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History 177 Business 157 Nursing 151 Healthcare 129 English 120 Psychology 91 Management 90 Sociology 85 Accounting 76 Political Science 76


  • Education

    ICF certification (in progress), Life Coaching, 2013 - 2017

    University of Toronto

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), History, 2004 - 2012
    Activities and Societies: Graduate History Society, Graduate History Symposium, Graduate Education
     Committee (School of Graduate Studies), Graduate Student Search Committee (Transnational/Diaspora

    Carleton University

    Master of Arts (M.A.), History, 2002 - 2004
    Activities and Societies: New University Government, Underhill Colloquium, Centre for Research on
     Canadian–Russian Relations

    Carleton University

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A., honours), European and Russian Studies, 1998 - 2002

    Past Employment


    Academic, career and life coach for graduate students, recent graduates (particularly PhDs), and academics.  Blogger for University Affairs and active Twitterer on all things doctorates. Speaker at academic conferences and on university campuses. Co-Director of Educational Programs at Beyond the Professoriate.
    I'm a community builder and booster who loves making connections and sharing information. I'm fascinated by myths and other powerful ideas, motivations for change and growth, and transitions of all kinds. I'm an incurable optimist who values inclusiveness, fairness, and honesty.
    In my work, I empower, inspire, and help my clients achieve their goals; celebrate their successes; and promote their value to the world. I do this by working with clients individually and in groups, and in my writing, public speaking, and community engagement on social media.


    Date Comment Rating
    03/06/2021 Excellent paper. Completed days before due date. High recommend. 
    03/06/2021 nice job
    03/05/2021 Great writing and research skills. Paper exceeded my expectations!
    02/19/2021 Jenny is great - the essay couldn't be better! Thanks a ton!
    02/18/2021 Paper turned out better than expected. 
    02/10/2021 This paper is my first time using this website.
    This professor did a 1,500-word research paper in the political science field. Work was completed by deadline and professor was responsive. The word count was good, formatting was well done, and flow of writing was solid. The professor neglected to include the main point of the paper, though, which was to speak on a specific theory from the textbook that was provided as the main source of research/info for the paper.
    This was NOT detrimental to my paper, though, as it was still thorough in its research and grammatically superb. This professor also followed the required APA formatting very well and had to find and use 5 additional resources for the paper which were all very good. Overall, would consider using this professor again for the same subject.

    02/09/2021 This paper was GREAT! Thank you so much. You followed the instructions perfectly. Every requirement was met. 
    02/09/2021 Ty 
    02/03/2021 Great Service
    02/02/2021 Always quality work!! Much appreciated! Thank you!
    01/31/2021 Awesome job as always! Met all requirements and timely
    01/29/2021 I dont think it was an A paper. Emailed her a question after I read the project, never got a reply back....waste of $80. ended up doing the project myself
    01/03/2021 Amazing! Excellent paper! Quick turn around!
    12/24/2020 Excellent work! great paper all expectations met. 
    12/22/2020 GREAT!
    12/20/2020 I recieved a 72% on the paper. professor said it was lacking detail and did not fully anwser all the questions. 
    12/20/2020 The work was done well and in a timely manor. The topic was american Literature and Jenny knocked it out of the park. I am very greatful for her hard work. 
    12/18/2020 Extremely proficient in writing, knows their history!
    12/16/2020 Very kind and willing to help. Provided a quick turnaround and complete essay that did not require editing. 
    12/13/2020 The work was not very good, I emailed her about fixing it and making a list of muscle contractions and there wasnt a specific list of what muscles were being used.
    Not a point in doing this, not very happy with the end result. I think anatomy is not her speciality.
    However was very communcative during the process.
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