PhD (University of Melbourne)
Masters's Degree (St. Johns College, US)

Past Employment

Full-time, freelance writing and editing for health, nonprofit, and academic clients, including major publishers and university presses.
Assistant Editor Harvard Health Publications, Boston
Edited scientific papers for grammar, syntax, clarity, and conformance to the Chicago Manual of Style for The Astrophysical Journal, an academic journal of astrophysics.
Assistant Editor High Mountain Press, Santa Fe


With many years of understanding scholarly research trends, I have gained much experience especially in the fields of social sciences, health related disciplines, Literature, Accounting and Finance.
I am time conscious when it comes to delivery of completed projects. Timely delivery gives my clients time to go through the assignments and in case of any needed adjustments, the changes will be done on time.
 I enjoy working in an exciting environment as I embrace positivity. All my papers go through copyscape and turnitin before submission to ensure originality even though I write my papers from scratch. 
I have enormous experience in both academic and business editing and writing through my practical experience in writing for all levels of academic spectrum.
My areas of specialization include;

-Political Science
-International Relations





Communication is key in this line of work because it ensures that a lot of misunderstandings are avoided. I respond to messages immediately received. 


Date Comment Rating
12/21/2021 100% Assignment
12/18/2021 Amazing work every time!!
12/16/2021 Absolutely excellent, good communication, great paper.
12/12/2021 Great job! Revised it too 
12/09/2021 Perfect!!
12/08/2021 Great work, thank you.
12/07/2021 WilliamsM was awesome to work with and completed everything like he said he would. Also recieved an A.
12/04/2021 Great work, 10/10 recommend!!!!!!!
12/02/2021 Amazing work, replies to messages faster than any other professor. Makes revisions without hesitation and exceeded my expectations by far. If any one rates him lower than 100%, they most likely were impatient, or way to confusing for the professor.
11/29/2021 Always provides great work and great communication!
11/24/2021 On time work and great writing 
11/22/2021 Project was plagerized resulting in a warning from insturctor. I've used this platform several times. I suggest going with Garkee instead. 
11/20/2021 Professor went above and beyond with this project as well as completing it before the deadline with fast and friendly communication. Third time using this website and this is by far the best professor I've come across on the website. I highly recommend this professor to anyone looking to get work done.
11/19/2021 My assignment was done faster than requested which is a bonous, it was also very neatly organized. The professor was very response to any messages I had. They provided me with A+ work! 
11/09/2021 Very well written, nailed it on the spot after a couple of revisions
11/08/2021 Great work, thank you.
11/02/2021 100%
10/29/2021 great job on the resume, thank you
10/26/2021 Great work and delivered in a timely manner.
10/23/2021 Amazing PowerPoint presentation put together in a timely manner! Will definitely come back for any assurance in the future!
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