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Business 157 English 87 Psychology 84 Healthcare 76 Management 70 Accounting 67 History 65 Nursing 61 Political Science 60 IT Management 53


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    1 PhD, MBA ,3 Bachelor's Degree

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    In have worked in various writing agencies and excelled very well  in different  disciplines such as Accounting, Architecture, Building and Planning, Chemistry, Computer science, Finance, Marketing, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Statistics, IT, Web, Biology (and other Life Sciences), Criminal law, English 101, Civil Engineering, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Human Resources Management (HRM)


    I am a versatile professor  who has acquired a cross-sectional excellence in various disciplines.


    Date Comment Rating
    11/14/2019 finsished ahead of schedule and was in touch throughout the process!!!
    11/13/2019 As always this professor provided a well written paper in a timely manner. The paper contained all of the required material and he went above and beyond to ensure I had a product I would be happy with.  I have worked with several professors on this website, I always select him if he bids. If this professor bids on your paper select him, you will not be disappointed.

    11/13/2019 Great!
    11/13/2019 Great job in a timely manner!
    11/13/2019 Gave the professor 2 weeks to write my 9 page paper, but he got it back to me in less than 4 days. Paper was great with no revisions needed by the professor. looking forward to using this prof for my future papers.
    11/13/2019 Timely and very good delivery of the needed points. Thank you!
    11/12/2019 Great paper, finished early and even revised some stuff I asked for. Thanks!!
    11/12/2019 I needed a project done at the last min, my expectations were exceeded. I received an A. 
    11/10/2019 Good work
    11/10/2019 I know that the editor had made efforts to complete the task. However, I have to say the result is dissatisfying.
    The editor should not accept the tasks that they are actually not good at, such as recommendation letter in chemistry!

    11/10/2019 Very helpful and easy to communicate! very good work !
    11/10/2019 Excellent!
    11/08/2019 Excellent
    11/08/2019 Professor finished my project in a timely manor, however I received a poor grade on it.  I'm not sure why because the paper seemed great to me! :/ 
    11/08/2019 Very fast turnaround!
    11/06/2019 Excellent paper in a timely fashion... Thank you!
    11/04/2019 Super minor mistakes, loved it!
    Minor changes needed, overall did a wonderful job on my Business Capstone.  The paper even scored exemplery on several areas.
    Thank you!
    11/04/2019 Great quality. The papers I receive from this Prof are always high end. Thanks again!
    11/03/2019 Awesome 
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