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  • Education

    PhD in European Studies
    M.A in European Studies
    B.A in European Studies and Education

    Past Employment

    I have amassed extensive experience as an editor, researcher, and tutor: I'm available for both small and large assignments.


    As a freelancer, I have learned to be versatile and sift through large amounts of data. The proficiency has sharpened my ability to work on multiple projects at a go, isolate distractions, and still maintain quality.


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    08/17/2018 It was my first time using this site and was quite skeptical, to begin with. 

    I realized I put the wrong date in, and the professor finished for me 4 days before expected with no trouble. 

    The work that was completed was much better than I expected! References all done correctly, with appendices as discussed. 

    Would highly recommend this Prof!.

    Thanks so much ????????????????
    08/11/2018 Great work on short notice . Excellent comminucation.highly recommended 
    08/09/2018 Thank you
    08/06/2018 Excellent Job!
    08/02/2018 Thank you
    07/28/2018 Excellent work!
    07/27/2018 Great Job!
    07/26/2018 Thank you. 
    07/25/2018 Some of the best work that I've ever had done for me; I will only use victoryprof in the future.
    07/25/2018 A fantastic, huge, super helpful for me when I have been traveling for work, and in a bind.  I would recommend any day.
    07/22/2018 He pulled this off in two hours. Great work
    07/19/2018 Thank you.
    07/14/2018 Good Job!
    07/13/2018 Great job as always 
    07/10/2018 Awesome!
    07/05/2018 Thank you. 
    07/03/2018 Asked for a 3rd year university subject.
    Paid a premium price. Even offered a 50% tip for a passing paper (which you would expect anyhow).
    Got a piece of shit.
    Recieved 3%, yep thats right 3%.
    Never again will I waste my money with this professor.
    07/01/2018 Great Job, thank you. 
    07/01/2018 Great Job...thank you. 
    06/30/2018 Perfect as always, thank you!
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