City, University of London
Ph.D. in English Literature, 2016
M.A. in English Literature, 2013
University of Salford
B.A, Creative Writing, 2011
Activities and Societies: Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature, Poetry Finalist (March 2011); University of Salford Fiction Award (April 2011); Proficient in French (both written and spoken); 4 years of experience on the board of editors of University of Salford Literary Review.

Past Employment

Freelance Writer and Editor

Academic Minds

Feb 2015 – Present
I am a freelance writer and take pride in my writing. While I prepare academic papers for clients in need of professional expertise, I also meticulously investigate their topics and provide well-documented, well-researched and flawless papers. My prowess lies in Journalism, Literature, English, Media studies and Business, but I am able to write on any topic at the professional level and produce top quality writing. I have clients that repeatedly request my services.
Freelance Writer and Editor
Ivory Research
Oct 2014 – Dec 2017
I was a freelance writer and prepared academic papers for clients, ranging from Literature and English projects to Media Studies and Linguistics. I can write on any topic and provide well-researched and documented papers that provide the client with an excellent end-product.


I am very versatile and can handle pretty much any project, but my forte is in writing PERSONAL ESSAYS, ADMISSIONS ESSAYS (For both Graduate school and Undergrad) and RECOMMENDATION LETTERS. In these, I WON’T DISAPPOINT!

I am an academic writer, journalist, and editor. Specialties: Academic Writing, Teaching, Creative Writing, Editing, Journalism, Business Writing, Copywriting, Content Creation, and Higher Education Publishing.
My goals continue to be:
  • To provide a distinctive voice in journalism and business writing through breaking news, news analysis and feature writing.
  • To report, write and edit at a level that is a cut above and stands out in the increasingly crowded SEO-driven journalism era.
  • To provide readers with content that creates an intelligent and ongoing dialogue.
  • To continue to learn new subjects, new sectors, develop new sources, and broaden and deepen my understanding of market dynamics.
  • To enhance the work and professional development of my colleagues.
  • To work with colleagues towards the collective goal of providing content that commands respect from readers and peers/competitors, and fosters conversation about important subjects and breaking news events.


Date Comment Rating
04/19/2024 perfect
04/13/2024 perfect
04/08/2024 i got perfect grades 
11/19/2023 The assignment I posted to be completed was comprised of several elements to which none of them were completed fully. I received the "completed" project 48 hours after the requested time/date. Communication was lacking throughout. 

They cited "technical difficulties" for the late submission but that didn't explain why the "completed" project was not finished fully. I started to revise the project myself after receiving it. Perhaps the subject matter of the project was out of their scope. If you're unable to complete a project fully because you're ill equipped to handle it then you should communicate that or don't accept it. 

I had read all of this professor's 1 star reviews and they all cited similar struggles that I encountered. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I ended up receiving a less than satisfactory product. I've utilized this site's services since 2019 and this is the first terrible product I've received. 
10/18/2023 Good 
07/23/2023 poorly written, came back that was alot from a previous paper submitted elsewhere and was two hours late. did not respond to any messages. would not recommend using if you expect a good grade. 
05/10/2023 Awesome. On time. 
03/30/2023 A great help, I highly recommend 
03/23/2023 Excellent work! Will be back for more 
03/18/2023 Was turned in ahead of schedule. Awesome work! 
03/17/2023 This person was super timely and helpful. The paper that was written for me was top notch. I haven't recieved a grade back yet but I'm expecting an A due to the high quality of the work. Thanks Thegeeky!
03/16/2023 This professor delivered an amazing job in such a quick time. I am very pleased with his work. Thank you so much.
03/01/2023 Well done! Very happy with the work I received 
03/01/2023 Got me out of a bind
02/15/2023 Wish I could give neagtive stars. He placed a bid on my assignment, and sent a message saying that I should add more funds to the assignment to compensate for the work being done. I did not see this message until he had accepted the assignment and started, but there was no suggested amount, and once asked about it, he requested an aditional $200 while also asking for more time to complete the assignment. I agreed to more time, and stated that the assignment was due at 2359 that night. At midnight, still no assignment, and when asked about when it would be completed, he responded two hours later saying he "was strapped for time" and "did not know how to proceed" since the OVER DOUBLE his original bid was not added to the project funds. Worst writer I have ever dealt with on this website.

I wrote to you requesting a scope change since the project needed a write-up and data analysis (visualization) and had only paid for the prose. I received your feedback 2 days later and 6 hours before the dateline. I instantly responded and requested commensurate fees, and you wrote back 6 hours later and still glossed over the important details. Given the nature of the work, the timeline, and the sparse communication, I was strapped for time and jumbled, and I still went ahead and delivered the final project document (charts and prose) WITHOUT additional fees. I appreciate your consideration and find your vilifying feedback a poor reflection of my stellar work and effort.
02/13/2023 Awesome!
01/11/2023 Phenomenal job!
12/22/2022 Got what I wanted back to me in the requisite amount of time, with some hours to spare for reviewing and revising. Essay is solid. Some minor grammatical mistakes, but nothing difficult or time-consuming to deal with. Knocked off a star for somewhat concise communication, but otherwise, I'd recommend theGeeky.
12/21/2022 Outstanding work! Excellent! Great work!
12/18/2022 Thanks for the fastest delivery and the loaded content.
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