Bachelor Degree in English
Masters Degree in Communication Studies
PhD in English

Past Employment

Lecturer and professor at various top-tier institutions.

Ghost writer for fiction novelist.


Hello, students!

I am proficient and well-rounded in all areas of study, but my specialty resides in language and the humanities. I excel in English, psychology, history, and art, but have a firm grasp on the sciences, especially earth science (geology, meteorology, etc.) as well as general human physiology. 

I enjoy many hobbies in my spare time, including reading, music, hiking, and obviously my favorite, writing.

*Please double check the deadlines of your assignments. Once accepted, I am only obligated to upload by the deadline you've provided. 


Date Comment Rating
01/18/2022 This professor was amazing! I needed corrections to be done, and this professor did it right away!
01/18/2022 Above and beyond service! Provided and excellent paper on the same day! I highly recommend!
11/21/2021 Professor-perspicacious gave me a great paper, ahead of time! He was very polite and answered all questions I had and wrote the paper exactly as it was asked. Will absolutely use them again if in need!
11/11/2021 This professor is polite and INCREDIBLE!!!! 
The assignment was completed on time!
I needed a small revision to be completed, and it was done less than 5 minutes later!!
If you are not sure which professor to choose, I totally recommend using this one!!
I am 100% using this professor in the near future!! 
11/05/2021 I got a D on the paper he wrote, and that was after a lot of rewriting of the paper. 
11/01/2021 Great work. I highly recommend. Recieved an "A" for assignment so I have no complaints.
10/27/2021 Really well written, handed in before due time and articulately written
09/12/2021 Awesome work, and on time. Professor got me 92%
Thank you!!
08/28/2021 High quality papers time and time again. If you are looking for a professor you can trust who is a skilled writer *and* a native English speaker, choose this one.
07/10/2021 Very pleased with the result - a complex essay title handled with great ease. Really well done. Kindest Regards C
06/25/2021 Seriously researched and beautifully written. 
06/19/2021 Amazing, always follows through with awesome work!
06/12/2021 Thank you so much!!
06/05/2021 Saved the day!  Thank you so much!!!
06/04/2021 Just what I needed. Delivered on time.  Would purchase from this professor again
05/23/2021 Saved the day! I can't thank enough, really did an awesome job!!  Excellent paper!!
05/18/2021 Excellent!!!  Easy to work with a very flexible and listens.  Thank you!
05/04/2021 They did really well, but maybe could communicate a little more. Although, they still did wonderful.
04/29/2021 Exactly what I needed, thank you.
04/28/2021 Wow truly did an amazing job!! Read directions thoroughly and satisfied every requirement while also writing well. Thank you!
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