1 PhD, MBA ,3 Bachelor's Degree

Past Employment

In have worked in various writing agencies and excelled very well  in different  disciplines such as Accounting, Architecture, Building and Planning, Chemistry, Computer science, Finance, Marketing, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Statistics, IT, Web, Biology (and other Life Sciences), Criminal law, English 101, Civil Engineering, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Human Resources Management (HRM)


I am a versatile professor  who has acquired a cross-sectional excellence in various disciplines.


Date Comment Rating
01/20/2022 Exceptional! Highly recommend!
01/20/2022 A+
01/20/2022 Fantastic work! Followed the rubric that I provided. Thank you SO much.
01/19/2022 Excellent work ??
01/19/2022 Excellent work ??
01/19/2022 great job. Very timely, very reliable
01/18/2022 Great work and very flexible
01/17/2022 Got it done before the deadline answered all my questions and a was life saver !!!
01/15/2022 Fast with good results!
01/13/2022 Wow wow wow! This professor finished the paper in a matter of HOURS(?)... maybe less, and it was flowy, and easy to read. Absolutely perfect! I have not been graded on it yet, but it is sure to receive a very high grade, for sure. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my professor believes I wrote it, because of how extensive some of the vocabulary in the paper was. I will be hiring this professor again for this multi-series project. Thanks a bunch!
01/13/2022 On point. Very professional
01/13/2022 Use no other professor cause they get it done. Their communication is impeccable and the papers produced are excellent.
01/13/2022 This Prof gets it done. Great communication, easy to work with for edits that are requested from the class instructor. Only use this professor.
01/12/2022 Great work. Very organized and delivered on time.
01/12/2022 Top professor knows his stuff! Thank You a million times.
01/12/2022 Right on time! My go to professor very patient
01/12/2022 Always on time, Knows just what to do my go to professor
01/12/2022 I cant thank this Professor enough always comes through
01/12/2022 Top Professor always on time and very acknowledgeable My go to professor for help in my studies.
01/12/2022 Top Professor always on time and very acknowledgeable My go to professor for help in my studies.
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