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  • Education

    Ph.D. Counselor Education,cum laude, 2008
    MEd Counseling, summa cum laude, 2002
    B.A. Psychology, magna cum laude, 1999

    Past Employment

    Assistant Professor, at a prestegious university in the US, 2015- present
    Graduate Assistant, an accredited college in the US, 2003-2008.
    Teaching Assistant, an accredited college in the US, 2000-2002.


    Whether you are looking for help with your coursework homework, stuck with your research essay, or even want someone to ghostwrite your papers, I am the right person to work with. I bring over 12 years of research, teaching and writing experience to your project. A native English speaker and grammar nerd, I am the refined researcher you can count on to write spectacular content, flawless in every aspect. I hold a faculty position at a major research university along with the editorship of an academic journal and working paper series. Apart from securing several competitive research grants and leading a number of large research projects, I have worked with startups on design teams as a researcher and content developer. My numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals speak to my prowess in academic research. In any case, you will find me personable, prompt, and punctilious. My work schedule is pretty flexible, so once you assign your projects to me, I will tackle them and send the completed work ahead of deadlines.


    Date Comment Rating
    08/19/2019 Awesome job and extremely flexibile last minute. Thank you!!
    08/17/2019 This professor provided EXCELLENT work for me and at the last minute as well! 
    08/14/2019 well done
    08/14/2019 well done
    08/13/2019 Love them!!
    08/11/2019 Wrote an amazing paper specially in such a short timeline! Super grateful. 
    08/08/2019 amazing
    08/07/2019 Very good! Does magic to your assignments!
    08/06/2019 I scored an A on my assignment completed by the professor. Thank you!!! 
    08/05/2019 Got an A+ great work
    08/05/2019 Broken english in parts, difficult to understand. Over all good work
    07/31/2019 Great thorough work.
    07/31/2019 She went above and beyond. Wrote at the maximum of what I asked, included external sources when I didn't say they were mandatory, and got the job done (8 pages) in a day and a half. The assignment included writing about film that we had to watch and so considering the amount of research she probably had to do, she did a great job. There was a couple of grammar errors within the 8 pages should wrote; additionally, there was also some weird flowing parts that didn't necessarily seem fluid. Overall would recommend.
    07/31/2019 Thank you so much. I selected this professor for an IT management/cybersecurity project and they knocked it out of the park. I didn't have the oppurtunity to choose them to complete the project when I posted it and yet still provided me with a paper that met all the requirements a week before it was due. I highly recommend this professor.
    07/31/2019 The professor submitted my assignment super early, and it was complete and perfect! Thank you so much!
    07/30/2019 Excellent work! 5 hour turnaround. 
    07/29/2019 Great job
    07/29/2019 good work!
    07/29/2019 Thank you so much!!
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