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    B.S. in Chemical Physics
    M.S. in Nuclear Engineering

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    Graduate Research Assistant (Nuclear Engineering)
    Teaching Assistant (Chemistry)
    Various non-academic jobs


    Hi all! I'm a scientist and engineer who went to a liberal arts school, so I can write more or less anything you need! My undergrad university was one of the top 25 liberal arts schools in the nation, and my graduate school was top 5 in my program. In general, I'm looking to charge reasonable prices, which increase with serious mitigating factors (closeness to the due date, etc.). Further, I'm willing to perform any edits requested by the client up to the due date of the project.


    Date Comment Rating
    11/04/2019 Delivered on time and ABove expectations! awesome job
    08/13/2019 The only 100% I received from the professor, JMWALTERS helped me with the paper!!! 
    08/10/2019 Thank you so much - the assignment was done ahead of time and delivered with accurate answers, I have compared mine to another student's one.
    Professor has awesome communication too.

    Something I'd recommend people is the currency for the website is US $ and they run Easern Standard Time. It caught me off guard cos I was with NZ $ and time.

    Your New Zealand student.

    07/22/2019 well written and original
    05/31/2019 great job
    05/26/2019 Great job and easy to work with! Got an A on my final and communication was smooth
    05/08/2019 Excelent work, fast and great communication.
    04/11/2019 On time. Excellent. Writing was extremely detailed and professional. This professor knows what needs to get done and does it and goes above and beyond. Thank you.
    04/01/2019 JMWalters put together a quality research paper, which is phenomenal with his engineering background that he has is able to also write as well. JM is the professor to go to if you'e running low on time and cant finish three projects and a paper in one weekend. Appreciate you, brother!
    03/31/2019 went above and beyond. thank you
    03/15/2019 Product was delivered on time. APA formatting, sentence structure and fundamental spelling needed more work than I would have expected. Had the submittal date not been moved forward by the instructor I would have asked for a more polished document. In all fairness, however, the paper was well written, tables were nicely put together and clear to follow, the tonality and flow is appropriate to the material. The research and subsequent references are totally acceptable. This was my first experience with this process; I think a bit more communication/clarification on my end would have provided a different outcome. All in all, I’m satisfied with the experience. I struggled with a 9, I think 8.5 is more appropriate.
    02/17/2019 Great experience, very professional  !
    12/24/2018 got an A, thanks!
    12/04/2018 The outline provided seemed rushed or done lazily. I spent a lot of time correcting grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Did not include a references page and all of the references were obtained through Google searches. It was completed on time and was the cheapest option.
    11/16/2018 Easy to work with. Got 100 percent on my paper.
    11/04/2018 I am very happy with my proffesor and the service provide. Everything was provided on time by deadline. I received a passing grade which was the highest grade I could achieve given the circumstances. My first essay was returned by my teacher so the highest grade achievable with the rewrite was a 70. This sucks with my school but what can we do. I read it and had it read by a few people and everyone agreed it was very well written. I would use this writer in the future! 
    10/29/2018 Horrible experience, complete waste of money. I got 1/5 questions correct on my aquatic chemistry assignment and i had to make a change to the answer i got from him for the one i got right.
    10/21/2018 On time and excellent service provided.
    10/05/2018 You can never go wrong with a person with Okabe Rintaro as their picture
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