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Top 10 writing Subjects

Business 98 History 90 Management 75 English 62 Economics 59 Nursing 58 Accounting 48 Political Science 41 Healthcare 40 Education 28


  • Education

    Ph.D. in History
    Master of Busines Management and Economics
    B.A. in English
    CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis
    CFA in Accounting
    Lead Editing in Nursing and Healthcare
    Lead Editing in Psychology and Socialogy

    Past Employment

    Over the years, I have worked as a freelance academic writer handling projects ranging from finance,  History, English, engineering, and many others. Moreover, I have around 10 years of combined teaching and tutoring experience. I have over 96% customer return, which means my clients are happy with what I offer.


    I am a professional researcher and writer with a Ph.D. in History, Master of Busines Management & Economics, B.A. in English, Leading editor in Nursing & socialogy and CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis. When you select me for your assignment, be assured of high quality and timely delivery. 


    Date Comment Rating
    01/25/2020 I totally recommend it because she complete the project before 24hrs and did an amazing job! Super happy and thank you again Grace
    01/20/2020 Great writing tone and right on time
    01/17/2020 Thank you so much!
    01/16/2020 Sent me the finished essay a day early and it wasn't bad. There were some issues like misspellings and grammar mistakes, but the worst was that several of the paragraphs were repeating the same things in different ways. Luckily there was enough words there for me to edit and trim it down. But the essay was definitely serviceable enough that I don't regret having them do it. Oh, and if any of the "professors" read this fuck gods sake fix all the damn typos on your profile pages, you all look like you can barely form a sentence let alone write college essays.
    01/10/2020 Very on it and does great work!
    01/08/2020 Grace produced a first draft within the first 24 hours of accepting the project. Communication was also good, with timely replies to request in changes in the project. Content of the project is at an exceptional level, second time using grace for last minute project. 
    12/14/2019 My go to professor and never dissapoints
    12/14/2019 Used this professor multiple times and will continue to do so.
    11/20/2019 excellent work
    11/18/2019 Great work I couldn't ask for someone better
    11/12/2019 awesome job! 10/10 would recommend this professor. 
    11/12/2019 Great professor 
    11/09/2019 Great
    11/09/2019 Great
    11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
    11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
    11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
    11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
    11/09/2019 Above and beyond what was asked for
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