Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor in Education (English & Literature)
Masters Business Administration (Marketing)

Past Employment

Exquisite Market Research Consultants (Current)
Chief Editor, Nation Media Group


Having completed my Undergraduate majors in English and Literature, I am the perfect go-to professor for all your English related needs. Book & Movie summaries and analyses, annotated bibliographies, argumentative essays, reflective essays, Op-eds, name them. I’m an avid reader; you can feel safe when you need tons of pages summarized in the shortest time possible.

My second MBA (Marketing) opens up my proficiency in Business and related fields like management, business law, accounting, procurement and logistics, ethics and handling case studies. I am a self-practicing marketer who has won accolades in the advertisement industries. I have delivered 12 speeches on sustainability in business on different platforms across the world. I have completed several theses, which have placed my work on the global map.

Other subjects I comfortably handle are History, Sociology, Nursing and Biology, Statistics and creative writing.
As I sit in my consultancy office waiting for your work, I understand the panic that comes with trusting a stranger to handle your paper, which is supposedly the pathway to your success. My kind of writing is characterized by simple comprehendible command of the language. My main focus lies in understanding the instructions, finding the matching research, and delivering plagiarism-free results beyond your expectations. I value prompt and honest communication with you. In the same breath, I expect full disclosure of your writing needs. If any problem arises, feel free to sort it out with me. I’m always available, save for the few hours I spare for sleep and sight-seeing with Rex, my dog. 

My minimum charge is $25 per page for all tasks that need to be completed within a day or more. For urgent tasks, I charge $30 per page only. The quality of work isn’t different, but the adrenaline and the sudden attention certainly deserve a little compensation.

Can we get started?


Date Comment Rating
01/11/2022 late
01/10/2022 Really well done. There were some (very) minor grammar issues, and some phrases repeated a little too much, but that's about all I can criticize. Also, my due date was pretty fast, so that may have played into it also. I do recommend this site and this professor. Will be back.
12/26/2021 EXCELLENT JOB
12/21/2021 100% ASSIGNMENT
12/07/2021 Understood the assignment very very well. 
12/06/2021 Absolutely amazing!! I received A on the project.  
12/06/2021 Decent work with a very restrictive time line.
12/06/2021 Quality essay and communication throughout the process was good.
12/05/2021 Clearly Understood the Assignment
12/01/2021 The best paper well done A
12/01/2021 fantastic work 
12/01/2021 Good stuff
11/28/2021 This professor handed me an unusable solution. I set very clear and easy parameters and expecations. It's a reflectoin paper, so as long as you can pull a couple of main points, anything goes. The first line of this solution wasn't even coherent english, they used "element" as an adjective (and no, it wasn't supposed to be elemental because that use didn't fit, either.) 

This professor was also working on another project for me, same exact style and expecations, just a different book, and that one was also terrible. They couldn't even get the author's name right, and misquoted the book. They also made statements like how it is impossible for women looking for professional work, even though most of their jobs are in charitable organizations. This professor is completely out of touch and reading what they wrote was shocking, let alone it having nothing to do with anything I asked for. 

I proof read the documents and realized I could not submit them. I gave my feedback (politely) and asked for revisions. The professor didni't bother to revise one at all, and submitted a revised document for the other one, only nothing was different it was word for word the same garbage (still had the author's name wrong, even though I specifically pointed that out in my note to them.)

I would never use this professor again, and honestly after this I don't know if I'll use this service at all. I was dealing with a serious family emergency during this time and turned to this site to help eliviate stress and pressure, and all it did was create so much more anxiety and work for me. Now I am stuck trying to write papers last minute while sitting in a hospital waiting room. I have asked for a refund but I don't know what will happen- but do not use ths professor. I am so upset with this experience and that they have my hundreds of dollars. 
11/24/2021 Wonderful job!
11/23/2021 Decent solution to the project I posted, asked for more funds and didn't complete the assignment until 7 hrs after the deadline. Wouldn't recommend. At what point do you get your money back, for people not completing anywhere close to the deadline.
11/22/2021 Excellent work and a guarenteed A. 
Thank you for saving my semester.
11/19/2021 Exceptional, fast, honesty, highly recommend
11/17/2021 Did an amazing Job with writing the paper. 
11/16/2021 The professor did a great job on the paper- correct formatting, met all expectations, etc. I asked for the paper on short notice and they were able to deliver it on time while communicating with me. 
11/16/2021 Very satified with the result provided by this professor. would definitely recommend for nursing projects.
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