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M.S. in Exercise Science 
Ed.D. in Education

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Athletic Trainer - Professional, Collegiate, and High School
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Hi there! I recently finished my Doctoral degree in Education, with a 4.0 GPA I might add. My first two awarded degrees are in the sciences while my doctorate was in education with an emphasis the health professions (I like the healthcare field clearly). Through all of my years in school, I have realized that I not only am an excellent research paper writer, but I strangely enjoy it. Learning about all new things and then writing about these findings is just fascinating to me - getting paid on top of it is a nice bonus. 

A few notes:

While my degrees focus primarily in the sciences, I absolutely love learning and writing about papers in a wide variety of subjects; english, business, film, etc. These new topics give me the chance to expand my horizons all while writing papers to make your lives easier. 

I do run all of my papers through the Grammarly application, something that I love to use. I also feel it's important to mention that I write all of these papers as if they were for my own classes.

I am always willing to answer any and all messages and do try to provide updates on the projects as I am working on them. Feel free to message me any time you may have questions. I will only submit work to you that I would be comfortable turning in myself. With that being said, I am not in your classes and am not always aware of the intracies that your teacher may need. Please read over the paper and make minor corrections (or ask me to) so that you are getting exactly what your professor may want. 

Please check your due dates before you accept a bid to make sure that it is exactly what you want. Once the assignment is accepted, I am only required to give you the assignment by the set date. I currently work off EST in the U.S. so take that into account when planning for me to work on your projects. I do my best to work with people when I am able but I am often working on quite a few projects at a time, leaving me little time for adjustments that I did not plan ahead for. Also, please remember that I am not in your classes so I only know the information that you provide for me. It is difficult to write an entire paper just to be told that it isn't what your professor was looking for despite the information I am given. Please send me as much information as you have and we'll get you some A's!

Feel free to invite me to bid on any papers you think I may be able to do for you. This is something I truly enjoy and do believe I do well. Can't wait to work with you!


Date Comment Rating
11/30/2022 I can not say enough about the work that this Professor does!  Fantastic to work with, communication is great and work is ALWAYS on point!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!   Will definitly be using again if needed in the future :0)
11/28/2022 Super easy to work with and delivered on time!  There was a formatting issue from her end but she came up witih a quick fix and sent the work back to me in no time. 
11/20/2022 This is my second time using Ms. Nikki Blakes and this is my second time being absoutely blown away by the content of her work. She provides fantastic content and follows instructions to a T. Always punctual and effective at what she does. 10/10
11/17/2022 Her work is written so naturally and well-informed for my needs. Timely submission and very kind. Happy to work with them again. You're a great professor :)
11/13/2022 FANTASTIC WORK!  Exactly what I was looking for.  Will definitely use this professor for other work in the future!!!  THANK YOU!!!
10/04/2022 Nikki is the best! She is my go to girl from now on!!
10/01/2022 paper was well constructed and the APA format was perfect. grammar was also well done with minimal unimportant mistakes when I read it over that I am surprised I even noticed. she provided the paper back before the deadline I provided and exceeded number of references which was nice. the paper itself I ended up rewriting half of it as I personally felt several important aspects were completely missed (the rubric for grading I copied and pasted what the professor was looking for for a perfect score and two sections were not addressed/not clearly addressed/barely addressed in the paper. I also openly admit I am extremely picky though so to others the paper may have sufficed but for the money paid I would have hoped for something I would have liked better and needed to make less changes to.
09/28/2022 Great job and amazing edits/revisions. Best professor ever. Never lets me down.
09/27/2022 100% best professor on this site. If you see a negative review I promise this professor is not the problem. They have saved my life over and over again. Could not be happier!!
09/27/2022 This professor is a life saver. I wouldn't have the quality of life I do with out them. Always does an amazing job. Helps me free up time for my busy work life and family.
09/27/2022 Best work hands down of any writer I have ever had. Don't think twice.
09/27/2022 I have a 3.98 GPA and I could not do it without this professor. 
09/27/2022 No professor better!! A+ every time.
09/15/2022 Service was completed in a timely fashion and extremely well done. I am impressed with the level of quality and professionalism as well as the passion for the topic. Communication wtih the professor was outstanding as well. Would definitely recommend.
09/14/2022 Thank you!
08/20/2022 The turn around was a day before the due date which gave me time to look over it. Highly recommand.
08/08/2022 Nikki is excellent. Communicates well and reassures the student of her progress. Some minor editing was done to fit the course requirement, but overall an excellent professor.yes
08/02/2022 The professor reply very very slow, there is no any enough communication at all, although it is just a beginning of the whole dissertation project, we have a whole good project needs to be focus on and each step we have a deadline, but this time the experience is very bad... sorry to say that ... the professor didn't care about our communication ... 

This student is located in a timezone that is entirely different from my own, which I have explained. I simply cannot reply to messages from midnight to 5am in a timely manner.
08/01/2022 Would be lost without Nikki. SOOOOO lucky to have her help. 
08/01/2022 BEST WRITIER ON HERE!!! All As always!!!
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