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    Ph.D in Business/Management- Princeton University
    Master in English/Psychology  - University of Chicago
    Bachelor of Science (Political Science) - University of Chicago
    Computer Science and I.T Short Courses -Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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    Currently, a SENIOR Professor in this service with more than 22 years of experience as a Freelance academic editor and publisher.


    • A distinguished, contemporary, highly rated and SENIOR PROFESSOR with over 2 years of ACTIVE experience working FULL-TIME for Unemployed Professors (U.P) navigating through sophisticated academic databases and libraries to have that project polished and tailored to the required standard.
      • Excellent quality and timely delivery as evident from my ratings and reviews. 
      • 3rd ranked active professor on number of projects completed in this website, more than 2000!!! 


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    06/23/2019 Did a great job. Paper was completed on time and fulfilled the requirements. 
    06/20/2019 Amazing job, thank you so much!
    06/19/2019 Great paper! Very impressed 
    06/18/2019 Great job!!
    06/16/2019 Responded quickly to my message, recieved paper morning of the due date and it exceeded expectations for sure.
    06/14/2019 Hey profpetty, you changed your name from reillysolutions?? What happened?? Am glad that I have found you here again. The projects that you did for me last semester went through with high marks. I have one semester remaining with three courses. Will let you know when I post the projects. 

    Thank you for being such an amazing person. 
    06/14/2019 First, it was her reception/response, so polite and welcoming
    Accepted her bid and delivered the project 8 hours before my due date. Next, my instructor gave me my first A in her class!!! Finally, I make a humble request that you take all my projects in my five courses this semester. Please!
    06/12/2019 Great Job!! More assignment to come
    06/11/2019 Excellent!! 
    06/11/2019 Looks pretty and ready to hand in. 

    06/10/2019 Blown away with the paper I received. Very detailed and precise on the topic. Will definitely use again.
    06/10/2019 Great Work! Thank you! Got me out of a bind. 
    06/09/2019 great essay
    06/07/2019 Profpetty is quite possibly the best I've ever come across. They have handled every assignment, discussion board post, and excrutiating research paper I've thrown at them with ease. The content is very techinical, well thought out, and expertly written. I will never allow anyone else to do my assignments as long as Profpetty is around!
    06/06/2019 Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend
    06/06/2019 Thank you. More projects come up for you
    06/05/2019 It was a good paper. I got an 89 on it. More qualitative analysis was needed.
    06/05/2019 Timely and perfect. 

    Thank you for your quick response
    06/05/2019 Great Thanks
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