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  • Education

    Ph.D.Johns Hopkins University
    M. A.  Johns Hopkins University
    B.A. (cum laude) - Columbia College, Columbia University
    B.A. University of Salford

    Past Employment

    I have also being a freelance writer and editor for profound companies like Ultius, academic minds and Ivory research just to name a few.

    I have been head of the Quality Department of most editorial companies for more than five years.


    Thank you for stopping by. As a doctorate holder, I guarantee to create high quality, deeply researched, and original A+ papers. Over the years I have gained experence in various specializations in other subject fields. I am an experienced professor, and I understand all the basics that teachers want to see in a student’s paper.

    High school assignments, college papers, the term paper in grad school, and that determinant doctorate project that you want done, I am the expert that you want to talk to.
    With me, you can rest assured of: -
    • 1.Timely deliveries (I am very keen on deadlines). I will deliver before the deadline to give you adequate time to review and recommend any needed changes
    • 2. Perfection (no grammar issues, spelling and punctuation errors)
    • 3.Constant communication and prompt responses

    Versatility (I cover several fields of study) like Computer Science, IT/web, Sociology, Engineering, History, Law, English, Application essay, Chemistry, Business, Accounting, Finance, Biology, Nursing, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Human Resource Management, Resumes.

    Academic writing is the science and art of clearly conveying complex ideas. Let me help you do that!

    NOTE: I have access to several academic resources from reputable databases and libraries.
    I am your one time professor for every project you have.

    1 page=225 words(double spaced)
    Let me crash your essays to get the best grades.


    Date Comment Rating
    07/26/2021 Received an 100-A on accounting excel spreadsheet. 
    07/20/2021 Excellent
    07/18/2021 Liz dilivered exactly what I needed in the time frame I gave.
    07/11/2021 Great as always. 
    07/02/2021 Have used this profrssor 13 times and counting. Consistant A+ work. 
    06/30/2021 Very good!
    06/27/2021 Excellent work
    06/26/2021 Excellent
    06/24/2021 Did great work
    06/21/2021 Good work
    06/15/2021 I am extremely pleased with the results of the final paper. It was sent to me well in advance so I could review and ask questions if I had them. I will definitely be using the professor again. She was also willing to answer my questions before the paper was done when I asked for an update. Super impressed with the service. HIGHLY RECOMMNEDED.


    06/06/2021 Has been a great help, very professional. 
    06/05/2021 I would first like to say that I don't think Liz is who she claims to be. But please read this whole review because I might be wrong, and you might not care as long as you’re getting what you expect. I did end up using some of the content. But here is the full version of my thoughts and experience:

    Liz has years and years of education that comes from American universities. She is a doctorate holder among many other credentials. This is largely why I chose her. The assignment was returned to me on the exact deadline, 9 pages double spaced 12 pt. font as requested. But in just the first two paragraphs there were missing words, typos, and run-on sentences. I didn’t continue reading at that point because it was already deficient. It didn’t meet my expectations for a platinum level prof, a doctorate holder, or what was advertised in the bid. More troublesome was that I found a deleted comment embedded in the word doc that had another author's name. Although neither the lack of quality and the wrong author’s name are not proof that Liz isn’t who she claims to be, the combined evidence had me leaning towards that assumption. 
    After contacting Liz with a request for her to review her work and make the obvious corrections, I received a message from her that made me feel that she wasn’t the mature, educated, put-together woman I thought she would be from her bio. She replied with a ramble of information about needing the work, worried about getting fired, having her laptop not work, and having to borrow a friend’s computer. And all this might be true, but I suppose my expectations (which might be high) are that someone who has so many degrees, has spent most of their life in school, and is a successful writer at least on this platform…. would be able to hand in an assignment free from most (not all) defects and wouldn’t have themselves in a situation where they need to panic and sea

    Hello, I had a situation, which I explained, and amended your paper. You admitted the paper was okay, but still went on to demand a discount even after selecting my bid. The amended paper was as per the task's initial requirements, you got a refund, but still are not satisfied. It's well. We keep on standing, hoping for better days ahead. The very best in your endeavors.
    06/04/2021 Professor Liz did a gret job on my paper and was right on time with delivery of the paper. They were easy to contact and very accepting to the changes i made and was able to work on a short notice and deadline. 
    05/28/2021 gotta love liz! 
    05/21/2021 Liz did an amazing job on my research paper. 100% originality and just in time for the date requested. I highly recommend her, will definitely be requesting for her in the future!
    05/19/2021 great communication. good end result
    05/15/2021 This assignment was completed quickly and the complex directions were followed very well. I will use the prof again. Thanks
    05/13/2021 The work is done in a very structured manner and everything is scheduled. Im really happy with the result
    05/10/2021 My go to professor. Honestly wouldnt use anyone else. 
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