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Philosophy 86 Biology 78 Mathematics 57 Chemistry 53 Physics 30 Psychology 13 Nursing 10 Environmental Issues 9 Engineering 8 Homeland security 6


  • Education

    B.S. in Chemical Physics
    M.S. in Nuclear Engineering

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    Graduate Research Assistant (Nuclear Engineering)
    Teaching Assistant (Chemistry)
    Various non-academic jobs


    Hi all! I'm a scientist and engineer who went to a liberal arts school, so I can write more or less anything you need! My undergrad university was one of the top 25 liberal arts schools in the nation, and my graduate school was top 5 in my program. In general, I'm looking to charge reasonable prices, which increase with serious mitigating factors (closeness to the due date, etc.). Further, I'm willing to perform any edits requested by the client up to the due date of the project.


    Date Comment Rating
    08/09/2021 If you want a solid statistics assignment in lightning turnaround then you should definitely go with this prof!
    07/17/2021 He comes through.
    06/20/2021 Best professor on this website, does great lab reports and always on time and guaranteed A+
    06/12/2021 Best professor hands down, always gets you an "A" and always does outstanding work!
    05/29/2021 Kinda slow to respond but don't worry ! 
     Do I recommend him ? Yes ! 
    he got 35 out of 40 on my A&P bio 100 mid term 

    I love you ??! 

    05/29/2021 Kinda slow to respond but don't worry ! 
     Do I recommend him ? Yes ! 
    he got 35 out of 40 on my A&P bio 100 mid term 

    I love you ??! 

    03/30/2021 A+ thank you !
    03/30/2021 Well done with my chemistry lab quizzes!
    03/30/2021 Well done! Look forward to working with you again.
    03/10/2021 Well done on Chem lab reports
    02/28/2021 I love this professor. His works are meticulous and delivered on time, always exceed my expectations. Reasonable price too!
    02/23/2021 Well done on my psych paper
    02/20/2021 Did an excellent job finishing my lab report ... knew exactly what he was doing. And did it in a very timely manner(less than 24 hours) 
    02/19/2021 Recieved my paper on time and had no similarities on plagerism report!!
    02/10/2021 I had a multiple choice exam , with just 15 questions and failed 6 of these questions. Would not reommend 
    12/22/2020 Did general chemistry exams for me. Did a nice job.
    12/16/2020 :)
    12/12/2020 Spectacular work! 
    12/10/2020 Did physics quizzes for me. Thanks! Got 100% on majority of them!
    12/07/2020 Did my physics lab reports! Great job'
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