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    Username : abbieabominable
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    Gender : female
    Education :
    Master's in Arts: English Composition focus
    Master's in Sociology
    Working on third Masters in Psychology
    Yes I collect degrees like girls collect
    Undergrad in Literature, undergrad in Biology, undergrad in History
    Other graduate level courses:
    Advanced Quantitative and Quallitative Methods & Designs
    Theories in Psychology
    Physiological Psychology
    Urban Sociology (audited course 2016)
    Abnormal Psychology (audited course 2016)
    Sociology of Criminal,
    Sociology Theory
    Psychological Theory
    Social Stratification

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    Location : Texas


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    PLEASE NOTE: Regarding the poor reviews; one client never gave me the correct topic to write about which pressumably resulted in a low grade, one client failed to clarify the desired topic parameters until the very last minute.  I am very fussy about communication in order to clarify all topics and 99% of all my projects are within the time frame listed and often are given an early delivery.

    xxx Freelance writer
    xxx State University - Adjunct Professor
    xxxx in Healthcare - VP Marketing, Nurse morale officer
    xxx Heart Hospital - Nurse morale officer, CNO assistant
    xxx College - Adjunct Professor - Taught Microsoft Office applications
    xxx College - Adjunct Professor
    xxx - Senior teaching assistant, reserach assistant, graduate student
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    I have taught Freshman Composition, Argumentative Writing, Research Methods, and Rhetoric courses for 10 plus years. I have two textbooks published on writing one in 2016 and the other just this year, 2017. With an MA in English Composition I am the right choice to help you come up with an A paper!

    I have written well over 1000 papers for students (as a contract freelance writer for other companies)  just like you! I have experience in Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Education, Women's Studies, and Business papers. I am highly experienced with many health care fields.
     If you would like a sample of my writing, please feel free to ask!
    I am particularly experienced in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology research projects and extensive studies. You can count on me to work quickly, expertly, and within the time frame you need.