PHD. Doctor of Philosophy History of Religions 

M.A Master of Arts History of Religions

B.A., Religion

Past Employment

Been working as a freelance editor and researcher and am available for short- and long-term assignments. 


Working as a freelance writer I have had to use my initiative to source for assignments and contacts. Freelancing has required me to have excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills to successfully manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines.My focus and excellent time management skills enable me to work independently without distraction.


Date Comment Rating
02/02/2018 Amazing work, got an A on my work.
01/21/2018 Dr. Gabby is the best!
01/21/2018 A+
01/11/2018 Good!!!
01/05/2018 Perfect, thank you very much !!!!!!!
12/29/2017 Dr G does it again. 4th paper I have had completed by this prof and it is exceptional! Use with confidence!
12/21/2017 Please kick this scam artist off of this site. I am facing serious, serious penalties for what he/she did to me. 

This is the message my prof sent me 
"The term paper you have submitted is enitely plagiarized. Copied and pasted, changing one word in each sentence, from these essays I found online: 



12/21/2017 Wow. He plagiarized my whole paper! The entire thing! And put fake citations! I am in so much trouble now and have no idea how to explain this and will probably not get into grad school. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM ARTIST, use someone else 100%

12/19/2017 Amazing prof, always does great work and provides a very detailed paper. Always worth the money and can't go wrong with Dr Gabby!
12/18/2017 100% Perfect, thank you very much 
12/14/2017 I got my feedback today and I was among the best students in our course.
I got 98% which I have never gotten before.
Would use again and again.
She never disapoints among all Professors 
12/14/2017 Dr Gabby goes beyond and does the expected.

If I were to rate, 10 would note be enough.

Though I took time before I viewed the solution file, the happiness is great.

Highly recommendable and always there to save me .

I will use again and agian

Thank you.
12/13/2017 Extremelly well written and covered all the questions just like I required.
I made a mistake in my deadline calculation and the paper was more urgent than I thought.
The professor went out of his way to esnure that I met my deadline despite my mistake.
Not only did the paper cover all the topic well but also wrote a reaction exactly the way i wanted.
Dr Gabby you are the Best
12/10/2017 She did a good job of compiling sources and summarizing them. However, I had to go through her work line by line because some phrases were directly copied from the sources and I am afraid of plagiarizing. Some wording was also written in awkward English. Make sure you give yourself time to go over their work before your own deadlines are due! 
12/09/2017 If you want to fail, use Dr. Gabby.
12/07/2017 Good work. Followed all directions and delivered on time :)
12/06/2017 Terrible work. I got charged with plagiarism and failed the paper.
12/04/2017 A few minor mistakes, but overall better than what I would have writen. Good sources.
12/04/2017 Once again Dr. Gabby does the best! Perfect assignment after 1 revision. As always, would definitely recommend!
12/04/2017 Good. But it still has some small mistakes.
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