Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
Master of Science (M.S), Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.S)

Past Employment

Freelance academic writer/editor:
  • Provided high quality educational solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide.
  • Developed and revised academic materials and other educational content resources.
  • Designed essay styles for specific & time-sensitive open-ended questions, including persuasive, expository, literary, narrative, comparative, technical, and creative writings based on the MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, AMA, IEEE and CMS styles of writing , offering proofreading and editing strategies for revision to adhere to rigid standards and rubric guidelines 
In all the above services, I have managed to achieve 98% customer return and plenty of recommendations and referrals to other clients/students. I hope to achieve the same on this site too.


I am a professional research writer with a Ph.D in electrical engineering, Master of Science (M.S), Chemical Engineering, and Bachelor of Science (B.S). I can write/edit any topics, not limited to Business (all related fields), healthcare, social sciences, humanities, computer science, medical devices, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical quality assurance, validation, security, social media, online marketing, and search engine marketing. Some diverse recent topics include SPSS statistical analysis, regression analysis, factor analysis, and open innovation for startups. I can also help with creative thinking, idea development, innovation strategies and academic search techniques. Excellent results guaranteed!

A recent engineering graduate from the University of South Florida, I have a wide array of experience in the fields of technology and writing/editing. My consulting and work experience include mathematical modeling, scientific and engineering research studies, process engineering, statistics, data science and technical/scientific/grant writing.

I am interested in all aspects of technical writing, quantitative analysis, data science, and statistics. Additionally, I can tackle all other academic writings such as research papers, essays, term papers, critical reviews, summaries, reading responses, project and research proposals, Argumentative essays, among others (the list is endless). I have an exceptional work ethic, communicate well with clients and have quick turnaround time on assignments and projects

To an optimist the glass is half full; to a pessimist it is half empty. To an engineer like me, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. 

Once you assign me to handle your complex term paper, trust me you will never switch to another prof! I will deliver quality beyond your expectations, and you will have no choice but to send the rest of your projects to me.


Date Comment Rating
01/29/2023 Stop looking and use Tamas. 
01/28/2023 Very well written research proposal, all the instructions were followed precisely.
highly recommended.
thanks a lot.
01/26/2023 Simply the best. 
01/26/2023 Never enough great things to say
01/26/2023 I have never once been let down by Tamas
01/26/2023 Don't settle. This is the Prof for the job. 
01/26/2023 Tamas is the best. Period
01/23/2023 Great job
01/17/2023 Great work. Even finishes the work days before due date. 
01/17/2023 Simply the best
01/17/2023 Perfect. Every single time
01/17/2023 I run out of good things to say. 
01/16/2023 Amazing work! Thank you so much!
01/13/2023 Well researched, well written for the most part, and he was easy to work with. 
01/11/2023 I've been using Tamas for an entire year now. I'll never work with another prof! 11 out of 10 stars. 
01/05/2023 Always does an impeccable job and delivers on time!
01/03/2023 The professor is professional and responds to messages promptly. His writing is gramatically correct and adheres to the assignment directions. I enjoyed working with him on my project and apprecited his commitment to the project.

Hello buddy, I had to reply this:). I remember you were super nervous and weren't sure if this was real. I triple assured you, and am happy that you came back to testify. I am glad you were happy with the work too. That is what I do and more:). Thank you!
01/02/2023 Amazing professor I have used multiple times! Early always and good work thank you, even if the deadline was given less than a day. 
12/30/2022 Professor is very communicative and thorough. Made sure to verify topic before completing assignment. I am more than happy to use this professor again for future assignments. The paper was also error free and I didn't have to add anyting. 
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