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    I am a professional writer and tutor, with more than a decade of experience. I am well vast in Political Science, Business and Management, English, History, Philosophy, Criminology, Communication and Healthcare. My career spans over 12 years in diverse disciplines, and this reflects in my final product. My mission is to provide you with the highest-quality projects and services possible in a timely fashion. 


    Date Comment Rating
    10/15/2021 Always comes through. Deff recommended this prof!
    10/14/2021 dude your awesome , thank you so mcuh 
    10/10/2021 Great work Thank you!

    10/07/2021 Seriously the best! I have used Politicman over and over again and I have yet to be disapointed! An absoulte lifesaver with how busy I am!
    10/06/2021 wrote a pretty intense piece, seemed like a lot of personal opinion was interjected
    10/05/2021 He was fast and really helpful, also receptive and never complained about my corrections. Thankswill def use him again
    10/05/2021 Did a great job
    10/04/2021 Was coompleted quickly and quality was high. Mark was 22/30 so pleased with the result 
    10/04/2021 AMAZING
    09/29/2021 Did exactly what was asked, great job.
    09/28/2021 Great writing.
    09/28/2021 Great paper!
    09/25/2021 A+ paper provided. Will use the professor again.
    09/22/2021 Thank you so much, its absolutely perfect :)
    09/21/2021 Thank You!
    09/16/2021 Simply Awesome! 
    09/12/2021 The only one i trust with my work. Outstanding communication and on time. I have used mutiple times and will continue to use. 
    09/09/2021 Awesome Professor. Followed the instructions provided. Paper was well above my expectations.  Highly recommended!
    09/08/2021 My professor gave me an 105.50/150 on the paper so I wasn't pleased with the paper.
    09/06/2021 Great
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