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  • Education

    University of California, San Diego, Ph.D. with distinction in Political Science, 2014
    - Committee: Edmund Malesky (chair), Claire Adida, Karen Ferree, Stephan Haggard, Phil Roeder
    Swansea University, MA, Computer Science, 2008.
    University of Surrey, BA, Computing and Information Technology, highest departmental honors, 2001.

    Past Employment

    Teaching Experience
    Graduate (MA) level:
    - Measurement and Data Analysis for Policy, MPPGA, UBC, 2017 & 2018
    - Research Design and Quantitative Methods, Yangon University of Economics, 2017 & 2018
    - Data Structure and Algorithm, MPPGA, UBC, 2016 (with Yves Tiberghien)
    - Quantitative Analysis for Policy, MPPGA, UBC, 2015 (with Cesi Cruz)
    - Policy Making Process, IAR, UBC, 2015
    - Political Economy of Southeast Asia, IRPS, UCSD, 2013 & 2014 (with Paul Schuler)

    Undergraduate (BA) level:
    - Data Structures and Algorithm, UBC, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
    - Discrete Mathematics, UCSD, 2012 (with Paul Schuler)
    - Development Studies and Ethics, UCSD, 2012
    - Politics of Multiculturalism, UCSD, 2012

    Professional Appointment
     -2014 – 2016 Director, Centre for Southeast Asia Research (CSEAR)
    - 2018 – Associate Editor (Southeast Asia), Pacific Affairs


    I am a writer and editor with 18 years of experience editing for books, magazines, academic journals, and other publications. Therefore, I am interested in all aspects of technical writing, quantitative analysis, data science, and statistics. Additionally, I can tackle all other academic writings such as research papers, essays, term papers, critical reviews, summaries, reading responses, project and research proposals, Argumentative essays, among others (the list is endless).
    Book Reviews
    Hard Choices: Challenging the Singapore Consensus, by Donald Low and Sudhir Vadaketh (eds) – in the Journal of
    East Asian Studies, 2016.
    - Political Change in Southeast Asia, by Jacques Bertrand – in Journal of East Asian Studies, 2015.
    - Southeast Asia in the New International Era, by Dayley, R. and Neher, C. – in Journal of East Asian Studies,
    Working Papers
    “When the Whole Menu is Not Enough: Electoral Manipulation, Malpractice, and Turnover in
    - “Electoral boundaries in Malaysia’s 2018 Election: Malapportionment, Gerrymandering, and UMNO’s


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