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  • Education

    PhD (University of Melbourne)
    Masters's Degree (St. Johns College, US)

    Past Employment

    Full-time, freelance writing and editing for health, nonprofit, and academic clients, including major publishers and university presses.
    Assistant Editor Harvard Health Publications, Boston
    Edited scientific papers for grammar, syntax, clarity, and conformance to the Chicago Manual of Style for The Astrophysical Journal, an academic journal of astrophysics.
    Assistant Editor High Mountain Press, Santa Fe


    With many years of understanding scholarly research trends, I have gained much experience especially in the fields of social sciences, health related disciplines, Literature, Accounting and Finance.
    I am time conscious when it comes to delivery of completed projects. Timely delivery gives my clients time to go through the assignments and in case of any needed adjustments, the changes will be done on time.
     I enjoy working in an exciting environment as I embrace positivity. All my papers go through copyscape and turnitin before submission to ensure originality even though I write my papers from scratch. 
    I have enormous experience in both academic and business editing and writing through my practical experience in writing for all levels of academic spectrum.
    My areas of specialization include;

    -Political Science
    -International Relations





    Communication is key in this line of work because it ensures that a lot of misunderstandings are avoided. I respond to messages immediately received. 


    Date Comment Rating
    03/17/2019 Nice job - thanks!
    03/14/2019 Lots of grammatical errors and sentence continuations. It's taking me some time to skim through the essay, eliminate repetitve words, and make sure the essay flows correctly.
    03/14/2019 William did a great job when I needed help the most!
    03/14/2019 Excellent paper. very professional 
    03/13/2019 5 page paper under 24 hours. CLUTCH AF!!! 
    03/12/2019 Caters to your criteria and great with communication! 
    03/11/2019 Great work thank you!
    03/07/2019 William is great with communication. This is my second time hiring him for an assignment. He made changes when I asked and was a me to deliver exactly what I wanted. William, thank you again!!! 
    03/05/2019 Great essay, but he did not follow the prompt for exact quotes needed!
    03/05/2019 Excellent project
    03/04/2019 Definitely grateful that I got to avoid typing 7 pages worth of research. Unfortunately, editing 7 pages worth of research still sits in my lap. While carefully reading the essay, it seems as though many words are excessive. For example, adding lots of "therefore"s, "and"s, and overall filler sentences. His writing is very broad for such a defined research essay. If this essay REALLY counts, I'd say just write it yourself. But this is what is hopefully my last english class and I quite frankly could care less. Definitely wasn't $175 worth of writing, more like $130. But if you make it so the essay is due a couple days before you actually have to turn it in, you will have enough time to edit and get a good grade. :)
    03/04/2019 this foo saved my ass straight out aint no way ima be staying up late and researching about philosophy when I'm an econ major fuck that but he really did a fantastic job I was sketchy when i went to go deposit my money into my debit crad but was calmed down at the notion that the money was held in escrow so fucking mega W i got assurance he was going to do. Deadass it looked like he was the teacher
    02/28/2019 Excellent work. Will definitely use again. 
    02/27/2019 Great job! Thank you so much! 
    02/27/2019 great essay in a short time frame
    02/27/2019 Fantastic!
    02/26/2019 Very reasonable prices, excellent work, cares about the client and uploads paper in time. I will use him whatever chance I get in the future. 
    02/22/2019 Delivered as promised!  Thank you!
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