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    07/01/2018 Without Abbie Abominable's help, I certainly would have failed my Neurobiology class. Thank you so much!
    07/01/2018 Thank you AbbieAbominable....I got a 97 on my Physics final exam!!!!
    07/01/2018 Best professor ever! She worked extra on all my papers and gave me extra sources and even an extra page and didn't charge me.
    07/01/2018 OMG  Abbie Abominable is the best....I received not only high grades on all my projects this past semester, but got a perfect 100 on the final exam!
    05/25/2018 Was accused of plagarism and was given a failing grade with the work i was given by this professor and almost got in big trouble. I clicked 1 star by accident and don't know how to make it none.
    05/20/2018 85/85
    05/14/2018 I failed despite giving all information and assignment handouts...
    05/09/2018 A+
    05/07/2018 50 out of 50!!! 
    05/07/2018 .......
    05/07/2018 ......
    05/07/2018 i had to add graphics and make this power point more interesting.. yet i received an A
    05/07/2018 received an 80% on this assisngment.. Asked her to revise after the teacher made comments and she refused... She did well on other assignments.
    05/06/2018 DO NOT USE. she plagarized basically the whole apper and did not adress the question asked AT ALL.  Wrote an entire paper on something completely different. cheers to these people who like to scam money from students.....
    05/05/2018 Excellent paper as always 
    05/03/2018 A+
    05/03/2018 60 out of 60
    05/03/2018 Went above expectations.
    05/01/2018 Great response rate
    04/28/2018 60 out of 60! A+
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