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English 105 Business 88 Nursing 65 History 60 Political Science 47 Psychology 46 Criminology 42 Sociology 42 Healthcare 41 Management 33


  • Education

    City, University of London
    Ph.D. in English Literature, 2016
    M.A. in English Literature, 2013
    University of Salford
    B.A, Creative Writing, 2011
    Activities and Societies: Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature, Poetry Finalist (March 2011); University of Salford Fiction Award (April 2011); Proficient in French (both written and spoken); 4 years of experience on the board of editors of University of Salford Literary Review.

    Past Employment

    Freelance Writer and Editor

    Academic Minds

    Feb 2015 – Present
    I am a freelance writer and take pride in my writing. While I prepare academic papers for clients in need of professional expertise, I also meticulously investigate their topics and provide well-documented, well-researched and flawless papers. My prowess lies in Journalism, Literature, English, Media studies and Business, but I am able to write on any topic at the professional level and produce top quality writing. I have clients that repeatedly request my services.
    Freelance Writer and Editor
    Ivory Research
    Oct 2014 – Dec 2017
    I was a freelance writer and prepared academic papers for clients, ranging from Literature and English projects to Media Studies and Linguistics. I can write on any topic and provide well-researched and documented papers that provide the client with an excellent end-product.


    I am very versatile and can handle pretty much any project, but my forte is in writing PERSONAL ESSAYS, ADMISSIONS ESSAYS (For both Graduate school and Undergrad) and RECOMMENDATION LETTERS. In these, I WON’T DISAPPOINT!

    I am an academic writer, journalist, and editor. Specialties: Academic Writing, Teaching, Creative Writing, Editing, Journalism, Business Writing, Copywriting, Content Creation, and Higher Education Publishing.
    My goals continue to be:
    • To provide a distinctive voice in journalism and business writing through breaking news, news analysis and feature writing.
    • To report, write and edit at a level that is a cut above and stands out in the increasingly crowded SEO-driven journalism era.
    • To provide readers with content that creates an intelligent and ongoing dialogue.
    • To continue to learn new subjects, new sectors, develop new sources, and broaden and deepen my understanding of market dynamics.
    • To enhance the work and professional development of my colleagues.
    • To work with colleagues towards the collective goal of providing content that commands respect from readers and peers/competitors, and fosters conversation about important subjects and breaking news events.


    Date Comment Rating
    11/10/2019 Much of it was not on the topic and reiterating the story.
    11/07/2019 Thank you, it really hellp me a lot
    11/05/2019 Essay had some obvious spelling and grammar errors, incomplete sentences and run-on sentences
    11/03/2019 Amazing work!!!
    10/31/2019 great!
    10/28/2019 69 out of 70
    10/28/2019 44.325 out of 45
    10/27/2019 awesome
    10/23/2019 85.80 out of 100
    10/23/2019 68.95 out of 70
    10/23/2019 43.605 out of 45
    10/23/2019 42.795 out of 45
    10/22/2019 My go-to professor now for nearly two years!!! Consistently delivers the highest quality work compared to the various other professors I have tried in the past (:
    10/22/2019 No matter the topic, this professor has nailed every single one of my assignments to get me that A+  soooo thankful for the hard work and effort this professor delivers time and time again!! 
    10/18/2019 He molded sand into a beautiful castle. 
    10/17/2019 great stuff. completed early. no hassle! 
    10/15/2019 my project had four questions to be answered, and he/she only answered three of them. I had specific guidelines for how many pages to do for each portion. This was followed for the first question and ignored for the rest. The first question was a summary of an article, and the writing in it seemed overall just not great quality. The rest was good, though. He/she also followed the overall word count instead of pages, which didn't make sense given my project description. All issues were fixed once I messaged him/her. Have not received a grade back yet.
    10/14/2019 43 out of 45
    10/14/2019 Good work
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