Oakland University, Rochester, MI
      Ph.D. in Music (Ethnomusicology)
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK 
     Master of Philosophy in Music (Ethnomusicology)
     Master of Arts in Music (Ethnomusicology)
     Bachelor of Arts in British-American Studies

Past Employment

Academic Freelance Writer/ Editor

I was a freelance writer and take pride in my writing. While here I prepared academic papers for clients in need of professional expertise, I also meticulously investigated their topics and provided well-documented, well-researched papers. My prowess lied in Music, Arts, Poetry, Literature, English, and Film studies, but I was able to write on any topic at the professional level and produced top quality writing. I had clients that repeatedly request my services.
I was a freelance writer and prepared academic papers for clients, ranging from Music, Arts, Poetry and English projects to Film Studies and Education. I wrote on any topic and provided well-researched and documented papers that provided the client with an excellent end-product.


I am a professional writer who has published academic papers and various articles and has over fifteen years’ professional experience in writing and editing. It is my combination of training, experience, and drive that allows me to offer you the very best research possible. From basic outlines, edits and research to complete strategies and materials, I have never missed a deadline.
I have helped hundreds of students complete their research projects to a high standard and on time. I can assist you with nearly any Music, Arts, Film, Theatre, English Literature, Journalism, Media Studies, Teaching, Communication, Education, Poetry, and Shakespeare. I continue to refine my knowledge by helping others understand their scholastic challenges. The combination of my education, training, and experience has allowed me to understand and adapt to any professional requirements, giving me a great deal of flexibility.


Date Comment Rating
09/24/2022 Amazing Professor and dedicated to his area of expertise!
09/24/2022 Very quick!!
09/20/2022 Great paper and fast response time!! Will use again in the future.
09/20/2022 Very helpful quick to respond to questions and very thorough work. Thanks!
09/18/2022 Always great work
09/18/2022 Great
09/18/2022 Perfect as always.
09/16/2022 produced what was asked! fast service! saved me a lot of time!
09/15/2022 Promised to have the project ready earlier than the deadline, but eventually it wasnt ready earlier
09/15/2022 the best 
09/12/2022 My paper wasnt due for 2 weeks, however, this professor finished the assignment in 2 days. Clearly stated thesis, and supported the argument throughout the assignment. Couldnt ask for better work.
09/08/2022 A good paper
09/07/2022 Got a 50/100 on my assignment. I had to go back and edit it. I just wasted $130. I could cry.
09/06/2022 Very honest and reliable!
08/30/2022 Fantastic and Timely! An intelligent professor who is amazing to work with!
08/28/2022 This professor is hands down the best on here! Exemplary work... THANK YOU!
08/26/2022 great paper and was done earlier than i expected.
08/23/2022 The best professor out there! Full of knowledge and quick results!
08/23/2022 Great
08/18/2022 A paper & early even!
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