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  • Education

    PhD in European Studies
    M.A in European Studies
    B.A in European Studies and Education

    Past Employment

    I have amassed extensive experience as an editor, researcher, and tutor: I'm available for both small and large assignments.


    As a freelancer, I have learned to be versatile and sift through large amounts of data. The proficiency has sharpened my ability to work on multiple projects at a go, isolate distractions, and still maintain quality.


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    04/20/2018 Good Job!
    04/19/2018 Did what was requested in the specified time period. The paper turned out to be really good too.
    04/18/2018 Awesome paper! My go to prof for all assignments!
    04/17/2018 Amazing guy and a life saver. Bless!
    04/17/2018 Thank you!!!!!!!
    04/17/2018 One of the best out here 
    04/16/2018 This professor came through when I blindly selected them over professors I had used in the past! 
    04/14/2018 Awesome Job! Super fast communication. I needed a couple changes and it was able to be fixed instantly. I would recommend to all. Thank you AGAIN!!
    04/12/2018 Very well written paper. Followed instructions exactly as laid out. Made revisions quickly and with no hassle. Would definitely use again. 
    04/11/2018 Great work! Thanks for going back and finding other reference we needed. 
    04/10/2018 Thank you
    04/10/2018 Has completed multiple assignments of mine over the course of the semester and all have been outstanding!!
    04/10/2018 Got a 100/100 on this assignment!!! Thank you victoryprof! 
    04/10/2018 Completed early. Well done and exactly as specified.
    04/10/2018 Did all the intructions and finished assignment on time. Didn't mind doing chnages after being criticized. Very nice prof and hopefully we'll get a good mark
    04/08/2018 Always delivers on time with great work. Used VP before and he/she always is around to help when im in a major time crunch !
    04/08/2018 Excellent work!
    04/08/2018 Excellent work!
    04/07/2018 He has been helping me out
    04/06/2018 Awesome work! 
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