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I am a professional writer and tutor, with more than a decade of experience. I am well vast in Political Science, Business and Management, English, History, Philosophy, Criminology, Communication and Healthcare. My career spans over 12 years in diverse disciplines, and this reflects in my final product. My mission is to provide you with the highest-quality projects and services possible in a timely fashion. 


Date Comment Rating
05/11/2024 They got the work done early and exceeded all expectations 
05/05/2024 Took on assignment and completely before deadline. Thank you. 
12/03/2023 Great work! I appreciated the fact the final product was sent to me directly vs submitted. Highly recommended 
11/14/2023 Always great. 
10/28/2023 Not delivered on time. 
10/27/2023 Always a pleasure working with this professor. Consistent "A" work. 
10/02/2023 yes
10/02/2023 They finished my project 2 weeks early. Amazing!
10/02/2023 10 STARS!**********
10/02/2023 You never have to worry when politicsman is working on your projects.
09/29/2023 solution met all required criteria on rubric. will def use this professor again. 
09/29/2023 Politicsman is very reliable. Quality is great and completed on time or ahead of due date. 
09/29/2023 Received my project ahead of schedule. No revisions necessary. 
09/17/2023 Outstanding!!!!!
09/17/2023 Outstanding!!!!!!
09/03/2023 Just plain awesome work!
08/28/2023 great work
08/06/2023 Fast turn around and very well written
06/09/2023 Fantastic. Clearly ready the instructions and provides excellent work at a high standard.
05/09/2023 The best professor for any political science writing! 
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