PhD in English, top-tier US research university
MA with distinguished honors in English, top-tier US research university
Double BA with high honors in English + Philosophy, top-tier US research university

Past Employment

University instructor (English)
Indentured academic
Business owner


Before I got into this industry, I completed a PhD in English from a top-tier research university in the United States. During that time, I published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and taught courses in literature, rhetoric/composition and business writing for 7 years.

I have now been a full-time ghostwriter in a wide range of disciplines for 9+ years, including 7 years here on UP. I am deeply familiar with professors' expectations for undergraduate and graduate writing, and I am well practiced in exceeding those expectations. If requested, I can also write at less advanced levels in order to match a client's personal style (e.g., ESL, limited writing skills, etc.).

Simple: 100% customer satisfaction, not one single negative review, because I never cut corners and I am firmly committed to quality over quantity. Always compare profiles and reviews.

I only bid on projects for which I have adequate time, interest, and ability. I never have 20-40 projects in progress at any given time. If I did, I'd be doing what many writers are forced to do on cheaper "essay mill" sites -- i.e., frantically producing as much shoddy material as humanly possible. Not my cup of tea.

Good for the owners who outsource to Kenya, bad for you. The work they sell you will either be plagiarized or so poorly written that you can't turn it in (or AI-generated, which is synonymous with "poorly written" and easily detected by bots and humans alike). It's just economically impossible for qualified, native-English writers to produce original work for some percentage of $10/page. Ask yourself: would a credentialed writer living in North America even consider working for less than minimum wage? Of course not -- that's why many of us quit our adjunct jobs. You found the right site and the right price point for high-quality, custom-written work.

$35 per double-spaced "page" (defined as 225 words here on UP) is the site minimum bid for Platinum writers. My pricing fluctuates with demand, rigor, and turnaround time.

Business / Management
Rhetoric & Composition
Political science
Etc.: I will only bid on your project if I'm qualified.


Date Comment Rating
03/15/2024 Very impressed. recieved an A
03/15/2024 Did a great job and was very accommodating
02/29/2024 Completed my paper the exact way it needed to be done and was very good at communicating and keeping in touch about the project.
02/25/2024 paper was on time and just what i asked for!
02/17/2024 Many thanks to you... It was simply fun working with you. The communication and work really were A++++++! Highly recommend you to anyone. Once again many thanks!
02/07/2024 Literally my favorite professor on this entire site. Their work is basically flawless, and my projects have been completed with haste yet the quality does not suffer.
02/03/2024 Excellent, but, nothing new for this prof. Had to deal with last minute contingencies and came through.   Even went so far as to inform me of the errors my very picky instructor made in the assignment page!
02/01/2024 Absolutely amazing work. Very quick to deliver but the quality remains immaculate. A friendly, helpful professional that I would recommend and will most definitely use again.
01/10/2024 Prof Crisis is the best
01/08/2024 BEST PROF in this site hands down. Excellent work and services. 
01/05/2024 THE TOP Professor on this site. Another exceptional work. amazing writer and really tailors your materials to your narrative and goals. My number one go to on this site! 
01/05/2024 THE TOP Professor on this site. Exceptional work every time. Wonderful writer and super accomodating. 
12/21/2023 Great
12/21/2023 Thank you so much! This professor was fantastic. He delivered high quality work and took his time. He was thoughtful and diligent.
12/17/2023 Incredible work! Highly recommend! 
12/13/2023 10/10
12/13/2023 Awesome
12/13/2023 I recommend this professor!
12/13/2023 Great work
12/13/2023 Best writer
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