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History 209 English 171 Education 119 Art 96 English Literature 80 Religion and Theology 71 Literature 58 Psychology 51 Philosophy 31 Nursing 30


  • Education

    Bachelor Degree in English
    Masters Degree in Communication Studies
    PhD in English

    Past Employment

    Lecturer and professor at various top-tier institutions.

    Ghost writer for fiction novelist.


    Hello, students!

    I am proficient and well-rounded in all areas of study, but my specialty resides in language and the humanities. I excel in English, psychology, history, and art, but have a firm grasp on the sciences, especially earth science (geology, meteorology, etc.) as well as general human physiology. 

    I enjoy many hobbies in my spare time, including reading, music, hiking, and obviously my favorite, writing.

    *Please double check the deadlines of your assignments. Once accepted, I am only obligated to upload by the deadline you've provided. 


    Date Comment Rating
    08/05/2020 FLAWLESS!! Love this professor's writing style. A++
    07/30/2020 An amazing paper by the professor, detailed and exaclty followed the instructions! I even requested a few tweaks and they were adressed quickly and efficiently! I would highly recommend for a history paper!
    07/27/2020 Thank you for an excellent paper
    07/25/2020 By far the best essay I've ever received on here. On time and required no editing before I submitted. Would 100% use again. Thanks man
    06/23/2020 Thank you!
    06/22/2020 It's been great working with this professor!
    06/20/2020 Great paper. Made it sound personal to myself and my program. Highly recommend! 
    06/09/2020 I got 74% on a passage analysis I paid $120 for. I could tell it was rather rushed and left to the last minute. It was just done to get it done. I won't select this professor again. If you want your moneys worth only pick among Diamond profs. They take the time to look over rubrics and spend more time on assignments 

    I don't rush any of my assignments, and I followed the rubric exactly-my ratings overwhelmingly reflect that. It's impossible to tell how a professor will grade, but I did not deserve a 4 star rating from this student.
    06/04/2020 Edits were on point to a previous assignment. Great job!
    06/04/2020 Outstanding job!
    06/03/2020  perfect and on time! Thank you! 
    05/28/2020 Oustanding work on the Article Critique!
    05/23/2020 10/10 Professor worked with my short timeframe and delivered an exceptionally well crafted essay. Thank you!
    05/12/2020 Thank you so much!! I got a 95!
    05/09/2020 Love the essay! My teacher was astonished with the great work. Got full credit!
    05/03/2020 good to go! quality work
    05/03/2020 got an A - good quality on time
    05/03/2020 perfect paper got a 95
    05/03/2020 on time great quality
    05/03/2020 awesome work on time 
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