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English 165 Nursing 156 English Literature 67 History 63 Business 51 Political Science 37 Accounting 31 Criminology 26 Medicine and Health 26 Psychology 25


  • Education

    PhD in English, top-tier US research university
    MA with distinguished honors in English, top-tier US research university
    Double BA with high honors in English + Philosophy, top-tier US research university

    Past Employment

    University instructor (English)
    Indentured academic
    Business owner


    Before I got into this industry, I completed a PhD in English from a top-tier research university in the United States. During that time, I published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and taught courses in literature, rhetoric/composition and business writing for 7 years.

    I have now been a full-time ghostwriter in a wide range of academic disciplines for 6+ years, including 4+ years here on UP. I am deeply familiar with professors' expectations for undergraduate and graduate writing, and I am fully capable of exceeding those expectations. I also have ample experience writing at less advanced levels in order to match the client's style (ESL, basic writing skills, etc.) if requested.

    Simple: 100% customer satisfaction, not one single negative review, because I never cut corners and I am firmly committed to quality over quantity. Always compare profiles and reviews.

    I only bid on projects for which I have adequate time, interest, and ability. I never have 20-40 projects in progress at any given time. If I did, I'd be doing what many writers are forced to do on cheaper "essay mill" sites -- i.e., frantically producing as much shoddy material as humanly possible. Not my cup of tea.

    Good for the Ukrainians who run the sites, bad for you. The work they sell you will either be plagiarized or so poorly written that you can't turn it in. It's just economically impossible for qualified, native-English writers to produce original work for some small percentage of $10/page. Do you think a capable writer with advanced degrees would agree to work for less than minimum wage? Of course not -- that's why we left our adjunct jobs in the rearview. You found the right site (and the right price point) for high-quality, custom-written work.

    $30 per double-spaced "page" (defined as 225 words here on UP) is the site minimum bid for Platinum writers. I almost never bid at the minimum, because my standard of quality is well above the status quo in this industry. My pricing fluctuates with demand, the rigor of the work, and turnaround time. I am skeptical of anyone who would charge a standard rate for every project regardless of the content or context, and you should be, too.

    Politics/political science
    Etc... if I'm bidding on your project, I'm qualified to write in the subject.


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    My go to, has my complete confidence, while other professors baulk at the feedback and revisions, Cris has never let me down, even with my harshest Professor, got me a 95 off rip, and that was a miracle. Well worth the $$$$ spent...
    Always worth for 10 stars!!!!!!!
    03/25/2021 Organizational Psychology Papers 
    He nailed every assignment for me for this course. While the prof gave no material feedback (probably because his writing was better than the prof's), received As on all of my assignments. Will without a doubt work with him again.  
    03/25/2021 Proofread and revised several of my essays. Gave me feedback when I was uncertain of my errors/mistakes and ensured that my writing met all facets of the course rubric. Thanks again!
    03/25/2021 English Writing Assignments 

    Always comes through and communicates every step of the way. If you choose this user, you can rest assured that work will be done the type of academic rigor that your state school expects. I've been working with this user now for nearly a year, and my only regret is not having worked with him/her sooner. Absolutely worth your time and money. You get what you paid for (yes, even on this site). 
    03/03/2021 perfect 100% as usual.... what else can I say about this professor other than if you want perfection, this is who you choose......

    02/09/2021 Amaizing as always
    02/09/2021 Yet another 100..... While other professors have gotten me A's (lowest was a 93) ,,, This professor consistently goes in for the kill an 4 assignments, 4 100's...... well worth the money!!!!
    02/07/2021 Outstanding job as usual.
    02/06/2021 excellent!!!
    02/03/2021 Yet another 100 earned by this awesome Professor... 
    My GPA and I thank you!!!! 

    yes, real person again..
    01/25/2021 Prof is a little more expensive but it's money well spent, 2 assignnents got a 96 and a 100...
    who can complain about that?
    Not ME!!!!
    Thanks Prof, looking forward to working with you in the future..

    and yes I am a real person, not a bot... smh
    01/23/2021 Got a 91 on the project, since I do not aim for a 100 on everything that was perfect for me, My professor only notes were to cite more in the paper if I wanted a higher grade.... 

    12/08/2020 Amazing work even better than expected. Extremely recommended!! Just oustanding. 
    12/03/2020 100% Master's prepared work. Distinguished and compelling. A+ writer with timely and great communication. Will use again, highly recommended!!! Thank you so much:)
    12/03/2020 Always a pleasure
    11/29/2020 Brilliant! Prices are high for good reason. Well worth it!!
    11/26/2020 I've used this professor's services for almost three years now, and he proves time and time again why he's the highest rated professor on the website. He always replies to your messages as soon as possible, and the papers he produces have never gotten a grade below an A. While ProfCrisis do charge a higher price, he will prove to you why he is deserving of that price, with his exceptional service and finished products. Always doubt those $25/page bids, or learn the hard way as I've experienced with other professors on this website, as they consistantly produce subpar papers that will not be good enough! 
    11/25/2020 Highly recommended very truthworthy amazing work and in constant communication with you. A very dedicated proffesor and that dedication is reflected on his work. 
    11/25/2020 Amazing job! Excellent writing and very punctual! Will definitely work with this profesor again and I highly recommend him. 
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