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  • Education

    ICF certification (in progress), Life Coaching, 2013 - 2017

    University of Toronto

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), History, 2004 - 2012
    Activities and Societies: Graduate History Society, Graduate History Symposium, Graduate Education
     Committee (School of Graduate Studies), Graduate Student Search Committee (Transnational/Diaspora

    Carleton University

    Master of Arts (M.A.), History, 2002 - 2004
    Activities and Societies: New University Government, Underhill Colloquium, Centre for Research on
     Canadian–Russian Relations

    Carleton University

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A., honours), European and Russian Studies, 1998 - 2002

    Past Employment


    Academic, career and life coach for graduate students, recent graduates (particularly PhDs), and academics.  Blogger for University Affairs and active Twitterer on all things doctorates. Speaker at academic conferences and on university campuses. Co-Director of Educational Programs at Beyond the Professoriate.
    I'm a community builder and booster who loves making connections and sharing information. I'm fascinated by myths and other powerful ideas, motivations for change and growth, and transitions of all kinds. I'm an incurable optimist who values inclusiveness, fairness, and honesty.
    In my work, I empower, inspire, and help my clients achieve their goals; celebrate their successes; and promote their value to the world. I do this by working with clients individually and in groups, and in my writing, public speaking, and community engagement on social media.


    Date Comment Rating
    08/21/2019 Jenny completed my first two business strategy tasks, which passed without needing edit. I posted task 3 and she completed within a day and it ALSO passed without needing edits.  Thank you so much!!! I know who to rely on for any business related tasks now.
    08/19/2019 Exceeds all expectations and actually provided a quality paper. 
    08/18/2019 Well written paper and delivered earlier than the due date!!
    08/16/2019 Passed on the first try!! Thank you!! 
    08/15/2019 Completely substandard work. I received zero credit for it. In some places, it looked like random words were just put together. The grammar generally was terrible.
    08/14/2019 Jenny was able to deliver a well written paper with the topics I needed two days before my deadline.
    08/13/2019 Good job on my essay. I received a 106/125. There were a few grammatical errors but overall good writing. Good job at following the required format and citations. 
    08/13/2019 She even helped me after the date I asked for the paper. Great prof.
    08/12/2019 Great work!

    08/11/2019 Awesome work! Completely met my expectations! 
    08/11/2019 Submitted on time, and received an A- on the paper. Under 5% plagiarism as well! Would use again.
    08/11/2019 I originally submitted with the wrong due date. Jenny was able to get it to me with enough time to complete additional work needed for this weeks assignments. 

    08/08/2019 Even after days of editing, this paper is a complete failure. The grammar used would not pass in a high school course, It sounds like google translate. The citations are not even close to APA, the formatting is a mess, and there is wrong information. The only good things to say is that it was finished basically on time.  
    08/07/2019 Really helped me out so much this semester. Got A's on everything.
    I really appreciate all you've done for me! Thank you so much!
    08/06/2019 Quick and very amazing paper!
    08/06/2019 Great work, done in a timely manner. 100% plagiarism free. Definitely would work with Jenny again
    08/04/2019 "Jenny" wrote two papers for me in the last module that were SO good and had such good ideas ( I left 10-star ratings for each), that I funneled ALL my work to her this week. One paper was fine, but hours later than we agreed. The other one (which is a huge percentage of my grade), was more than 5 hours after the agreed time and had nothing to do with the requirements of the paper. It was almost as if the instructions weren't even read. I wrote that this wasn't the assignment and that I couldn't turn it in. Jenny wrote back apologetically that I should hang on while she revised it. The revision came three minutes before the paper was due and changed the original theme of living as an expat in Germany, (which "Jenny" actually had amazing ideas about), to a story about me being a cat murderer in Munich:

    "As an expatriate living in Germany, I was fatigued today. Yesterday I was sick having eaten German food. I sprawled my legs on the chair and took a knife and aim across the cat lying on the table and killed it. For last two months, in Germany, I killed some cats that were abandoned in a hotel without being pressured by gate security. I told the Munich County commissioners on how I thought of gathering the dead cats and placing them on the tables in the hotel."
    I have to laugh even as I'm typing this because it's so unbelievable. I wrote that I had missed the deadline and wouldn't receive credit and that the paper she sent me was ridiculous. She offered one page free on the next paper that I submit for her to do (HA!) and sent a newly revised paper an hour later. What she sent was just words strung together in the form of a paragraph:

    "Living in Germany as an expatriate, I have experienced some unfortunate challenges. Yesterday, I was watching Television at a restaurant, and I encountered uncertain approached by a young German waiter. The difference was by how he addressed m
    08/04/2019 Assignment was well written, but five hours past the agreed time to be done and nearly to late to turn in.
    08/03/2019 Great essay. Quick response
    08/02/2019 The paper was sent back with multiple grammar errors and comments such as, "hard to follow" and "inaccurate content"!
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