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  • Education

    Master's in Arts: English Composition focus
    Master's in Sociology
    Working on third Masters in Psychology
    Yes I collect degrees like girls collect
    Undergrad in Literature, undergrad in Biology, undergrad in History
    Other graduate level courses:
    Advanced Quantitative and Quallitative Methods & Designs
    Theories in Psychology
    Physiological Psychology
    Urban Sociology (audited course 2016)
    Abnormal Psychology (audited course 2016)
    Sociology of Criminal,
    Sociology Theory
    Psychological Theory
    Social Stratification

    Past Employment

    PLEASE NOTE: Regarding the poor reviews; the client failed to give me the full instructions for the assignment until 10 minutes prior to the due date and failed to clarify the desired topic parameters until the very last minute. The paper had NO grammar errors until after the client reworked what I wrote. They actually addressed this and sent me back THEIR reworked paper to show me the mistakes which the professor noted. Also, you will note, the PROFESSOR'S grammar listed in the comments, is incorrect!!!! 
    I am very fussy about communication in order to clarify all topics and 99% of all my projects are within the time frame listed and often are given an early delivery.

    xxx Freelance writer
    xxx State University - Adjunct Professor
    xxxx in Healthcare - VP Marketing, Nurse morale officer
    xxx Heart Hospital - Nurse morale officer, CNO assistant
    xxx College - Adjunct Professor - Taught Microsoft Office applications
    xxx College - Adjunct Professor
    xxx - Senior teaching assistant, reserach assistant, graduate student


    I have taught Freshman Composition, Argumentative Writing, Research Methods, and Rhetoric courses for 10 plus years. I have two textbooks published on writing one in 2016 and the other just this year, 2017. With an MA in English Composition I am the right choice to help you come up with an A paper!

    I have written well over 1000 papers for students (as a contract freelance writer for other companies)  just like you! I have experience in Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Education, Women's Studies, and Business papers. I am highly experienced with many health care fields.
     If you would like a sample of my writing, please feel free to ask!
    I am particularly experienced in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology research projects and extensive studies. You can count on me to work quickly, expertly, and within the time frame you need.


    Date Comment Rating
    11/19/2017 Awesome work, really went above and beyond what I asked for. Thank you again. 
    11/19/2017 Amazing job ! Thank you so much !!!!
    11/16/2017 I'm extremely impressed which says a lot with how picky I am. The quality of work is phenomenal and she went above and beyond for me multiple times while meeting my due dates. Not only that but she was extremely responsive and easy to communicate with. I would HIGHLY recommend this writer if you're looking for a stress-free option for your paper!
    11/15/2017 The project was on time and followed the rubric well. There were a few needed edits and typos, but overall, an excellent near finished paper. 
    11/14/2017 she helped me pass philosophy! she wrote multiple papers for me and gave me a good discount. thank you so much! you saved my summer! :) 
    11/14/2017 thumbs up
    11/14/2017 Prof Abbie you are an awesome professor, Well educated 100%. If there were a million stars I would give it to you.
    11/14/2017 This prof is the bomb.... my project was delivere on time . I recommend her anytime.
    11/14/2017 the best
    11/14/2017 I received a 40% on my project & it lowered my whole grade because you didn’t complete all of the parts that were required. So i paid 100$ for nothing.
    11/11/2017 As always Abbie is the best professor on this site.
    11/09/2017 Received a 75/100 before corrections were made, then a 95/100. Was very friendly and willing to make corrections; didn't make me feel like she was doing me a favor by making corrections, like most professors on here. 
    11/07/2017 This professor did great work will definitely use them for future projects also if they have a question about something they will ask you to clarify it before doing something. 
    11/04/2017 Abbie is simply the best professor on this site.  
    11/03/2017 Nop notch. The content is high-quality and everything has been delivered on time. The word count comes up a bit short, but the quality of what is delivered is so good that I don't really mind. That just means I'm able to personalize it a little more. This writer is working on two more projects for me, and I'm looking forward to receiving them with great optimism. 
    11/03/2017 abbie is theeeee besssssttttesttttt
    11/03/2017 i absouley love abbie, Always willing to answer any of my question or concerns 
    11/02/2017 Finished paper in 2 hours and didn't even require editing.  Much love to Ab and look forward to working with her in the future.  10/10 would recommend.
    11/02/2017 I got a C+
    comment from my prof who marked my paper

    A very good start to this assignment. You want to watch your grammar and phrasing as it slips into the informal a few times. As well, about how it is the students are legal to be accommodated – but it depends on how and to what degree. 

    The assignment did not answer the last question - it was a journal/ reflection on an article we were to read and answer a few questions about. 

    10/31/2017 Pros:
    - Good communication
    - Met deadline
    - Decent writer

    - Did not proofread well, lots of grammatical and punctuation errors - so run any papers by this prof through proofreading software first before submitting! This paper scored a 77 in Grammarly for writing. 
    - Probably better for undergrad writing (great level for this), but wouldn't use again for MS or PhD level writing. 
    - Asked her to summarize peer-reviewed articles and it was hard to discern that she understood what was in the articles by the way they were summarized.
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