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    PhD in European Studies
    M.A in European Studies
    B.A in European Studies and Education

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    I have amassed extensive experience as an editor, researcher, and tutor: I'm available for both small and large assignments.


    As a freelancer, I have learned to be versatile and sift through large amounts of data. The proficiency has sharpened my ability to work on multiple projects at a go, isolate distractions, and still maintain quality.


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    06/15/2018 thankyou!
    06/14/2018 Great Paper. Did as instructed by professor for paper. Very good writing!!
    06/12/2018 Asked for a college-level 10 page paper. Instead, I received a middle school level paper, got an F on it and Unemployed Professors is refusing to give me a refund for the paper. Never use this website if you’re already smarter than an unemployed Professor, even if you’re pressed for time. They will 110% screw you over and never give you your money back.
    06/11/2018 A thousand times Thank You!
    06/10/2018 Great work, exactly what I was looking for and submitted on time. Thank you so much!
    06/04/2018 Exactly what the prompt asked for - even did additional research outside of the required readings to make a strong statement. I'm so happy with the end result, I hope my professor is as well! (I'll be sure to update)
    Paper was on time and had zero grammatical or spelling errors. However, the quality was well below what was expected. This project received a 77/100 because of low scoring “Content/Subject Knowledge” and “Critical Thinking”. 
    05/31/2018 amazing work by this professor. Highly recommend and would use their services again. Work was completed faster than the deadline given and was very well written. Thank you. 
    05/28/2018 Great work, as always!!! Will use again and again!!
    05/28/2018 Great work, as always!!!
    05/28/2018 Great work, as always!!!
    05/28/2018 Great
    05/28/2018 Great
    05/27/2018 Excellent & timely professor. Very happy with his/her work.
    05/27/2018 Definitely making my life easier!!! Thank you a thousand times for the well written, on time papers.
    05/27/2018 Great work 
    05/27/2018 Quick turnaround and completed project based on all instructions. Highly recommend.
    05/26/2018 Fantastic writing! Not only did I get perfect scores, but my instructor dropped 20% of the 40% late reduction for the outstanding writing. Otherwise I would've removed a star for being late, yet it was worth the wait.
    05/26/2018 Really great paper! && was super nice! thanks :) 
    05/25/2018 Amazing work all the time. Always get A's. I appreciate this professor. Thank you!
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