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  • Education

    (P.H.D )
    Doctor of Philosophy.
    M.A Master of Arts History of Religions
    MSc Accounting & Financial Management
    Masters Of Arts In Political Science And Public Administration
    Diploma in English Language and Literature

    Past Employment

    I have previously handled assignments in almost any academic field, from philosophy, finance, history, political science, English, accounting to management. I am available for short- and long-term assignments.


    I am an experienced scholar and publisher who has been closely tutoring students for the last 10 years. During that time, I have nurtured excellent skills in research, time management and consistently producing quality research papers that are plagiarism free.


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    06/27/2021 Provided diligent work and was open to revisions when requested. I would work with them again! 10/10
    06/22/2021 Very Well Done. 
    05/29/2021 Amazing!!
    05/24/2021 Perfect for what I needed, great start to avoid plagiarism and the main difficulties of a research essay. 
    05/13/2021 Excellent and well written essay. Met my expections
    05/08/2021 Wonderful, timely paper!
    05/03/2021 Delivered Late with no communication. After i asked how it was going they said it was almost finished then came in half a day later.
    Delivered almost an exact copy of a website and not what was asked for. Didnt meet the word count asked for in the project quote. Tons of misspellings and grammatical errors.
    I would never use this service again.
    04/27/2021 Wrote a great paper, but I did need it amended within a few hours. This professor was commicative and re-wrote the paper quickly! Thank you so much. I highly Recommend.
    04/24/2021 Incredible. Thank you
    04/12/2021 Great work . 
    04/12/2021 Absolutely excellent paper! Very scholarly and impressive. I highly recommend this professor!
    04/09/2021 Great job thank you
    04/07/2021 This Professor did an amazing job on my research paper. It was completed more then 2 weeks before it was due. Highly recommend!
    04/02/2021 Very good and well written paper! Also theprof put in a lot of effort in correcting it after due date. 
    03/11/2021 Great paper! well researched and written!
    02/23/2021 Amazing 
    02/18/2021 The essay I received was very well written and he gave it to me in two days even though the deadline was two weeks from now. On top of his great essay writing skills and prompt delivery, he was very communicative and polite.
    02/18/2021 Amazing! just amazing!
    02/18/2021 Did great work given a short time period. Responds very fast and is attentive to any revisions. Probabbly the best professor ive had on here. other's dont respond fast enough or rush the job, but not theprof!
    02/18/2021 Very agreeable and solid work!!
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