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History 118 English 55 Religion and Theology 34 Art 24 English Literature 22 Literature 19 Philosophy 16 West European Studies 13 Accounting 8 Psychology 8


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    Bachelor Degree in English
    Masters Degree in Communication Studies
    PhD in English

    Past Employment

    Lecturer and professor at various top-tier institutions.

    Ghost writer for fiction novelist.


    Hello, students!

    I am proficient and well-rounded in all areas of study, but my specialty resides in language and the humanities. I excel in English, psychology, history, and art, but have a firm grasp on the sciences, especially earth science (geology, meteorology, etc.) as well as general human physiology. 

    I enjoy many hobbies in my spare time, including reading, music, hiking, and obviously my favorite, writing.
    PLEASE double check your deadline dates to make sure they're correct!


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    04/16/2018 Very good. Got my analysis to me on time, and I'm very happy with what I paid for. Only thing I'd say is that you may want to review your assingment before submitting it because this professor works on a scholar level to the point where your professor may be suspicious that you had your paper ghost written. Overall, still very good and left a good tip.
    04/11/2018 Great paper that was done earlier than specified.
    I got a 72% on the assignment, but I think the assignment was nonsensical and very confusing! The essay I received was extremely well written, and the professor was great to work with doing edits. Punctual and helpful. I will definitely use them again!
    03/18/2018 High prices but top notch writing. If you want a job done right this is thw way to go. 
    03/11/2018 Very thorough, he was able to take the information I gave him and able to not only work with it, but make it exceeding expectations of what I had. His responses were prompt, and he seems very chill laid-back.  Thank you so much!
    03/08/2018 I can not say enough good things about this writer. He has been my go-to person all semester. He goes above and beyond on everything he does. I would not recommend anyone else. He is the BEST!!!!
    03/07/2018 Professor-perspicacious came through in a pinch ! (Humanities Paper) ---
    ?Professer was very responsive on messages, I messaged the professor to let him/her know I had the wrong due date scheduled and it was supposed to be a week timeframe instead of a month.
    ?Professor-perspicacious had know problems with that and even delivered ahead of schedule, no revisions were necassary !
    Thank you 

    02/25/2018 Fantastic job! Was delivered way before the time I requested it done.
    02/19/2018 Exactly what I needed, once again grateful. He never disappoints.
    02/10/2018 I could not be more impressed. The best writer I have ever hired. This writer puts all others to shame. I could not be more grateful.
    02/02/2018 Produced an outstanding paper with very short notice and still provided a solution before the time I requested. Highly recommend. Thanks so much!
    02/02/2018 Writer always goes above and beyond expectations. Only writer on the site I work with and I recieve A's on all work submitted. 
    02/02/2018 The paper was excellent, satisfies all the provided instructions, and was completed before my deadline. A+ received on assignment. 
    12/06/2017 Amazing how fast the professor completed the paper with such short notice. Very high quality writing as well. Would definitely reccommend and will use again in the future. 
    12/05/2017 Fantastic paper, not overly done and written very well. 100% on my grade I could not have asked for more. Oh, it was also delivered days before the deadline.
    11/28/2017 Exceeds expectations. I look forward to reading the papers and so does my professor. Always receive an A
    11/28/2017 Perfection, A++ on assignment
    11/28/2017 Always a perfect paper. Excellent writer, the best on the site. 
    11/28/2017 Never disappoints. Fast, accurate, follows exact details of the paper. Excellent work.. 
    11/24/2017 got a 60 
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