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Nursing 183 English 172 Business 80 English Literature 68 History 65 Political Science 42 Accounting 34 Psychology 31 Sociology 28 Criminology 26


  • Education

    PhD in English, top-tier US research university
    MA with distinguished honors in English, top-tier US research university
    Double BA with high honors in English + Philosophy, top-tier US research university

    Past Employment

    University instructor (English)
    Indentured academic
    Business owner


    Before I got into this industry, I completed a PhD in English from a top-tier research university in the United States. During that time, I published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and taught courses in literature, rhetoric/composition and business writing for 7 years.

    I have now been a full-time ghostwriter in a wide range of academic disciplines for 6+ years, including 4+ years here on UP. I am deeply familiar with professors' expectations for undergraduate and graduate writing, and I am fully capable of exceeding those expectations. I also have ample experience writing at less advanced levels in order to match the client's style (ESL, basic writing skills, etc.) if requested.

    Simple: 100% customer satisfaction, not one single negative review, because I never cut corners and I am firmly committed to quality over quantity. Always compare profiles and reviews.

    I only bid on projects for which I have adequate time, interest, and ability. I never have 20-40 projects in progress at any given time. If I did, I'd be doing what many writers are forced to do on cheaper "essay mill" sites -- i.e., frantically producing as much shoddy material as humanly possible. Not my cup of tea.

    Good for the Ukrainians who run the sites, bad for you. The work they sell you will either be plagiarized or so poorly written that you can't turn it in. It's just economically impossible for qualified, native-English writers to produce original work for some small percentage of $10/page. Do you think a capable writer with advanced degrees would agree to work for less than minimum wage? Of course not -- that's why we left our adjunct jobs in the rearview. You found the right site (and the right price point) for high-quality, custom-written work.

    $30 per double-spaced "page" (defined as 225 words here on UP) is the site minimum bid for Platinum writers. I almost never bid at the minimum, because my standard of quality is well above the status quo in this industry. My pricing fluctuates with demand, the rigor of the work, and turnaround time. I am skeptical of anyone who would charge a standard rate for every project regardless of the content or context, and you should be, too.

    Politics/political science
    Etc... if I'm bidding on your project, I'm qualified to write in the subject.


    Date Comment Rating
    09/25/2021 Amazing work. Professor was impressed. 
    09/22/2021 Professor is very prompt with responses, and the quality of his work is top notch.
    09/16/2021 Who delivered a paper with absolutely zero plagarism, this professor did! Everything made sense and flowed accurately executing my assignment. Thanks!
    09/14/2021 This guy was awesome and worth the price tag. Gave him 8hrs to write an entire External White Paper of 1600words or more and he got me a 100%
    09/09/2021 Icredible work! So thankful!!
    09/03/2021 Once again I can count on ProfCrisis to deliver the highest quality work. He is the best!
    08/27/2021 Always goes beyond what is required to help, and is always in contact with the progress of the work as well as being quick to respond. This is the professor you want to pick. My previous rating to this professor some how glitched and give 9 stars out of 10, but that one should also be 10 out of 10 stars. 

    Thanks as always for the nice review. As the customer noted, his/her previous rating (on 8/22) was meant to be 10 stars. So was this one, yet it showed up as 9. Other customers have recently pointed this problem out to me, so it seems like there's a glitch. I'll be asking the admins to look into this. Cheers -PC
    08/22/2021 You can count yourself in good hands when picking this professor to help you with your work! 

    Thanks! Other readers: please see the next review above (8/27) regarding 9 stars, from the same customer. 10-star reviews are popping out as 9 stars due to some glitch on the site. This applies to other recent reviews as well, according to other customers who have reached out to me. I'm refraining from posting similar replies on those until the glitch gets looked into.
    08/05/2021 Good paper and delivered on time
    08/03/2021 Awesome professor. Really professional, wrote me a fantastic essay that I am positive will get an A. Followed all the guidelines, went above the required word count, and made an essay I couldn't dream of writing myself. You get what you pay for, and this guy (?) is worth the extra money. Most of the other 'professors' on here are scams and barely speak English. Rest assured that if you use this guy, you will not be disappointed. Will 10/10 use again and recommend him to my friends. 
    08/01/2021 Well written, on time and followed instructions well. Would recommend!
    07/28/2021 What can I say, other than this guy delivers? He is extremely patient and follows instructions perfectly. I have worked with him on several occasions for assignments, revisions of previous assignments, and editing/proofreading. Shocking how he has not yet been put on the highest tier of users, but I suspect this post will not age well, as at some point soon he will be placed there. 
    07/28/2021 This guy writes flawless papers. After working with this user for more than a year, I can say that he is probably one of the best writers here. If you want a turn key and worry free expereince, you are advised to work with him. 
    07/28/2021 If you want your sh** to be written once, accuratenly, and in a manner that reflects high level academic writing, you should without question work with PC, as I have on several occasions. Superb work. 
    07/26/2021 Always an A or better from the prof
    06/10/2021 Another 100, the best prof you can hire on this website, no doubt!
    05/28/2021 Great work as always. Followed prompts carefully and with a degree of care. Thanks PC. Would highly advise working with this prof. 
    05/15/2021 I've used the professor's service for almost four years now, and he proves again and again why he's the highest rated plat+ professor in the website. He always follows up on your questions and comments promptly, and I have never had a single project from him where it was graded anything below a 87. Are you really going to gamble your future away just to save 50 bucks for one essay? If you go for any other professors on this website, THERES A GOOD CHANCE YOU'RE GOING TO GET BURNED. This man is worth every single penny that you pay for, and you won't go back to any other professors on this website afterwards.
    04/27/2021 My Clutch professor, Helped me knock out 4 projects in 2.5 weeks and perfection every time!!!! 
    04/23/2021 Open and effective communicator, meticulous at writing academic papers and tying in material from the text. If you receive a score of less than A either your prof didn’t read the paper, or the academic level was above his/her head. One of the people I trust with my academic work.

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