!! His bids are always reasonable, the projects are imppecable and he speaks to me with respect. (not very common on this site) I will send every project to this man. Thanks again!!!
This professor knocked out an outstanding paper last minute.  This assignment was well written and included good source citings.
07/01/2015 Exceptional! Worth gave me above and beyond what I was expecting and was very easy to work with. I overlooked a deadline and did not have to ability to complete my assignment and he gave exactly what I needed and more and I received 100%! I am extremely pleased!
06/29/2015 I was really hesitant to use this website, but I'm so glad I did. Although I cut his deadline short by almost two weeks, Worth presented a high-quality paper on the day I needed it. He communicated with me throughout the entire project to make sure it was completed the right way. I am very satisfied with the paper and will be requesting Worth for future assignments. THANK YOU!
06/29/2015 This professor is by far the best one I have had the pleasure of working with! He finished extremely early and scored straight A's on all my quizzes. I am big on communication and he worked with me every step of the way to ensure he went over and beyond of what I expected! I enjoyed working with him and will definitely be using him going forward! Thank you again Professor Worth! 
06/27/2015 Worth dug me out of a big hole I found myself in with an essay.  He took over and made it flow and sound more professional.  It was WORTH every penny just to not have to wrack my brain anymore about this assignment! WORTH his weight in gold.
06/26/2015 Excellent.  Very approachable, and always high quality work.  
Delivered profound knowledge and experience. Plus, excellent writing and thoughtful comments! Strongly recommend!
06/25/2015 Once again, Professor Worth saves my bacon!!! I had two other competitors bid on my project one wanted $400!!!!! WTF!?!?! Prof. W is always fast, courteous and his prices are fair. I’m starting to wonder if he's not carrying this entire site on his back. Great job, we'll see you soon!!!
06/14/2015 Prof Worth made short work of my paper with outstanding results! We were on a short timetable and he delivered with plenty of time to spare. The paper was perfect and only had a 5% Turnitin score. (The best Ive managed all semester has been 15%) Highly recommend!!!
06/09/2015 Very happy with this document! Was completed before requested time, very low cost- and amazingly well written!
06/09/2015 AMAZING JOB!
06/09/2015 AMAZING! Well done - Highly reccommend. 
06/09/2015 Quickly done. Fast. Concise. Brillant professor - has alot of good advice and knowledge to share - caters the project to the students needs.
06/09/2015 Well written document, and quickly done. The main focus of the piece was not only creative but wildly unique. This professor walked me through the complete process, aided me in revisions, and even offered advice outside of the completed project.
I will highly reccomend - and for what you get in price is not the just of it - I was well informed about other questions in academia - and the advice this professor gave me will carry on for years to come.

again, highly reccomend - very knowledagble fellow, best pricing, and fun!
06/01/2015 Very good. Paper was excellent
05/31/2015 Very Good!
05/28/2015 When Worth approached my project, I was skeptical at first.  I was not only worried about this site, but the lack of reviews for Worth.  However, I'm so incredibly happy I expressed my concerns to him.  He was the only person to send me a personal message that detailed his experience in the area of my paper, his approach and opinions towards it, as well as how he would write the paper.  He always went above and beyond what was asked of him and exceeded all my expectations.  He would ask me questions to ensure he understood what had to be done and was more than willingly to make changes accordingly.  He was very flexible and on time with his submission.  He constantly gives updates as to where he is on the paper and is always approachable.  I am and definetly would use Dr. P (Worth) again.  
05/18/2015 This professor was great! 

He stepped in when another professor on this site wrote my paper completley wrong. He made sure to communicate with me about my exact specifications frequently which i really apperciated having gone though that previous experience. I would totally reccomend this professor to anyone. He seems to put a lot of work and time into these projects to make sure you get exactly what you ask for. My prject ran into some difficulties, but he made sure to communicate what those were and asked for my opinion on how things should proceed. The project he bid on was a long and difficult one, but he made it work!

I was skeptical with his lack of reviews, but it was totally WORTH it. :)
05/10/2015 Great paper overall, made sure to contact me about specific details to ensure the paper was accurate to myself. Would highly recommend, did a great job and bid a fair price that was much lower than the others. Would definitely contact again about future projects.