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  • Education

    University of California, Riverside
    Ph. D, English
    New Mexico State University
    MA, English

    Florida Atlantic University BA, Communications and Film

    Past Employment

    Graduate Teaching Assistant/Lecturer/Writer

    January 1993  -  January 2003 (10 years 1 month)
    Taught various sections of composition, tech writing, literature, film and drama.
    Designed and implemented online courses using Blackboard at UC Riverside for 4 years.
    Created syllabi, assignments, and other written material for both in-person and online classes.
    Contributed to seminars regarding improving course structure.
    Wrote academic articles for publication.
    Designed course on racism for NMSU.
    Edited articles for professors at UCR for I was considered best writer there.
    Wrote dissertation, which received honors, in 2 weeks.


    In a writing showdown, I mow down the competition with my brevity, skill and wit. I have done so for many startup and large corporation – and I can do so for you. I leave the rest behind. Trailing.  Don’t pass me up – my words will truly amaze.


    Date Comment Rating
    11/19/2017 Awesome, perfect essay and really quick. 
    11/19/2017 My paper was back to me way before the due date and I got an A! great job!
    11/16/2017 The paper was excillent and completed on very short notice. 
    11/16/2017 Completed on time with short notice for a reasonable price and followed the directions perfectly.
    11/15/2017 Definitely a great essay and I received an A. overall great quality work
    11/14/2017 Fast turnaround for a tight time frame. I had to dumb it down a little to my level.. I asked for 4 pages, but only received 3... But the word count that the website put in was equal to.. This being my first time using the site, that might be my issue.. Overall though very satisfied with the paper written..
    11/12/2017 Very professional, timely and no hassle.
    11/11/2017 I truly appreciate this professor's professionalism. I look forward to working on future assignments. 
    11/11/2017 I enjoy working with this professor. Everything is easy, no issues in making revisions! I look forward to working with the professor on future assignments!
    11/10/2017 Good essay, was turned in an hour later than the due date though. :(
    11/09/2017 PROS: Excellent analysis of what needed to be covered in the essay. Very thorough in the analyses and it all makes sense. Professor was about 8 hours ahead of schedule which works out wonderfully (for editing and such).  The wording was not over-the-top for my level of education, therefore the wording and arguments in the essay directly reflect my level of education.

    CONS: 3.5/4 pages requested, however this leaves room for me to add my own source from the mandatory library-source we need to use that the professor likely does not have access to.  There were about 8 instances of incorrect grammar, however I am a solid C student so I guess it looks believable.

    SUMMARY: This professor did a wonderful job and in a timely manner.
    11/05/2017 Great work done by Professor. Already have him/her writing another paper for me! I was definitely skeptyical at first when using this site but it's totally worth it. Highly recommended!
    11/05/2017 Grade A quality work!  Thank you so much!
    11/03/2017 This professor surpassed my expectations of what I expected as a first time user of this site. I have yet to submit it, but I was pleased from what I read. Only thing, which is obvious, read through your paper, as it had some grammatical mistakes. I would highly recommend this professor.
    10/26/2017 Outstanding Job, thank you so much. Will definitely use you again. 
    10/23/2017 Provided me with top quality work. Only reason I'm taking two stars away is because of the professor not using the database that I requested to use. Some sources were in my database while others were not. That was the only requirement but despite that and minor tweaking, the work was top quality and usable. I would recommend for further work.
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