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  • Education

    University of Montana
    Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Poetry, 2014 - 2016
    The George Washington University
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Language and Literature/Letters, 2009 - 2013
    Trinity College, Dublin
    2012 - 2012 

    Past Employment

    I work as Freelance Writer at SimpleTense Education
    Freelance Writer at   Zenergy Works where I write SEO content and social media posts for various clients, adapting to each client’s individual style and requests. I also regularly use Basecamp.
    Freelance Writer at Thomas Riggs & Company where I updated data for the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations (including social development and insurance information), wrote essays for a high school anthology of literature on elements of the supernatural, and edited various essays regarding the UN. 
    CutBank Poetry Editor at University of Montana
    I co-managed a team of poetry readers, assigned, read, and replied to all submissions, and decided on final content in meetings with the other editors.
    Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Montana
    I was one of five poets awarded a two-year teaching position for the 2014-2016 school years. I taught one section of freshman composition per semester and one introductory poetry workshop during my time as a GTA. My responsibilities included teaching an 80-minute class twice a week, planning lessons, grading, and meeting with students outside of class time. Additionally, I designed the entire syllabus and curriculum for the poetry workshop. I also took a one-semester GTA training course focusing on pedagogy.
    Freelance Writer at Missoula Valley Lifestyle
    I wrote articles informing community members about the local businesses and events happening in and around Missoula, including profiling local citizens.
    Second Wind Co-Curator at University of Montana
    I helped to schedule 2 readers and 1 musical act per week from August to March, introduced both readers and musical act every week with my co-curator, and coordinated with the venue in terms of what equipment readers and musicians needed weekly. 


    I'm a currently MA-based 2013 graduate of the George Washington University (BA in English) and a 2016 graduate of the University of Montana (MFA in Poetry). I am currently a freelance writer ranging from essays to articles and am also interested in editing and tutoring. Please contact me for my publication specifics (including articles, essays, and poems). 


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    10/18/2017 Great detailed assignment! On time!
    10/18/2017 On time, overall great paper. 
    10/18/2017 I wasn't happy with my paper but it's fine
    10/18/2017 Thank youu so much! Excellent
    10/17/2017 Great job overall given an extremely short deadline! 
    10/15/2017 The paper was good it just didn't have the footnotes that I needed for each evidence.
    10/11/2017 Excellent work! Thank you! 
    10/09/2017 thank you 
    10/08/2017 thank you
    10/03/2017 thank you very much and for my friend 
    10/03/2017 thank you very much 
    10/02/2017 The written outline was great, although it was missing some in text citations where paraphrasing or statistics were used. However, the accompanying powerpoint was literally just the outline pasted into slides and did not adhear to project guidelines provided at all.
    09/30/2017 You turned it in before the deadline I appreciate that. Thanks for writing a great nursing paper! I would definitely use you again. 
    09/27/2017 Few grammatical and spelling errors here and there, but this paper that was written is excellent! Would definitely use Professor Pedagogue again!
    09/27/2017 The quality of my paper is exactly what I expected. The readings were completed and my paper was submitted to me on time. I would most definitely use this prof again, I am so happy with the final product.
    09/24/2017 With short time, she did an amazing job. Submitted on time. 

    09/23/2017 great work
    09/21/2017 This professor deserved what I gave her. She did a great job. Minor mistakes here and there grammar wise. I would definitely recommend her!
    06/19/2017 This professor helped me last minute and followed guidelines exactly and was even able to get everything done before my deadline.  I strongly recommend using Pedagogue to help with your assignments.
    06/17/2017 True to your name, Prof Pedagogue is a good  writer who has knowledge on various fields

    I will recommend anybody, anyday to use her services

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