Ph.D in International Development (Globalization and Security) U.S.F Tampa, spring 2016.
M.A. in Business Management,  University of South Florida Tampa, spring 2011.
B.A. Major Sociology (English & Psychology minor) USF Tampa, fall 2007.

Past Employment

Administration of Research Production and Extension Division, The University of South Florida - 2004 to 2013
Since appointment as Senior Research Officer in 2007 I was involved in many research activities which include, data collection, identification of research methodology, analysis and result discussions. Presentation of reports in seminars and workshops. I always love this!!
Administration and Financial Management: (University of La Verne: May 2000 – 2011
Involved in the establishment of AICAD, a Regional Institute for capacity building through research, training/extension and Information Documentation 
Editorial Work: Journal of Food Security and Agriculture: 2001 -To date
Established and manage on a day-to-day basis as the Assistant Editor, a peer-refereed international journal. Journal is in its 16 year with 15 published issues.
Research Management: University of California. Senior Research Officer: 2004 - To 2013
Established and manage the day-to-day activities of California State University--Fresno, Research Office which handles and manages all university research projects i.e. assist in proposal writing, negotiating for funding from donors, initiating collaboration and linkages (drafted over 17 MoU’s between California State University--Fresno and other institutions) with other institutions, managing all projects research budgets, evaluating interim and final report and compiling research data.
International Conferences, Workshops/Seminars: 1998 - To date
Have attended and presented papers in about ten international conferences, workshops and seminars. World Food Program, World Economic Forum and International Rescue Committee conferences and workshops.
Authorship: 1996 - To date
Published 9 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of tropical diseases and leishmaniases vectors (entomology, parasitology, ecology) and environment monitoring.
Research Work: 1990 – To date
Have conducted many research projects in in the field of International relations, Food Security, and Economic Devlopment while working in Biola University, California 


I have more than 15 years of experience in teaching, research and as a research editor. As a versatile academician, I have successfully tutored students at undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels in research writing and editing of academic projects to exceed the required standards. 


  • Certificate in Grant proposal writing, 2005 (University of California)
  • Certificate in Leadership and Management capacity development training 2008 (TIPS Mgt).
  • ICT Competence.  Trained in for the following packages MSTAT, MS Office (word, excel, PowerPoint), SAS-statistical package & SPSS
  • Certificate in Project planning using the ZOPP method. 1999
  • Environment Impact assessment. 1999 (York University, Canada)
Certificate of recognition for committed service in Journal of Food Security and Agriculture.

Research paper and proposal writing
Business reports
Dissertation and thesis writing


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07/10/2019 There’s no way this paper would receive a passing grade from any professor at any accredited college/university.
It’s terribly incoherent and apparent from the first sentence: ”Business field is one of the dynamic areas and most people starting small to medium size business rely on speculations and scientific methods which sometimes does not result according to the predictions.”
01/14/2019 II recieved an "A" for the assignment and that's all that matters ! Thanx
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12/03/2018 Got straight As in all the three projects she handled, I cant thank you enough prof.
12/02/2018 There were some details that could have been better proofread and question # 3 was misread.
Could have easily been an A with a little bit more attention to detail, but over all a passing score.
80% out of 100
12/02/2018 Dude killed my paper, had it on time, and was very easy to communicate with. 10/10 will use again.
11/26/2018 That project was WOW!!
Thank you so much Dr. Math
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11/18/2018 Super helpful, responsive, and went above and beyond to be available in case of questions. First experience and went outstanding! Looking forward to working with again!
11/18/2018 Super helpful, responsive, and went above and beyond to be available in case of questions. First experience and went outstanding! Looking forward to working with again!
11/18/2018 Did great on my paper! Plagiarism free and on time! Honestly would recommend Professor Math to anyone!
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