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    PHD. Doctor of Philosophy History of Religions 

    M.A Master of Arts History of Religions

    B.A., Religion

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    Been working as a freelance editor and researcher and am available for short- and long-term assignments. 


    Working as a freelance writer I have had to use my initiative to source for assignments and contacts. Freelancing has required me to have excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills to successfully manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines.My focus and excellent time management skills enable me to work independently without distraction.


    Date Comment Rating
    10/18/2017 Awesome!
    10/15/2017 Finished it before the deadline and  did an excellent job.
    10/14/2017 Clearly not a native English speaker. Had to rewrite basically every sentence. Lots of filler nonsense. Sticking to my preferred writer on the site from here on out.
    10/13/2017 Excellent. Dr. Gabby followed all of the instructions, and was very quick to finish the project.
    10/13/2017 Amazing work! Turned in early!
    10/09/2017 exelent timing, bery good done. loved it.
    10/07/2017 Horrible elementary level writing. Avoid at all costs. Poor sentance structure, use of words. better to do it yourself...
    10/05/2017 Very simple and fast worker. Thank you so much!
    10/05/2017 yas
    10/04/2017 Looked it over. Exactly what the rubric asled for. Minor spelling and gramatical errors. But other than that $100 well spent. saved me a bunch of time and the professor turned this in to me 1 day after I submitted it! awesome turn around time consideringit wasnt due until October 9th!! Will definitely be using again! Now I cant wait to see what I got on the paper =)
    10/02/2017 Fantastic essay
    10/01/2017 Like one gramatical error which isnt even that big a deal because it was a simple fix. I appreciate the work done in a super small time frame. I didnt even give this professor a full day and the Case was solid. I would be surprised if I dont get a good grade. Thanks!
    10/01/2017 Very Good
    09/29/2017 Thank you for getting this done quickly!! ??
    09/23/2017 This professor exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to use this professor again!
    08/31/2017 A+ and delivered early!  Thank you so much!
    08/31/2017 A+ and on time!  Thank you!
    07/28/2017 I got a 50/50 on my Mini Case Paper!! A++

    07/17/2017 Excellent and timely delivery of quality work as my grade reflected.
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