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  • Education

    City, University of London
    Ph.D. in English Literature, 2016
    M.A. in English Literature, 2013
    University of Salford
    B.A, Creative Writing, 2011
    Activities and Societies: Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature, Poetry Finalist (March 2011); University of Salford Fiction Award (April 2011); Proficient in French (both written and spoken); 4 years of experience on the board of editors of University of Salford Literary Review.

    Past Employment

    Freelance Writer and Editor

    Academic Minds

    Feb 2015 – Present
    I am a freelance writer and take pride in my writing. While I prepare academic papers for clients in need of professional expertise, I also meticulously investigate their topics and provide well-documented, well-researched and flawless papers. My prowess lies in Journalism, Literature, English, Media studies and Business, but I am able to write on any topic at the professional level and produce top quality writing. I have clients that repeatedly request my services.
    Freelance Writer and Editor
    Ivory Research
    Oct 2014 – Dec 2017
    I was a freelance writer and prepared academic papers for clients, ranging from Literature and English projects to Media Studies and Linguistics. I can write on any topic and provide well-researched and documented papers that provide the client with an excellent end-product.


    I am very versatile and can handle pretty much any project, but my forte is in writing PERSONAL ESSAYS, ADMISSIONS ESSAYS (For both Graduate school and Undergrad) and RECOMMENDATION LETTERS. In these, I WON’T DISAPPOINT!

    I am an academic writer, journalist, and editor. Specialties: Academic Writing, Teaching, Creative Writing, Editing, Journalism, Business Writing, Copywriting, Content Creation, and Higher Education Publishing.
    My goals continue to be:
    • To provide a distinctive voice in journalism and business writing through breaking news, news analysis and feature writing.
    • To report, write and edit at a level that is a cut above and stands out in the increasingly crowded SEO-driven journalism era.
    • To provide readers with content that creates an intelligent and ongoing dialogue.
    • To continue to learn new subjects, new sectors, develop new sources, and broaden and deepen my understanding of market dynamics.
    • To enhance the work and professional development of my colleagues.
    • To work with colleagues towards the collective goal of providing content that commands respect from readers and peers/competitors, and fosters conversation about important subjects and breaking news events.


    Date Comment Rating
    07/14/2019 This professor has saved me so many times and always goes above and beyond to deliver!!! A+++
    07/14/2019 Patient care plan from case sceniario was out of this world!!! Was very well written and connected the diagnosis, pathophysiology of diagnosis, medications, surgical history, social history, and developmental stage so smoothly! And topped the paper all off with great patient discharge teaching and referrals! My teacher was very impressed!! A+
    07/12/2019 excellent paper delivered on time.

    07/12/2019 Nothing but A++ grades and positive feedback and praise from teachers since I have been working with this professor!!! Such a life saver!!! 
    07/09/2019 Hands down best prof!! 
    07/09/2019 Got such amazing feedback from my teacher after having this professor help me with my assignment !! Forever greatful! 
    07/05/2019 My A+++  go-to professor always! 
    07/04/2019 great work
    07/04/2019 96.75/100 A
    07/02/2019 Favorite professor!!! A+ yet again!
    06/25/2019 Another A+ assignment!! Great paper!
    06/22/2019 Great Discussion Post!
    06/22/2019 97/100
    06/22/2019 A+
    06/18/2019 Decent writer, however he/she is not like the other professor i've used. The other one's would usually go above and beyond with the paper (higher word count, add sources, etc.)
    Nontheless I did recieve a good grade witht this professor.
    06/13/2019 Excellent Case Study!
    06/12/2019 In the past year, this professor has helped me with countless assignments, and each assignment has recieved an A grade! The consistency and hard work you will get by having this professor help you with your assignments is worth everything, and the grades you will recieve will prove it! Best professor on this site, hands down!! 
    06/12/2019 You did an awesome job on the assignment.  I received an A+ on the paper!!!
    06/10/2019 Thank you!
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