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  • Education

    PhD in English, top-tier US research university
    MA with distinguished honors in English, top-tier US research university
    Double BA with high honors in English + Philosophy, top-tier US research university

    Past Employment

    Indentured academic / college instructor
    Business owner


    I am a professor in English, Rhetoric, and Composition at a top-tier research university in the United States. I have published academic articles on literature, and I have years of teaching experience in rhetoric/composition, literature, and business communication.

    100% customer satisfaction, with not a single worrisome negative review mixed in, because I never cut corners or fudge a project. See my reviews: I treat every single project with the care it deserves. Can you find a better track record? I cannot stress this enough: read my reviews, then read the reviews of the other bidders. Notice the difference.

    You might also want to look at how many projects your bidders have in progress (left-hand side of the profile). My in-progress number is usually the lowest you'll see, because I only bid on projects that interest me, only if I have time, and only if I can turn out an excellent product. I never have 25-50 projects in progress at a given time, because I care about my customers and always put quality over quantity.

    Good for the Ukrainians who run the sites, bad for you. The work they sell you will either be plagiarized or so poorly written that you can't turn it in. It's just economically impossible for a qualified, English-speaking writer to produce original work for some small percentage of $10/page. Do you think a capable writer would agree to work for less than minimum wage? Of course not. You found the right site (and the right price point) for high-quality, custom-written work.

    *$25 per double-spaced page is the site minimum bid. This is comparable to the very few other legitimate custom essay sites out there. If you're seeing anything lower and it doesn't look like a scam, please send me a link. I'd like to have a look.

    SOME AREAS OF EXPERTISE (a non-exhaustive list):
    Rhetoric/composition, persuasive argument essays, communication
    Literary history and theory
    American history
    Political science
    Human geography
    Cultural studies / film studies
    Business administration / communication
    Feminist criticism / gender studies
    African-American studies / race theory
    Philosophy of language
    Admissions essays - experience with med school, other grad/professional degrees, and undergrad


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    08/17/2018 Completed on time, superlative essay!
    08/10/2018 The essay was exactly what I wanted!  He followed the guidelines for the essay perfectly and had great communication.  I will definitely use him again
    08/10/2018 Great writing, A+
    07/26/2018 Awsome!! thank you.
    07/16/2018 The best!! excellent work!!! Very professional! Thanks 
    07/05/2018 PC is the best! 2nd to none, I hate leaving reviews but his is worth the time! 
    06/29/2018 Great prof
    06/18/2018 Excellent writing, done edits for me even with time constraints. 
    06/13/2018 By far the best work I've received on this site. Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra for QUALITY!
    Great communication, friendly, and went above and beyond what I asked for. He is willing to read whatever attachments you need included into your assignment and will find outside sources to back up the writing as well. I won't use any other writer after this. Thanks PC!
    06/12/2018 Absolutely amazing work. Cannot recommend this professor enough. Submitted the project without making any changes and received an A. 
    06/05/2018 Amazing work
    06/03/2018 amazing
    05/27/2018 extremely well written! also very happy with how the professor communicating about progress of the paper throughout the writing process.
    05/27/2018 excellent
    05/16/2018 Absolutely amazing!
    05/15/2018 Communication was great! The paper was really well written, and my professor even emailed me saying how impressed he was with my writing style. I got a B+, however, there were no real clear guidelines on how the paper should have been written so I'm really happy with what I got. Didn't include the works cited page in the 8 pages I requested (thank god). I gave him a short period of time for completion as well, highly reccomend this prof. 
    05/07/2018 I accepted the bid and in less than a day he turned around a perfect 2,000 word essay! His bids may be a little higher but its worth it for the level of quality he brings to the table. Also, PC is an exceptionally friendly and professional person to work with. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your essay is turned in on time and to your specifications. I'm a senior but if I could I would definetly use him again
    05/04/2018 Another amazing paper. I've received nothing but A's on anything this professor has completed for me. You will hot be dissappointed. Top notch!!!!! 
    05/04/2018 Great Job! Quick work. 
    05/02/2018 Absolutely nailed my paper, I gave this prof a 3 day window to read a 200+ page book and 2 outside sources relating to the book to write a 5 page paper. I gave them the prompt to the essay to know what the assignment was about, and they did exactly that with time to spare! They are worth the price, I garentee that. Saved my ass!
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