1 PhD, MBA ,3 Bachelor's Degree

Past Employment

Ivy League BA, Ivy League MA (Sociology), Ivy League MA (Political Science), Big State School PhD (Political Science)


I can work with nearly any Music, Arts, Film, Theatre, English Literature, Journalism, Media Studies, Teaching, Communication, Education, Poetry, and Shakespeare


Date Comment Rating
03/17/2022 Great paper! On time & well written!
03/16/2022 Absolutely awful. Allegedly has MA and PhD in politics yet doesn't write very coherently at all. A lot of typos in the messages in liaison with myself. Paper was written, yes with no "errors" and delivered on time. However, the substance of the paper, if I am to be quite frank, was absolute horse shit. Just a pathetic piece of work. I am expecting only to achieve a passing grade at best.
03/02/2022 Despite the numerous revisions this professor attempted for me, he still failed to follow the instructions and I ended up rewriting most of the paper.
12/19/2021 Excellent product! Was able to produce a high-quality paper with little lead time.!
12/19/2021 Great work, on time always. Thank you 
12/12/2021 A+ 
12/10/2021 Pick this professor everytime! The work is always fantastic!
12/04/2021 Meet the criteria for the assignment and had a good perspective and done timely thank you. 
11/30/2021 Did not complete by deadline. Errors in punctuation, grammar, and formatting. Also completely neglected/removed key components of the paper that were necessary.
11/28/2021 LIFESAVER!!!!!THANK YOU!!!
11/28/2021 Your services have been great, very professional, and above my expectations.
11/28/2021 Thank you. Recommend
11/28/2021 Great job!! Excellent service from the start to finish
11/28/2021 This professor rocks! He's very good at responding and always deliver a high end product as per the instructions provided. I don't remember getting a poor grade from a paper completed by this professor. 
11/28/2021 I reviewed solutions a bit, but it looks good.
11/28/2021 I got a good grade from the assignment. I look forward working with you again
11/28/2021 Excellent paper written in a few hours. 
11/28/2021 High performance from this professor

Thank you.


Excellent work been done by the expert, i got a geart mark ( 94%) on the assignment which will be an added value for me in the module overall mark.Thank You.

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