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    I am a professional writer and tutor, with more than a decade of experience. I am well vast in Political Science, Business and Management, English, History, Philosophy, Criminology, Communication and Healthcare. My career spans over 12 years in diverse disciplines, and this reflects in my final product. My mission is to provide you with the highest-quality projects and services possible in a timely fashion. 


    Date Comment Rating
    07/13/2019 Great work and done on time!
    07/13/2019 Decent job.
    07/12/2019 Got it in on time and did great work. Completed everything I needed. 
    07/11/2019 Thank you!
    07/11/2019 Exactly what I needed! 
    07/10/2019 Did an excellent job, on time before deadline, and loved that they communicated with me through out the process! LIFE SAVER!
    07/10/2019 Great paper turned in timely, and more than the minimum required!
    07/10/2019 Timely and great essay! Wrote more than the minimum required!
    07/07/2019 Responsive to messages. Polite. On time. 
    07/07/2019 Excellent work! Timely and effective paper.
    07/07/2019 Fast and helpful. Thank you!
    07/06/2019 Did an awesome job. Gave him the timeframe and he had it done with plenty of time to review and submit. Followed the specific instructions. Would use again!
    07/04/2019 Great work - thanks
    07/03/2019 I was a bti skeptical of this site but wow did they pull through. This professor whipped out a decent essay on a very specific topic and addressed everything I requested. Missing one star as I did recieve the project close to the last minute. Overall very happy. Thank you!

    07/02/2019 Did not follow the instructions even after asking revisons - asked to remove first person references and only corrected one paragraph.  Very reduntant and dull filler writing - a good chunk of the essay was filler in the form of hollow enthusiasm despite the instructions attatched specifically not to do this. I would not reccommnend.

    It is unfortunate that you could go ahead and leave me such a rating when the only areas I used the first person were in response to, "What features of this website will be most helpful to you as a student and as a citizen?" How was I supposed to address that using the third person. These were your own instructions, and all I did was follow them.
    07/01/2019 excellent essay!!!
    07/01/2019 Essay was given with full instructions, yet the instruions werent followed.
    06/30/2019 In fairness to the professor it was difficult topic but, I had to do some serious editing that took awhile. 
    06/29/2019 Thanks!
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