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    Ph.D. in History
    Master of Busines Management and Economics
    B.A. in English
    CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis
    CFA in Accounting
    Lead Editing in Nursing and Healthcare
    Lead Editing in Psychology and Socialogy

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    Over the years, I have worked as a freelance academic writer handling projects ranging from finance,  History, English, engineering, and many others. Moreover, I have around 10 years of combined teaching and tutoring experience. I have over 96% customer return, which means my clients are happy with what I offer.


    I am a professional researcher and writer with a Ph.D. in History, Master of Busines Management & Economics, B.A. in English, Leading editor in Nursing & socialogy and CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis. When you select me for your assignment, be assured of high quality and timely delivery. 


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    10/17/2019 thank you!
    10/16/2019 Grace is excellent. she is the best ever.
    10/15/2019 Good work, but she used an edition of my textbook from 1995 as the source for the project instead of the current one from 2018. Haven't received a grade back yet.
    10/13/2019 Thank you! you did an excellent job as always. Im going to send you the information for my next assignment in advance so that when I post the project and request your services it will be already done and i can submit it early. My uncle just passed away so I have to go out of town for the funeral so gotta stay ahead in my class.

    Assignment 2: Debate It PowerPoint Presentation

    Due Week 4 and worth 140 points

    Most people perceive international public administration to be a set of state structures, institutions, and processes. Opponents of globalization argue that it weakens states, making it difficult for them to sustain social welfare and environmental policies, and create fiscal redistributive initiatives.

    According to James Bovard, a libertarian author w

    Thank you for always trusting me with your assignments. I would also like to pass my condolences. Please post assignment two as a new assignment so that I can view all the instructions and place a bid on it.
    10/11/2019 Great job
    10/11/2019 Great job
    10/11/2019 Great job
    10/11/2019 Great job
    10/11/2019 Great job
    10/11/2019 Thank you!! Paper came out great
    10/09/2019 great
    10/09/2019 great
    10/09/2019 Great job.
    10/07/2019 Great
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