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  • Education

    Master’s Degree in Political Science at McGill University                                                      (2014 - 2016)
    Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies at York University                                                           (2009 - 2013)

    Past Employment

    Teaching Assistant at McGill University                                                                     Sept 2014 – July 2016
    Teaching and tutoring small groups of students in political science courses, answering students’ questions in person, on the phone, and via email. Regularly researching and preparing course material for professors, assisted professors with presentations as well as proof-reading and editing for all written material.
    ­ Academic and Freelance Writer at Metro College                                                     Jan 2007 – Aug 2009
    Writing, proofreading and editing content for the college paper and student ppers. Always using scholarly resources as well as several academic writing formats and citations; particularly MLA, APA, Bluebook, Harvard and Chicago.  


    Core Skills
    ­- Expert at academic writing, researching and utilizing several academic writing formats.
    - Easy to communicate with and customer service oriented.
    - Impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    - Versatile and thorough at writing about various subjects.
    - Reliable at meeting deadlines.
    - Motivated, eager to learn and hardworking.


    Date Comment Rating
    03/15/2018 :)! 
    03/13/2018 Great job! 
    03/11/2018 Great work 

    03/08/2018 I asked for a 8-10 page paper, not including a bibliography or a title page. I received an 8 page paper INCLUDING a title page and a bibliography. Nonetheless, what content is actually there is written well.

    Sorry, Just give me a 10 star, I will check on that
    03/02/2018 My project exceeded my expectations! Thank you!
    03/01/2018 Needed an 8 page comparitive paper for my Political Science class that was due within 2 days. KateB assured me she would be able to complete it by the deadline, and she did! Not only did she meet the requirements, but she even wrote an extra 2 pages. Paper was very professional and written to a graduate level. There was a few minor spelling corrections that needed to be made, but overall I am extremely impressed with the language and information in my paper. Guarenteed to get an A+
    02/28/2018 Does amazing work on short notice.
    01/30/2018 Great essay
    01/30/2018 Top top essayss
    01/30/2018 Top essay written 
    01/30/2018 Great essay
    01/30/2018 Great essays written
    12/15/2017 Very satisfied with the final product.
    11/30/2017 Good Paper, Was done early some speling and gramer mistakes.
    11/27/2017 Finished the paper on time, got a 73% grade
    11/23/2017 Awsome paper and got it done before the due date!
    11/21/2017 Once again I have recieved an excellent grade on a project that Kate has done! Will continue to hire her. 
    11/19/2017 Kate did a great job on a large project that lasted several weeks and i recieved an A overall. I will be using her again for future projects. 
    11/19/2017 It was okay. There were quite a few mistakes (spelling, facts, etc) that I had to correct. I eneded up having to rewrite some of it.
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