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    1 PhD, MBA ,3 Bachelor's Degree

    Past Employment

    In have worked in various writing agencies and excelled very well  in different  disciplines such as Accounting, Architecture, Building and Planning, Chemistry, Computer science, Finance, Marketing, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Statistics, IT, Web, Biology (and other Life Sciences), Criminal law, English 101, Civil Engineering, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Human Resources Management (HRM)


    I am a versatile professor  who has acquired a cross-sectional excellence in various disciplines.


    Date Comment Rating
    03/06/2021 Great job!
    03/06/2021 Initially was missing a source, and no in text citations were added. It seemed to repeat a lot of the same information throughout the paper. It also was laid out the exact same phrasing for 3 comparative paragraphs. I had to do probably 2 hours of editing to fix certain things as well as having to add a proper conclusion.
    03/06/2021 ALWAYS reliable, my go-to person. Projects completed most instances before the requested date and time and always quality work. 
    03/06/2021 Ty so very much 
    03/05/2021 amazing as always
    03/05/2021 great job 
    03/05/2021 Always ahead of schedule and captures all requirements. 
    03/05/2021 I got 11.16/12. I am very happy, and he/she sent it before the due date. 
    03/03/2021 Got an 83. Quickly delivered though, no plagiarism, met required length. 
    03/03/2021 Great Paper like always. Will always use this guy..
    03/03/2021 I got a low score even after I asked to edit but he is still a good reliable writer..It just sucks I got a low score
    03/02/2021 Awesome! Gave me my essay a day beforehand. 
    03/02/2021 Efficient and timely return of product
    03/02/2021 You've done an excellent job! Definitely, your work is way better than I expected.
    03/01/2021 Absolutely amazing work and very fast and efficient too. The paper was well written and I will definitely be working with him again.
    03/01/2021 I received a better than I expected.  That was excellent!
    03/01/2021 Subject wasn't adressed properly, not even the maximum word count was reached.
    03/01/2021 Not willing to edit my assignment. Poor customer service. 
    02/28/2021 Great Job!
    02/28/2021 The professor wrote a great paper. It was returned to me a few hours before my deadline. Thank you!
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