Ph.D. in Visual Arts; University of California, San Diego.
Master of Arts in Film and Theatre with emphasis in Film Arts Production; Bard College, M.F.A.
Bachelor of Science in Photography; School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Past Employment

A Lecturer in the Visual Arts Department of a leading public research university.
  • Specialty in Performance studies; media theory; science, technology & society/culture (STS/C); historical and philosophical avant-garde; critical security/surveillance studies; creative media research and practice.
  • Current focus entails Geomedia; nexuses of art, science and technology; experimental ethnography; ecological STS; emerging media semiotics.
Teaching Assistant in a leading arts college in New York.
  • Lectured on the Introduction to Performance Studies
Freelance writer and editor for arts, nonprofit, and academic clients, including major publishers and university presses


 I am a professional research writer with a Ph.D in Visual Arts, Master of Arts in Film and Theatre and Bachelor’s degree in Photography. With my background experience as a lecturer in top-tier universities in the U.S, I am well-placed to handle academic papers.
I have previously worked with the likes of Ultius and Noir Tower and received great reviews. While my specialty is Visual Arts, I can write/edit any topics in the fields of business, criminology, healthcare, social sciences, humanities, computer science, anthropology and linguistics.
My values are quality, prompt communication, timeliness, and zero plagiarism. Whenever a client entrusts their essay/research paper to me, I am always keen to meet all the set requirements within the deadline provided. In the rare event that a customer is not entirely pleased with my output, I am open to offering free revisions as long as it is within the scope of the initial instructions.
Some of my published papers include “The Research and Teaching of Art Despite Its Disappearance: Art in Academia, 1957-1977” and “An evaluation of the intersection of art and moving images.”


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05/15/2024 great job as always
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