University of California, Riverside
Ph. D, English
New Mexico State University
MA, English

Florida Atlantic University BA, Communications and Film

Past Employment

Graduate Teaching Assistant/Lecturer/Writer

January 1993  -  January 2003 (10 years 1 month)
Taught various sections of composition, tech writing, literature, film and drama.
Designed and implemented online courses using Blackboard at UC Riverside for 4 years.
Created syllabi, assignments, and other written material for both in-person and online classes.
Contributed to seminars regarding improving course structure.
Wrote academic articles for publication.
Designed course on racism for NMSU.
Edited articles for professors at UCR for I was considered best writer there.
Wrote dissertation, which received honors, in 2 weeks.


In a writing showdown, I mow down the competition with my brevity, skill and wit. I have done so for many startup and large corporation – and I can do so for you. I leave the rest behind. Trailing.  Don’t pass me up – my words will truly amaze.


Date Comment Rating
01/20/2019 Absolute disgrace
09/23/2018 Actually zero, I’m a pretty frequent customer on this site not bc I’m an idiot but I have 2 jobs and not enough time so I would like to have someone just do an assignment that’s worded good enough that I don’t have to fix it
08/26/2018 APA formatting was incorrect. Not enough sentences to constitute a paragraph, and some sentences just didn’t make sense. I did receive the paper in a timely manner.
08/23/2018 Copy and pasted right off the internet. I failed the midterm, have to pay $700 to take the course AGAIN, and can't apply to nursing school for another 8 months now. I would have been better off just winging it myself. Completely fucked me over. 
08/20/2018 Absolute disgrace, selected this professor for multiple assignment and this cost me my place at college. Absolutely awful, any 5 year old could do a better job. A sincere fuck you to you.
08/11/2018 Got the job done, but 17 hours late. After 11, he said he would upload it shortly but it ended up taking another 6 hours. Good work, but will not be using again.
08/02/2018 Did everything I needed him to do right on time.  Would recommend him to others in need of scholastic assistance. 
08/01/2018 Excellent work!
07/26/2018 Amazing work! You saved me with this one! Thanks so much for your professionalism, fast and wonderful work - I appreciate you more than you could ever know!
07/17/2018 Exactly what I needed! Will use again in the future!
07/15/2018 Thank you for 4 perfect papers in a crunch for a time, you are the Dee Pro!
07/15/2018 Thank you for 4 perfect papers in a crunch for a time, you are the Dee Pro!
07/15/2018 Saved me!
07/15/2018 Saved me!
07/15/2018 I was in a crunch with kids, work and school, prof got 4 papers in 4 days, saved my ass. 
07/08/2018 The paper was good. But needed a little more detail in the types of defense one would use. Thank you though for writing it.
Awesome experience!!! Came through when he said he would and delivered!
07/02/2018 Thanks again!
06/17/2018 great
06/01/2018 this is an absolute disgrace
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