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    A professional writer and educator, between 2007 and 2015 I carried out postgraduate work at the University of Glasgow. My research explored critical discourses of labour to understand class and gender in representations of work in contemporary novels. 


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    05/20/2019 I would def recommend!
    05/16/2019 The essay was delivered five hours before the agreed time and the teacher has followed all the instructions I gave him. There are some spelling mistakes but the rest is fine. Thank you very much.
    05/14/2019 excellent
    05/14/2019 Great essay did a really good job
    05/13/2019 With barely any time on deadline this was completed to perfection. Fantastic work I’ll be recommending this to everyone.
    05/11/2019 essay followed the guidelines perfectly and was well written. Only issue was that it was submitted a few hours late. However, would use this professor again!
    05/10/2019 Got the work back on time and wrote a great report
    05/08/2019 He finished the project well before the deadline (which was good because I needed to do a lot of editing to make this readable - it sounded like he just used an automated paraphrase tool to replace words rather than coherently summarize the scientific articles)
    05/08/2019 I gave a deadline and the paper was finished before my deadline. 
    05/08/2019 He did a great job for an almost impossible professor, was constantly within reach, and always met the deadline I needed I would only recommend using him for you work.
    05/08/2019 You did such an awesome job on my paper.  I received an A+.  Thank you!!!
    05/06/2019 timely and well written
    05/03/2019 Did great work within a small time window for a reasonable price
    05/03/2019 Did great work within a small time window for a reasonable price
    05/02/2019 Fantastic work. A lot of people on here are obviously foriegn boiler rooms pumping out papers, but this guy writes clearly and tactfully. Very well done, would use again and highly recommend. 
    05/02/2019 Awesome!!
    05/01/2019 Awesome work!! 
    05/01/2019 Received an 86, which I am happy with. Thank you.
    04/30/2019 Completed the project on time with specific requirements I had given them. I would seek the help of this professor again. 
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