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  • Education

    Master's in Arts: English Composition focus
    Master's in Sociology
    Masters in Psychology
    Half a second to my PhD in Rhetoric

    (Okay so I like school......LOL)

    Undergrad in Literature, undergrad in Biology, undergrad in History

    Other graduate level courses:
    Advanced Quantitative and Quallitative Methods & Designs
    Theories in Psychology
    Physiological Psychology
    Urban Sociology (audited course 2016)
    Abnormal Psychology (audited course 2016)
    Sociology of Criminal,
    Sociology Theory
    Psychological Theory
    Social Stratification

    I have also taken the following classes for students:
    International Business
    Admin CJ
    Homeland Security
    Diversity in Healthcare

    Past Employment

    PLEASE NOTE:  I run every single paper through the Copyscape program which I pay for out of my own pocket to ensure your grammar is 100% correct!!! I also use Turn it In and SafeSign for plagiarism checking. While my work is guaranteed to be original its better to be safe than sorry!!

    Freelance writer
    xxxxx State University - Adjunct Professor
    xxxx in Healthcare - VP Marketing, Nurse morale officer
    xxx Heart Hospital - Nurse morale officer, CNO assistant
    xxx College - Adjunct Professor - Taught Microsoft Office applications
    xxx College - Adjunct Professor
    xxx - Senior teaching assistant, reserach assistant, graduate student

    Please let me know if I can help you in any way!!!
    One of the reasons all of us at UP do this work is to help YOU the student!!


    I have taught Freshman Composition, Argumentative Writing, Research Methods, and Rhetoric courses for 10 plus years.

    I have two textbooks published on writing, research writing, and working with citing sources. 

    I have written well over 1000 papers for students (as a contract freelance writer for other companies)  just like you! I have experience in Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Education, Women's Studies, and Business papers. I am highly experienced with many health care fields.

     If you would like a sample of my writing, please feel free to ask!

    I am particularly experienced in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology research projects and extensive studies. You can count on me to work quickly, expertly, and within the time frame you need.

    Update 2/1. I am in the process of writing a chaper in a nursing manual on ovarian cancer for an East Coast University. :)


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    04/22/2018 40 out of 40
    04/22/2018 Nice!
    04/22/2018 Perfect Paper!
    04/20/2018 Looks great!
    04/20/2018 Awesome!
    04/20/2018 This professor is AMAZINGGGGGG! Sent my information and BAM done and done with accuracy. I am very impressed with this paper. Thank You So much!
    04/19/2018 A+
    04/18/2018 Great paper, fast edits, and was accepted without issue
    04/17/2018 Thank you Abbie. You are so nice and helpful and I got an A.
    04/17/2018 She worked mypaper in an hour and did not overcharge. She's fair and I will def go back to her again
    04/17/2018 Great work!! Thank you so much Abbie Abominable for saving my(&^&%
    04/17/2018 Excellent paper...Received a 96!
    04/17/2018 No one else will get you the grade you need on your paper! I don't know what other people's problems are unless they are trying to scam the company to  get their money back and have a free paper, but I have used Abbie for every one of my papers over the past year and have never got below a 90. Abbie gets it done and gets it done right!
    04/17/2018 Abbie is great! She revised my paper at no charge and did not make me feel dumb at all. She actually helped my own writting. Abbie is the best professor here!
    04/17/2018 Great paper....she turned a mess of my paper into something that was cohesive and coherent! Thank God cuz I was able to pass my history class! 
    04/17/2018 Another great paper!
    04/17/2018 So, first paper arrived to me as a rough draft with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Was a page and a half too short, didn't have enough sources. I don't think she even read my message. After that, a revision was requested and I received no confirmation on my request. Communication was poor from there. Final draft was submitted with only hours to spare for my deadline, still had spelling and grammatical errors. Page count and sources were corrected but they did a poor job of adding the additional information, turning the paper into an incoherent mess that I had to spend more time correcting. I would not use "Abbieabominable" again.   
    04/17/2018 Gave her a 10 page history paper with only 2 days to spare and she knocked it out of the ball park!!! Great work!
    04/17/2018 Ab did a power point for me and didnt charge extra for lecture notes. My professor said it was the best power point she has seen! Thank you Abbie Abominable!~
    04/17/2018 Got an A! and this was a really hard lab!
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