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    Ph.D in Business/Management- Princeton University
    Master in English/Psychology  - University of Chicago
    Bachelor of Science (Political Science) - University of Chicago
    Computer Science and I.T Short Courses -Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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    More than 18 years as a Freelance academic editor and publisher


    • Over 2 years of experience working FULL-TIME for Unemployed Professors.

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    Date Comment Rating
    02/17/2019 Excellent job!! Will be sending couple more assignments
    02/13/2019 Finished almost 24 hours before the order deadline, and exceeded my expectations on the assignment. Highly recommend Prof Pat's services. 
    Great Job!!
    02/04/2019 Great Job!!
    01/31/2019 Great Job!! I have another project waiting for your response.
    01/28/2019 Great Job!!

    01/14/2019 Most importanly, got an A!  Project was returned in a timely manner. Thanks again
    01/14/2019 Most importanly, got an A!  Project was returned in a timely manner. Thanks again
    01/14/2019 Project was nearly 12 hours late. I’ve used this professor previously without issue, not sure what happened this time.  Paper was completed nicely, just cost me points due to it being late.  
    01/13/2019 I came here for an English II paper, and it was a total dumpsterfire.  

    First off, I provided the full course rubric with a deadline of 4-5 weeks.  The professor waited until the evening of the due date to request a few more days to finish it.  I did get it a few days later and skimmed over it, correcting various grammar errors and changing the wording here and there.  I honestly got the impression that an ESL or exchange student hat written it.  After submitting it online, it was quickly returned for revision.  The professor hadn't used enough sources, which was something that was specifically mentioned in the rubric I provided.  At this point, I had nothing to show for my money but a failing paper. 

    Next, I argued with the site admin for a bit.  They insisted that all corrections have to be requested prior to the project going to completed status.  Since there is no working paper, and the project shifts to complete as soon as the professor sends it, such a thing is physically impossible.  After emailing back and forth for a bit, the professor agreed to revise the paper and get me an updated version in a few days.  It took 3-4 weeks and a couple unanswered emails to get the final copy.  Additionally, I took it upon myself to correct the citations at the direction of the course instructor.  This professor technically filled out everything, but the credibility section for each source roughly said "this is a scholarly and peer reviewed article published in 20xx."  I should have insisted that they fix that as well, but that probably would have made the final copy take 3 months instead of 2.

    Bottom line, the professor was 3 days late in spite of having 5 weeks to do it.  Not only was the paper in bad shape, but it failed a specific, ironclad requirement, which ended up taking right around 2 months to get fixed.  3 stars due
    01/08/2019 The best ever
    01/03/2019 Please check out my new project
    01/03/2019 Happy New year. Scored 97/100. Thank you
    12/30/2018 Love her work! She does all of my papers!
    Love her work. She does all of my papers!!
    12/30/2018 Thanks
    12/30/2018 Well done. 
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