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    PhD in European Studies
    M.A in European Studies
    B.A in European Studies and Education

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    I have amassed extensive experience as an editor, researcher, and tutor: I'm available for both small and large assignments.


    As a freelancer, I have learned to be versatile and sift through large amounts of data. The ability has sharpened by ability to work on multiple projects at at time, isolate distractions, and still maintain quality.


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    02/16/2018 More than what I expected. 
    Detailed as per the instructions, very professional
    This was my 3rd project with VictoryProf and all are As.
    Thank you. Will use again

    02/16/2018 worked very well with me and was efficient 
    02/15/2018 Completed it very early way ahead of the dealine and met all of the requirements needed. Eloquently brought the qualitative facts and concepts in the book work with challenging and sensible arguments.
    Fantastic Job

    02/13/2018 This professor was always in communication and responded quickly. The paper was also done way before the time Iasked for it. 

    Will be using him again for furture papers. 

    I reccomend him 100%
    01/05/2018 Perfect, thank you very much !!!!!!!
    12/20/2017 The paper provided was excellent, satisfies all the provided instructions, and was completed before my deadline.
    I will definitely use the professor’s services again.

    Again, thank you.

    12/20/2017 The paper was beyond my expectations. The depth of arguments provided went beyond my expectations. The professor did not even mind the limitations on page provision constraint and went above and beyond to ensure that everything was covered. My paper as on human beings’ predisposition to violence.

    Below is an excerpt:

    “Violent behaviors are related to a complexity of social and environmental circumstances (Gottschalk & Ellis, 2008). However, heritable factors have widely been implicated in violent behaviors. Firstly, scientists have linked allelic variations found in the X-linked monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) as an explanation for different individuals’ predisposition to violence.”

    I believe this is money well spent.


    Thank you for everything.


    this was legitimately, without exaggeration (i kid you not) the worst thing i have ever read in my entire life. The grammar was soo poor it was entirely insensible. The incoherence of the paper aside, many, MANY of the facts included in this research paper were entirely fabricated. English is probably not this persons first language. There is not one single shot this person is a professor, and honestly based on my paper i cannot imagine they've graduated high school. If you're considering using this professor.. do yourself a favor, bite the bullet and write the paper yourself.

    just so you dont accidently think i am kidding, let me include some quotes. 

    First of all, they actually wrote "Franklin Benjamin", instead of Benjamin Franklin

    "Richardson Dilworth, Joseph Clark, and Edmund Bacon started hosting shows on the national television in 1956 that proved transformational to the music industry of Philadelphia and entire America (Shore, 1985). The shows brought rock and roll biggest stars to West Philadelphia in dancing the American Bandstand while accompanying children at the 46th Street. The facet was the first significant contribution of Philadelphia to the mainstream pop music in the mid-1950s."

    (allow me to point out that NONE of those three people have ever had television shows)

    I Could Not Make This Shit Up If I Wanted To


    12/11/2017 Thank you so much for helping me! I passed my class because of all the work you did.

    12/11/2017 Saved me from getting a failing grade with three days left of the semester. Thank you 
    12/11/2017 I was going to fail this course. I got 90's on both of my two projects that were almost 4 weeks late in less than two days. Thank you so much. 
    12/11/2017 Seriously saved me BIG TIME.

    I can not thank you enough !
    12/09/2017 Went above and beyond my expectations

    12/07/2017 Completed the project before deadline and didn't even need to correct anything! Received an A with no hint of plaigarism. Will recommend to anyone and work with again. 11/10
    12/06/2017 Did a phenomenal job with my paper with very short notice.
    12/06/2017 Great job! did everything and beyond 

    Produced an awesome paper with very short notice and still provided a solution before the time I requested. Highly recommend. Thanks so much!

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