Ph.D., Management, an Ivy League Business School in New York, 2018.
MA, Fine Arts, an Ivy League University in Massachusetts, 2013.
BA Honours, Political Science, Minor in Communications graduated Magna Cum laude, 2010
B.S. Chemistry, Minor in Biology and Biochemistry, Magna Cum laude, 2003


Past Employment

Tutor at Chegg-4 years, Teaching Assistant (Ivy League school)-3 years, freelance academic writer at Research Prospect, BioScience Writers and Enago 5 years (combined experience).


I am a multi-published writer with distinguished intellectual capabilities. Privileged to have generated content for a wide range of publications and markets, including assisting students to complete their essay assignments. Whether it is writing an article, basic copy editing, or full manuscript development, I cherish the challenges and rewards brought on by the writing process.
As a former Teaching Assistant, I am especially well equipped to write different kinds of academic papers including, dissertations, essays and research papers in Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Business, and Nursing and Physical Sciences. My Ph.D. dissertation was published as a book, while my MA thesis won The Eric Hoffer Award.
Nothing is more fulfilling than helping students write winning papers, whether it is a coursework assignment, capstone project, or homework essay, I thrive on using my experience and skills to generate papers that meet clients’ academic objectives. Most of my clients are college and university students of different academic levels.


Date Comment Rating
02/07/2024 Did a good job in with a very short deadline
02/02/2024 good job thank you
11/28/2023 Excellent and timely delivery. And was open to make the necessary changes as requested. Great experience.
11/18/2023 All directions provided. Initial submission of the project landed me a 70%. I provided feedback, directly from the professor, for the changes that needed to be made. Submitted that and came up not even half a percent. I provided again, professor direct, feedback - with screenshots - and came up to a 72% on final submission/grading. Disappointing to say the least. 

You agreed that all work was correct and it was clear from the Summations which matched precisely was in the instructions file. You indicated that the system was looking for a function not in the excel file. System design was the issue but not the work...we both agreed on that.
11/04/2023 great paper got full credit 
10/31/2023 Very good! Very timely efficient! I really appreciate your help! They're very friendly and involved in the proccess, it made me feel at ease whenever i consult them to check how the project was going. 
10/15/2023 Despite some difficulties with getting information in regards to the assignment. The professor handled it very well and I am happy with the results. Highly recommend.
10/04/2023 Finished work on time and worked extremely fast to get my work done. 100% recommend. 
06/22/2023 Great Work! Professor S always delivers high quality material!
06/01/2023 Essay and Power-Point presentation looked amazing all of the instructions we're followed. I would work with this professor again.
05/30/2023 As usual, great work! Covered all of the requirements according to the scoring guide, well written, and personalized where needed. Thank you again!!
04/30/2023 The assignment was completed in a timely fashion and was very well done. I am definitely happy with the process and outcome.
04/22/2023 Very well written and professional 
04/21/2023 Solid work! Highly Recommend!
Thank you!
04/21/2023 Highly Recommend
04/21/2023 Always solid. Thank you so very much!
Highly recommend!
04/21/2023 Done on time & professional 
04/18/2023 Statistics is foriegn to me. I posted my assignment with ample amount of time to be completed and professor had it done before due date even with last minute updates. What a delight! Thank you! yes
04/15/2023 My project was dealt with very quick! Worth while investment.
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