Ph.D. Corporate Finance (London School of Economics and Political Science) 
Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Chicago)
MSc Business Administration (Harvard University)

Past Employment

I have worked as a Financial Consultant for various leading organizations, including Coca-Cola and Kroger Company. Additionally, I have served as an accounting manager for five years with experience in the real estate, marketing, and retail industries. I am well-versed in payroll management, organizational and national budgeting, and fiscal planning. 


I am a Psychology, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management professor with over 26 years of experience and expertise leading, teaching, supervising, and writing in academia and practice. My career is also defined by an exemplary record in academic journal publications in renowned institutions across the U.S. Besides, I am passionate about assisting and guiding students to attain their maximum potential in their respective fields. I adorn a radiant, goal-oriented personality dedicated to success and prosperity in academic and corporate matters.
I have excellent coaching and tutoring skills, in addition to commendable proficiency in reading, analyzing, researching, and solving academic problems. I can help you to complete your research project in various disciplines, including Accounting, Business Studies, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations (PR), Human Resources Management (HRM), Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Forestry, Film & Theater studies, English, Law, and Nursing. I possess ultimate professionalism with outstanding abilities to stay organized, punctual, timely, reliable and dedicated toward addressing students’ needs.


Date Comment Rating
05/05/2024 Good paper overall but it does not flow the greatest. Have had to go in and make revisions as well as correct the british spelling of words. Overall it is a good paper and I would probably use this professor again as we worked out a good price together. 
04/25/2024 Excellent work.
04/25/2024 Thank you. 
04/22/2024 Did an awesome job!
04/18/2024 on time and great work 
04/17/2024 I failed this exam. It was after the 48hours when I got my results so I could not dispute. 
04/10/2024 Very big round of applause to this UP. Not only did he notice others were trying to charge an unfair price and he offered a fair one, but he also got an A for the duration of the course. Platinum level UP 
04/04/2024 Great 
04/03/2024 Always does a great job
03/24/2024 Always does a great job
03/20/2024 Drop not follow what I told them to follow now I have the wrong price of work
03/16/2024 Project was was delivered early with GREAT work. 
03/14/2024 Another great job, very consistent 
03/14/2024 Another great job
03/09/2024 Responded quickly
03/07/2024 Did another great a job 
02/25/2024 No one else wanted to accept my assignment without giving me a hard time or unfair price, but this professor did. If you need math or writing this UP is worth it.
02/22/2024 finished in 2 hours!!
02/04/2024 ??
01/05/2024 He delivered my project in a few days, and way esrlier than the due date
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