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  • Education

    Ph.D Movement Science -2015

    M.S Health & Exercise Science-2009

    B.S Biomedical Engineering-2005

    Past Employment

    An Assistant Professor at a prestigious Unversity  2016-Present

    Graduate Research Assistant at an Ivy-League Unversity 2011-2015

    Graduate Teaching Assistant at an Ivy-League Unversity 2007-2009

    Honors and Awards

    Honors Distinction
    Awarded for Ph.D. Dissertation 2015
    Outstanding Teaching Award
    Office of Graduate Studies 2009.
    Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year
    (Department award) 2008
    APA Student Travel Award 2007
    Awarded by the APA Science Directorate



    Date Comment Rating
    10/10/2019 He did it on time so that was good but the paper wasn't written like a native english speaker because almost every other sentence was gramatically incorrect, and you could tell that he tried to use some english sayings but they werent spelled or used correctly. He also disregarded like half of the assignment instructions so I had to fix that. I'm giving him 2 stars because I needed my paper done and he did it on time, but the paper was for an upper-level college course and it looks like something I wrote in 5th grade. I definitely wouldnt use him if you're trying to get a good grade/ or if it isn't a blowoff class.
    10/08/2019 Awesome work! Got a A+
    10/06/2019 Excellent work, Completed before the deadline. 
    10/02/2019 great essay and perfect timing with the due date, thank you so much!
    10/01/2019 gorgeous work
    09/29/2019 I didn’t get the full grade, at beginning when I got the file and read I saw thesis is not connected to the prompt and He/she tried to fixed, but here is my main comment I got from my prof :

    However, you had trouble sticking to the point in this essay. You also had a little trouble separating and organizing your ideas so that they're easy to follow. To help you see where I indicated on the paper itself where (and why) I got confused as I was reading it. It might help if you refresh your memory on what the purpose of a thesis statement is: it's simply an arguable statement, the point that your paper is going to be supporting. Anything in the paper that doesn't clearly help back up the thesis doesn't belong there (or perhaps it needs an explanation of how the info relates). You need to layout your logic more clearly for your reader to follow it.

    09/25/2019 The project was on task and completed in a timely manner, will definitely use again.
    09/25/2019 Gets the paper done in a short amount of time and has great content to it! 
    09/25/2019 Done quickly and at high quality. This is my second paper done by this prof.
    09/24/2019 Professor followed all of the instruction and wrote a very professional research paper. Totally deserve 10/10 stars.
    09/22/2019 Excellent. Completed before the deadline. 
    09/08/2019 Excellent results!
    09/06/2019 quick turnaround and quick to recify request for more critical analysis.
    08/29/2019 Smartdoc killed my history research paper! Got me a 95%! I highly recommend!
    08/07/2019 Great essay!
    08/07/2019 Great essay
    08/07/2019 Great essay
    08/07/2019 Great work
    08/05/2019 Great essay
    08/03/2019 This paper was well written and early. I wish I would have known about him earlier in my academic career. 
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