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  • Education

    B.S. 2010  Marlboro College, Thesis:  Photovoltaic cells and solar energy

    PhD 2017  Clark University, Dissertation:  Characterization of Local Structures in Dion-Jacobson Niobates Using Solid-State NMR and the Rapid Microwave-Assisted Exfoliation of their Alcohol-Grafted Derivatives

    Past Employment

    2017-2018   Assistant Professor, Paul Smith's College, Paul Smith's NY
         Courses:  General Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

    2016-2017  Instructor, Clark University, Worcester MA
         Courses:  Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory

    2010-2016  Teaching Assistant, Clark University, Worcester MA
         Courses:  Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry for Non-Science Majors, Forensic Science, Analytical Chemistry


    All around chemistry ninja ready to help you overcome all your chemistry obstacles.  I'm like Walter White, but without the meth.


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