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  • Education

    University of California, Riverside
    Ph. D, English
    New Mexico State University
    MA, English

    Florida Atlantic University BA, Communications and Film

    Past Employment

    Graduate Teaching Assistant/Lecturer/Writer

    January 1993  -  January 2003 (10 years 1 month)
    Taught various sections of composition, tech writing, literature, film and drama.
    Designed and implemented online courses using Blackboard at UC Riverside for 4 years.
    Created syllabi, assignments, and other written material for both in-person and online classes.
    Contributed to seminars regarding improving course structure.
    Wrote academic articles for publication.
    Designed course on racism for NMSU.
    Edited articles for professors at UCR for I was considered best writer there.
    Wrote dissertation, which received honors, in 2 weeks.


    In a writing showdown, I mow down the competition with my brevity, skill and wit. I have done so for many startup and large corporation – and I can do so for you. I leave the rest behind. Trailing.  Don’t pass me up – my words will truly amaze.


    Date Comment Rating
    07/17/2018 Exactly what I needed! Will use again in the future!
    07/15/2018 Thank you for 4 perfect papers in a crunch for a time, you are the Dee Pro!
    07/15/2018 Thank you for 4 perfect papers in a crunch for a time, you are the Dee Pro!
    07/15/2018 Saved me!
    07/15/2018 Saved me!
    07/15/2018 I was in a crunch with kids, work and school, prof got 4 papers in 4 days, saved my ass. 
    07/08/2018 The paper was good. But needed a little more detail in the types of defense one would use. Thank you though for writing it.
    Awesome experience!!! Came through when he said he would and delivered!
    07/02/2018 Thanks again!
    06/17/2018 great
    06/01/2018 this is an absolute disgrace
    05/30/2018 Let me start off by saing this, the paper I received from this "professor" almost got me put on academic probation. It was supposed to be a simple analysis of a play put on by my universitys theater group. I even sent the professor an outline of all the paragraphs and what needed to be included. The professor ignored it for the most part except for adding in literally the same sentences from the outline here and there, not relating it to anything or explaining where it came from, just copying and pasting randomly. The part that got me in academic dishonesty trouble though was that most of the paper was just a plot summary of the movie version taken from the internet. I told the professor that the paper needed to be based on my university's rendition of the play, and not the movie, hence why I sent him an outline with all the quotes and analyis of the play that needed to be explained in the paper. Multiple times he quoted things from the movie that were not in the play, like the characters smoking and taking acid, which my professor was not happy about. If you need a paper with specific requests and requirements, this is not your professor.
    05/20/2018 Great job! Didn't miss anything and it was well written. 
    05/18/2018 Great job as always...Super communication and outstanding product...a++++++++++++++
    The assignment was very well written and outlined the necessary content required.
    Completed within good time. Thank you

    05/14/2018 Execellent job! Very well written and was done 2 days earlier than I asked for.. thank you once again!
    05/13/2018 Ontime!
    05/13/2018 I've used this professor twice now. I got a better grade than I've been getting on the same projects done by myself (hard to admit- but true!). The projects are completed on time if not early, and they're spot on with instructions as well. I only took off one star because there have been a few gramatical errors/sentences that don't quite make sense, but they are obviously english-speaking and write very well. I'm always worried about a foreign professor writing something that sounds really odd, and I've never had that issue with this one. Highly recommend and will keep using this professor! 
    05/13/2018 I needed help finishing a couple of projects on time and Deepro provided a paper that was cohesive with other topics that I've used previously in the course. This was very appreciated and would definitely reccommend to anyone who needs help getting papers completed on time! My turn around rate for this paper was basically one day! 
    05/11/2018 Didnt recieve what i asked for. In the description I asked the professor to analyze a specific idea or position, or compare and evaulaute the thought of the philosopher s and listed multiple. Instead, the professor wrote a summary on each philospher and filled in extra space by indenting and putting headers above every philosophers name. Very dissapointed and would not reccomend. I would expect a higher quality paper for the amount I paid.
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