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  • Education

    PhD, Business Administration (Information Systems) (Tier 1 University)

    BSc, Management Science and Technology, Management of Information Systems and E-Business (Tier 1 University)

    Past Employment

    Currently, I work as an Assistant Professor. I have past work experience that encompases the fields of business and IT. Over the last two decades I have worked in various positions that include Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, IT Business Analyst, Information Technology Agent and Business-to-Business Customer Service Agent.  


    As a testament of my pedigree I am currently an Assistant Professor. As such, you can expect top of the grade papers as I understand what a tutor expects from your paper. I tackle papers in the fields of accounting, finance, computer science, technology and IT web. I also dabble in statistics and mathematics as well as history and the arts. 

    I guarantee your success. 


    I have locked over 90 orders with a rating of over 90%!!!!
    (Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!)

    1. For all my return clients, thank you for the support!
    2. For all new clients, thank you too! (Give a shout though :-))   

    Working on this platform has honed my capacity to tackle diverse topics and deliver excellent unplagiarized papers. However, it has not always been smooth sailing despite being one of the top 25 professors. This state of affairs is as a result of the following factors which, you should take note of:

    1. The minimum bid per page is $25 whereas the word count per page is 225 words. 
    (Kindly account for this when ordering papers to ensure your order instructions match your rubric guidelines word count)
    2. Be clear and concise in your order and revision instructions. It will save both of us from conflict and time drain
    (I cherish return customers, and as such, I always want you to be satisfied with your papers
    3. I am available for feedback and revision of your paper as you need me to. If I do not promptly respond to your post I will communicate as soon as I view the message.
    (Submission of solution does not indicate that I will not handle your corrections)

    Super thanks again!

    On to some more great papers!!


    Date Comment Rating
    04/23/2018 Professor completed the paper on time and it was very well put together. Highly recommend. 
    04/21/2018 I made a 54 on a multiple choice assignement this professor completed for me. Thank God it wasn't writing an actual paper!
    04/21/2018 Great work, provided a rough draft and was able to complete my project with enough time for me to review and add in my personal touch. 
    04/20/2018 Was great, especially with such short time to complete! Thank you!!
    04/19/2018 Good work but after the paper was rejected I didn't hear back about edits.  Partly my fault due to a delay in getting feedback back,

    You can attest that I deliver quality papers that reflect critical thinking/ research while capturing the depth of paper's instruction and is appropriately referenced. kindly provide feedback early and provide timelines for submission of revision feedback to avoid a similar occurrence. I am available for future papers.
    04/18/2018 did a great job on the paper
    04/18/2018 This professor didn't follow the instructions I provided at all, and when I told them, they still didn't fix it.

    I have received exemplary reviews on being great at communication while delivering top papers, effectively disputing your claims. For a fact, i revised your paper extensively but when the revisions are based on new instructions rather than original order instructions it creates a bad precedence. Effectively, it amounts to overwork. Apologies though, if the paper did not satisfy you.
    04/16/2018 amazing
    04/16/2018 Awesome 
    04/15/2018 Good job !!!
    04/15/2018 Good like always. Consitently does a great job and is great when it comes to communication. Highly reccomend!
    04/10/2018 Once again great paper which was completed given the short time frame
    04/09/2018 Good content, finished on time.
    04/09/2018 I appreciated all the work that was put into this project, as it was on a topic that was quite difficult, and I knew that it would take a very long time.  The work was excellent, and I am happy with the outcome.
    04/09/2018 Awesome work and did revisions in great timing. 
    04/03/2018 Excellent work! Work was completed in a timely manner as well! 
    03/31/2018 Always kept in touch to make tweaks and always asked for input to give your personal touch to the project. Mighty impressive!!
    03/30/2018 Knows his stuff well, very easy to work with
    03/28/2018 Great work in a timely manner.
    03/26/2018 Wow, phenominal job! Thank you so much, I would absolutely use your services again!
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