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  • Education

    PhD. Candidate in Business Administration, (to graduate in 2021)
    Master of Business and Science (MBS), 2017
    Bachelor of Science, 2014

    Past Employment

    • Instructor at a Community College
    • Teaching Assistant at an accredited college in Kansas
    • Research Assistant at an accredited college in Kansas
    • Freelance Writer at Springer Nature
    • Part-time Writing Tutor, at Pearson


    I am a proficient science and business writer and editor, with a master’s degree in Business & Science (MBS). In addition to my science and business communication skills, I also have a strong background in crafting multidisciplinary scholarly articles. My unique background places me well to assist students to complete their homework assignments in different disciplines. 
    My coworkers think of me as a highly motivated and dedicated scholar, who is easy to get along with. I work best under pressure, meeting tight deadlines, without compromising the quality of my work.
    Writing solutions offered:
    • Essays
    • Critical Analysis
    • Coursework
    • Capstone Projects
    • Group Assignments
    • Research Papers
    • Dissertations/ Theses 
    • Literature reviews
    • Research Proposals
    • Annotated Bibliographies
    • Book Reviews
    • Reflective journals
    • Case study
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Lab/practical or experiment write-ups


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    Awesome Job! Drhomeworkhelp is my go to when I need some help with assignments. Always professional and always does an excellent job ahead of schedule.
    Awesome work as always! Not only was the paper delivered in less time than the set deadline, but drhomeworkhelp made certain everything looked perfect and ensured the paper was to my liking before asking for payment. Drhomeworkhelp is an excellent writer and I recommend her 100%!
    12/21/2019 The essay met all expectations! Most definitely recommend this professor!
    12/15/2019 Excellent! 
    12/13/2019 This Professor did an excellent job on my project and got it done a couple days done before my set deadline. Highly reccommend choosing this professor for your project!
    12/10/2019 Worked with me very well. Responsive to messages. When I had a different vision for the paper, happily made the changes that I requested. This was well-written and very little changes needed to be made to sound like it was in my own voice. My notes were incorporated well! I'd work with this professor again. 
    12/08/2019 great paper thank you
    12/04/2019 Great Professor! Great Work! Thank You!!
    12/03/2019 Amazing work!! Turned in the paper way earlier than needed to be!! 10/10 would recommend.
    12/02/2019 On time, exactly what I asked for. 
    12/01/2019 The paper was okay for undergrad but not for master levels. There were some noticeable language errors. I plan on using it as a reference paper with a bulk of the work done and tie it in with my own work. I think this is the best way to use this service, I would never use their work and think it’s turn in ready because it’s not.

    11/29/2019 Paper was awesome! I will have to go back and find sources for some of the info but that's really no problem at all. So thankful for this help and the paper was even more than I needed. 
    11/27/2019 Great Job
    11/25/2019 Seriously the best! I saved so much time using this professor! She took her time and made adjustments accordingly. My expectations were exceeded far and wide. She answered all messages promptly and thoroughly, which is something that I look for in a professor. I will update when my paper is submitted in class. If anything, she really took care of the bulk of the writing for me with her own words which is my biggest struggle and mental block with writing. She even added cover, abstract, and reference pages in addition to the several pages I needed!
    11/20/2019 dr. homeworkhelper was very nice and communicated with me. Completed the job on the due date. I read the rough draft and the problems I had with the paper she corrected, for the most part. 
    My topic was a cause and effect essay on veganism and climate change. When I was reading through the paper she kept referencing vegetarian. These are completely different diets. So I first made sure with her that her research was done on vegans and not vegetarians. She ensured me that it was done on vegans. So I went ahead and updated anywhere it said vegetarian to vegan. The second issue was that I asked for 4 pages, only 3 pages were delivered to me. My third issue was that there was no conclusion at all. After a paragraph it just stopped. My last issue was that the thesis statement was very weak, it did not give us a glimpse into what the paper would be talking about other than that being a vegan would combat climate change. I pointed out these issues and she said no problem she would work on it. Luckily my teacher has our rough draft be due one day, then two days later the final draft is due. So I let dr. homeworkhelper know i would submit this paper as my rough daft, and she could work on the issues with the essay. The day before the final draft was due I reminded her of the due date, she replied thank you for the reminder and that she would submit the paper by the end of the day. I got the paper back and most of the issues were fixed. The only thing was that it was still not a full 4 pages. I had to add in some words here and there, and build my conclusion a bit more to get a full 4 pages. 
    11/18/2019 very well done paper 
    11/18/2019 Very fast, I only had to tweak a couple things to fit the citeria I forgot to mention.
    11/16/2019 Quick turn around and got an A
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