B.S. in Athletic Training 
M.S. in Exercise Science 
Ed.D. in Education

Past Employment

Athletic Trainer - Professional, Collegiate, and High School
Software Consultant EHR Technology
Professor in Health Sciences 


Hi there! I am a lover of all things writing, but I seem to truly excel in research projects. My first two awarded degrees are in the sciences while my doctorate was in education with an emphasis the health professions (I like the healthcare field clearly). Through all of my years in school, I have realized that I not only am an excellent research paper writer, but I strangely enjoy it. Learning about all new things and then writing about these findings is just fascinating to me - getting paid on top of it is a nice bonus. 

A few notes:

While my degrees focus primarily in the sciences, I absolutely love learning and writing about papers in a wide variety of subjects; english, business, film, etc. These new topics give me the chance to expand my horizons all while writing papers to make your lives easier. 

I write all of the papers myself, with no AI generated help or a team of others. I will spend time making sure that your essay is something that I would be comfortable turning in and will follow all directions provided! I also run all of my papers through the Grammarly application, something that I love to use. 

I am always willing to answer any and all messages and do try to provide updates on the projects as I am working on them. Feel free to message me any time you may have questions. I will only submit work to you that I would be comfortable turning in myself. With that being said, I am not in your classes and am not always aware of the intracies that your teacher may need. Please read over the paper and make minor corrections (or ask me to) so that you are getting exactly what your professor may want. 

Please check your due dates before you accept a bid to make sure that it is exactly what you want. Once the assignment is accepted, I am only required to give you the assignment by the set date. I currently work off EST in the U.S. so take that into account when planning for me to work on your projects. I do my best to work with people when I am able but I am often working on quite a few projects at a time, leaving me little time for adjustments that I did not plan ahead for. Also, please remember that I am not in your classes so I only know the information that you provide for me. Please send me as much information as you have and we'll get you some A's!

Feel free to invite me to bid on any papers you think I may be able to do for you. This is something I truly enjoy and do believe I do well. Can't wait to work with you!


Date Comment Rating
05/13/2024 I couldn't be more happy with the paper from Nikki! She exceeded expectations and I am so grateful!! 
05/08/2024 I chose this professor because their background fit my needs best but I got a 0 because an entire paragraph was noted to be AI written. As I checked multiple AI detectors they all registered the same. I'll definitely be checking for that before paying a professor again.

Hi! I'm so sorry that this happened to you! I just looked through all of my projects though and don't see a single one for you. Again, so sorry it happened but it was not with me!
From our first collaboration to the last, Professor Blakes has always been successful in eloquently capturing the ideas I wish to express in my writing, that remains trapped in my thoughts due to stress, life responsibilites/distractions, or thought aphasia. Outside of the quality of their work, I have always had such pleasant interactions that showcased not just their professionalism, but a genuine kindness and willingness to work with me and my projects to provide the best quality. Every solution has been timely; you can tell that they read the instructions you provide or may have missed, and I am just so entirely grateful to who they are, the work they provid for the field of Education on this site, and the sunshine she provides in every outreach! I strongly recommend Professor NikkiBlakes for such assignments based off my experience working with them, and I thank you so much for all the help you've provided me! heart

You're the absolute sweetest. SO proud of you again for graduating!! The world needs someone like you!
04/07/2024 Wish I could rate zero. I spent over $500 and I believe most of it was written by an ai tool. Many of the sentences didn't make sense, a college promotional site was used to define a term instead of academic sources, much of it was not related back to the topic, the APA was incorrect in several instances (including a title in all caps, which tells me she didn't even proof-read it). I couldn't use any of her work she did attempt to change some of it, basically used the same problematic material and just changed the sub-heading to what I asked it to be. The dispute process is awful. Basically said "she gave you something by the deadline and she says she did it correctly." You would have better luck working with an ai tool yourself than letting her use one and giving you garbage you can't use. 

Even in the solution, the paragraphs did not follow proper structure (topic sentence, discussion, concluding sentence). There was no proper synthesis of sources to connect ideas and make a coherent paper based on what was asked. Looks like bullet points in paragraph form. 

Absolutely awful. Do not use this person. 

As you know, I vehemently disagree with this. What makes it worse is that the only communication you provided me following your first message regarding edits (which I provided) was that as long as you got your full refund, you wouldn’t leave me a negative review. After admin read my essay, communicated with me on changes I’d already provided, and then provided info to you, I figured that this would still be your choice. As always, I do not use AI. Truthfully I’m not even sure how to use it to write papers as I’ve been teaching for so long, it’s just something you stay away from. I wish you the best.
04/01/2024 Amazing writer! She answered every question and followed the format/outline I asked for. Took off one star because I wish she would've opened up my essay with the intriguing scenario that I asked her to in order to make the reading more livid. However, she mentioned it a few sentences later. 

Thank you so much Nikki. 
03/26/2024 A+ grades EVERY time.
03/26/2024 Amazing work!!
03/07/2024 8/25
I felt that the rubric wasnt followed. 
this was my grading comment
You have few citations; most of your references do not appear in your text, indicating that they were not relevant to your discussion. Your text asserts that the case is a landmark in the legal discourse regarding PAD, but does not state how, nor what difference it makes.

I'm so sorry you feel like this. I know this assignment was focused on condensing your already-created work. I do know that all citations created by me were cited in the paper.
03/06/2024 Quality work. I have maintained a 3.9 GPA  with the assistance of this professor. 
03/06/2024 I have used this professor too many times to count. Every single time they do an amazing job!
03/06/2024 Wonderful work every time I have use this professor. A+
03/01/2024 she does such amazing job. she is one of the best on here she is faboulous 

02/18/2024 well done, thank you
02/16/2024 just amazing. did it timely manner and communication was clear 
02/08/2024 Professor Blakes is such an incredible individual! They helepd me with a presentation that described everything needed in the instructions and sounded personalized to boot! I am so happy with how it came out! Thank you again for your wonderful help! <3
02/08/2024 Amazing quality every time I have used. You are in good hands!
02/05/2024 Very good work 
01/28/2024 The very best!! She has saved my life!!
01/22/2024 BEST EVER!! So smart and nice. Always a positive experience!
01/14/2024 ANGEL!! So nice and kind. Super smart. Never any issues. You would be crazy to pick any one else. Worry free experience.
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