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  • Education

    PhD in English, top-tier US research university
    MA with distinguished honors in English, top-tier US research university
    Double BA with high honors in English + Philosophy, top-tier US research university

    Past Employment

    Indentured academic / college instructor
    Business owner


    I have a PhD in English from a top-tier research university in the United States. I have published academic articles on literature, and I have years of teaching experience in rhetoric/composition, literature, and business communication. I am deeply familiar with professors' expectations for undergraduate and graduate writing.

    100% customer satisfaction, with not a single negative review mixed in, because I never cut corners or fudge a project. See my reviews: I treat every single project with the care it deserves. Can you find a better track record? I cannot stress this enough: read my reviews, then read the reviews of the other bidders. Notice the difference.

    You might also want to look at how many projects your bidders have in progress (left-hand side of the profile). My in-progress number is usually the lowest you'll see, because I only bid on projects that interest me, only if I have time, and only if I can turn out an excellent product. I never have 20-40 projects in progress at a given time, because I care about my customers and always put quality over quantity.

    Good for the Ukrainians who run the sites, bad for you. The work they sell you will either be plagiarized or so poorly written that you can't turn it in. It's just economically impossible for a qualified, English-speaking writer to produce original work for some small percentage of $10/page. Do you think a capable writer would agree to work for less than minimum wage? Of course not. You found the right site (and the right price point) for high-quality, custom-written work.

    $25 per double-spaced "page" (defined as 225 words) is the site minimum bid. I RARELY bid at the minimum, because my standard of quality and attention to detail are well above the status quo in this industry. My pricing fluctuates with demand and (most importantly) with the difficulty and complexity of the work. Wouldn't you find it troubling if a mechanic quoted you only 2 hours of labor for a full engine rebuild? Nice price, but let me know if your car passes inspection... or runs. What about a writer who bids the minimum and spends 45 minutes on your essay because he/she has seven other jobs to complete that day? Some things should not be done in a hurry. I'm not saying I'm a great guy for spending more time and doing a better job. I'm just saying I charge for it.

    SOME AREAS OF EXPERTISE, in no particular order:
    Politics / political science

    *No longer bidding on admissions essays / job apps / personal statements. Willing to consider requests (no guarantees) but my pricing will be high, because that sort of work is much more taxing for me than the typical essay. "It's not you, it's me" applies here. So it goes.


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    03/05/2019 Excellent work as always.
    03/03/2019 Thank you so much! You are great and very professional. 
    02/20/2019 THE BEST ALWAYS!
    02/06/2019 Prof. Crisis has completed more than twenty projects (Grad school coursework) for me in the last eight months, and each project's grade has been an A. His writing is impeccable. Highly recommend Prof. Crisis! 
    01/04/2019 Thanks for the "A" paper.
    01/04/2019 A+ paper. 
    01/04/2019 Great paper, fantastic communicator.
    01/04/2019 Fantastic work!
    12/13/2018 Amazing as always! 
    12/12/2018 Never fails to deliver exemplary projects in a timely manner while being flexible with project requirements.  Even goes above and beyond with the amount of detail put into the projects. 
    12/07/2018 amazing as always
    11/21/2018 Always exceeds expectations, fast communication, work always completed ahead of time!
    11/13/2018 ProfCrisis is THE MAN. (Okay, to be fair it is 2018, I shouldn't be assuming gender.) Male, female, or Apache helicopter, ProfCrisis does superb work and is a professional of the highest order whose work is worth every penny. Thank you ProfCrisis!
    11/08/2018 Simply the best!!
    11/01/2018 absolutely amazing!!! 
    11/01/2018 A pleasure to work with, yet again. Incomparably good work to boot.
    10/27/2018 Very professional and helpful as always! thank you
    10/26/2018 Fantastic work, very impressed and pleased with the result
    10/25/2018 Unparalleled! A genius. 
    10/17/2018 Fantastic work! Will be using for more projects, on time and very thorough! A+ 
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