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    B.S. in Athletic Training from D1 University in SC
    M.S. in Exercise Science from D1 University in FL

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    Athletic Trainer - Professional, Collegiate, and High School


    Hi there! I am a recent graduate from my Master's program and am currently in the process of working towards my Doctoral degree in Education. My two awarded degrees are in the sciences and this degree will be focused on educating those within the health professions. Through all of my years in school, I have realized that I not only am an excellent research paper writer, but I strangely enjoy it. Learning about all new things and then writing about these findings is just fascinating to me - getting paid on top of it is a nice bonus. 

    A few notes:

    While all of my degrees are in the sciences, I absolutely love learning and writing about papers in a wide variety of subjects; english, business, film, etc. These new topics give me the chance to expand my horizons all while writing papers to make your lives easier. 

    I do run all of my papers through the Grammarly application, something that I love to use. I also feel it's important to mention that I write all of these papers as if they were for my own classes.

    I am always willing to answer any and all messages and do try to provide updates on the projects as I am working on them. Feel free to message me any time you may have questions. I will only submit work to you that I would be comfortable turning in myself. With that being said, I am not in your classes and am not always aware of the intracies that your teacher may need. Please read over the paper and make minor corrections (or ask me to) so that you are getting exactly what your professor may want. 

    Please check your due dates before you accept a bid to make sure that it is exactly what you want. Once the assignment is accepted, I am only required to give you the assignment by the set date. I do my best to work with people when I am able but I am often working on quite a few projects at a time, leaving me little time for adjustments that I did not plan ahead for. 

    Feel free to invite me to bid on any papers you think I may be able to do for you. This is something I truly enjoy and do believe I do well. Can't wait to work with you!


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    05/16/2020 Thank you so much will be working with you again ty 
    05/16/2020 My go-to professor. Always does wonderful work!
    05/12/2020 As per usual Nikki delivered a well written paper and on time as always. 
    05/07/2020 NikkiBlakes was a fantastic professor to write my paper. She has experience in the topic that I chose and the paper was very well-written. I would definitely use her to write another paper.
    04/30/2020 Great work and AMAZING QUALITY ! 
    04/26/2020 Professor followed instructions and met the requirements wonderfully! Finished well before deadline which is a nice plus. Definite talent and great communication during project, I would definitely use this professor again.
    04/25/2020 Amazing job, always kept in communication with me and finished before the deadline
    04/23/2020 Honestly, I gave them very little to work with or rather vague info and they where able to take that and turn it into an awesome essay. 
    04/19/2020 thanks
    04/17/2020 NikkiBlakes always coming through in the clutch! Thank you again! You are a life saver! 
    04/16/2020 Great work!!
    04/15/2020 Excellent writer!
    04/15/2020 Don't use prof for nursing papers
    04/15/2020 Did a great job with minimal instructions that were given. Outstanding job writing this paper. Thank you.
    04/15/2020 I only asked for proof reading, and she did exactly what I wan. 
    04/14/2020 Thankyouuu
    04/13/2020 :) 
    Did not followed APA format instructions. References were almost 20 years old. Same in text citations repeated across the paper 2-3 times!!??
    04/13/2020 Thanks for the great work in a short period of time!
    04/10/2020 amazing work helping me write a personal statement 
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