B.S. 2010  Marlboro College, Thesis:  Photovoltaic cells and solar energy

PhD 2017  Clark University, Dissertation:  Characterization of Local Structures in Dion-Jacobson Niobates
Using Solid-State NMR and the Rapid Microwave-Assisted Exfoliation of their Alcohol-Grafted Derivatives

Past Employment

2017-2018   Assistant Professor, Paul Smith's College, Paul Smith's NY
     Courses:  General Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

2016-2017  Instructor, Clark University, Worcester MA
     Courses:  Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory

2010-2016  Teaching Assistant, Clark University, Worcester MA
     Courses:  Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry for Non-Science Majors, Forensic Science, Analytical Chemistry


All around chemistry ninja ready to help you overcome all your chemistry obstacles.  I'm like Walter White, but without the meth.


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01/19/2022 Very professional and eager to get the job done.
01/13/2022 Provided a great paper in a timely fashion.
01/07/2022 Such an amazing paper. And so understanding and on time.
12/19/2021 My paper was late, I asked for a due time of 11:59. My paper was completed at 2am. I also asked for two pages, I received less than. If you want better, use a different person.
12/18/2021 One of my favorite professors! Always does fantastic work!
12/18/2021 Always does A+ work!!
12/10/2021 Professor Negioate 250 for my assignments. 
After completing one section they backed out. 
This I still have to pay someone for Week 10.
This is the last time I use this site. 
12/06/2021 Assignment was returned back to me late. The pofessor did not communicate with me  after I left 2 messagages asking when my assignment would be finished. Poor communication.
12/02/2021 Well done!

I mean, they wrote the paper so thank you. but legitimately sounds like this professor is pro-cult based on my paper about jonestown. also reads like a 12 year old wrote it. i submitted the request late so i am thankful that the paper was done, but i had to rewrite most of it. "It was clear that some people had a conviction for killing themselves under a charismatic leader directive willingly." verbatim, definitely pro-cult, "Many were for the Peoples Temple history through the worst techniques form in the days before the Massacre." makes zero sense. definitely think this author could do better if given the right amount of time, but the grammar and phrasing matter more than the message to teachers, and I would have failed this paper if I turned it in as is. 

11/29/2021 AWESOME THANKS!!!!
11/29/2021 excellent work
11/25/2021 Amazing work
11/25/2021 Thank you prof
11/25/2021 Selecting this professor is one of the best decisions I had ever taken because I spent my maximum time in my office due to which I get low marks in my academics but after consulting a friend, he referred me to this professor and he got 99%.
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