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Business 31 Nursing 24 Sociology 15 Management 14 Psychology 13 Criminology 11 Case Study 10 Healthcare 8 Law 8 Education 7


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    1 PhD, MBA ,3 Bachelor's Degree

    Past Employment

    Ivy League BA, Ivy League MA (Sociology), Ivy League MA (Political Science), Big State School PhD (Political Science)


    PhD in Political Science - Big State School Where People Really Love Football
    MA in Political Science - Ivy League School with a decent football team
    MA Sociology - Ivy League School with a terrible football team
    BA (Honors) Political & Sociology - Ivy League with the worst football team

    I can handle all other academic writings such as research papers, essays, term papers, critical reviews, summaries, reading responses, project and research proposals, Argumentative essays


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    10/14/2021 Well done!
    10/14/2021 The professor was very fast and very friendly! It was completed on time!
    I totally recommend using this professor!
    10/04/2021 Good
    09/30/2021 The final product was solid. Initial work was entirely off the intended subject's mark, yet corrections were professionally handled and completed accurately. Given that the subject is not traditional, the professor had to research a new subject altogether and still produced a quality product promptly. The only reason this is not a 10-star rating is due to the initial work being completely wrong, even after I explained in detail the assignment's subject. This leads me to believe the professor did not thoroughly read to understand the assignment tips I gave but glanced over a few words and got to work. Nevertheless, as previously described, proper corrections were made, and a quality paper was promptly delivered.
    09/26/2021 Great 
    09/24/2021 Awesome. Recommend
    09/24/2021 Thank you. I received an A (98/100). Thank you
    09/24/2021 Overall the work was good. it basically capture the main idea. it was delivered on time. the relevance issue which I was concerned it was solved.



    Great. Thank you for a well structed essay


    The paper was amazing and finished before the deadline, even though my time I had left on it was extremely minimal.
    These guys are awesome and I absolutely will use them again in the future.






    Haven't received the marks yet. overall i believe the assignment is good. once the marks released will update.





    This was done quickly and well done. Thank you so much for the help! All the references were there



    09/24/2021 Excellent work and very professional work indeed 
    I felt very satisfied as well from the deliverables

    09/24/2021 Good job. I scored 100%.
    09/24/2021 Thank you!!!
    09/23/2021 Great
    09/23/2021 I highly recommend debored to others. Thank you for an amazing job
    09/23/2021 Excellent. The paper was beyond my expectations
    09/23/2021 Amazing job
    09/23/2021 Good job. 10/10
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