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    B.S. in Athletic Training from D1 University in SC
    M.S. in Exercise Science from D1 University in FL

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    Athletic Trainer - Professional, Collegiate, and High School


    Hi there! I am a recent graduate from my Master's program and am currently in the process of working towards my Doctoral degree in, yet another, science field. My two awarded degrees are in the sciences and this degree will be as well. Through all of my years in school, I have realized that I not only am an excellent research paper writer, but I strangely enjoy it. Learning about all new things and then writing about these findings is just fascinating to me - getting paid on top of it is a nice bonus. 

    A few notes:

    While all of my degrees are in the sciences, I absolutely love learning and writing about papers in a wide variety of subjects; english, business, film, etc. These new topics give me the chance to expand my horizons all while writing papers to make your lives easier. 

    The number of projects you are able to see are just the projects that I have yet to recieve payment on. Some of these may be already completed or may have an extremely far due date, meaning I am able to work on smaller projects in the meantime. Please do not be deterred.

    I am always willing to answer any and all messages and do try to provide updates on the projects as I am working on them. Feel free to message me any time you may have questions. 

    Finally, there is a minimum bid price that we on Unemployed Professors adhere to. $25 for a double spaced 1 page paper and so on... This can change due to how close your particular due date is as well.

    Feel free to invite me to bid on any papers you think I may be able to do for you. This is something I truly enjoy and do believe I do well. Can't wait to work with you!


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    07/15/2019 I wasnt really feeling the first one she wrote and asked if she could re-do it and did it for me no questions asked!
    07/14/2019 Great work! Would recommend
    07/11/2019 Project was completed and submitted before the deadline, worked with me to make some edits, did a huge PowerPoint in 3 days time, great communication, very pleased. Won't see my grade until a couple of weeks from now but feeling pretty good about it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
    07/08/2019 great work, very accommodating
    07/04/2019 Exceptional work ????
    07/01/2019 I have been working with this Professor for the last few months, and this Professor is never disappointed me.
    07/01/2019 You can depend on this Professor.
    07/01/2019 Awesome!
    07/01/2019 This Professor is easy to work with.
    07/01/2019 Awesome! thank you, Professor
    great result!
    07/01/2019 great professor to work with!
    07/01/2019 Always on time!
    07/01/2019 great job!
    06/28/2019 Everything done on time, in full, as requested. 10/10
    06/25/2019 Done ahead of schedule! Amazing as always!

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