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Business 110 Psychology 96 Accounting 51 Nursing 43 English 36 Economics 30 Finance 30 History 30 Management 26 Marketing 22


  • Education

    Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Chicago)
    Ph.D. Corporate Finance (London School of Economics and Political Science) 
    MSc Business Administration (Harvard University)

    Past Employment

    I have worked as a Financial Consultant for various leading organizations including Coca-Cola and Kroger Company. Additionally, I have served as an accounting manager for five years with experience in real-estate, marketing, and retail industries. I am well-versed in payroll management, organizational and national budgeting, and fiscal planning. 

    Currently, I work as a professor of Psychology at the University of California, tutoring and mentoring a mass of English Psychology students. I am also an author, academic editor, freelance writer, tutor, researcher, and publisher, and in this capacity, I serve as an English Aide at Boston University where I lead research, academic writing (APA, MLA, CHICAGO, HARVARD, and ASA styles), and ESL competency programs among graduate and post-graduate students. With my experience and expertise, I have been able to deliver quality tutoring services, both private and regular, to a diverse, multi-generation group of students.



    I am a Psychology, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management professor with over 26 years of experience and expertise leading, teaching, supervising, and writing in academia and practice. My career is also defined by an exemplary record of success in academic journals publications in renowned institutions across the U.S. Besides, I am passionate about assisting and guiding students to attain their maximum potential in their respective fields. I adorn a beaming, goal-oriented personality, hence, dedicated toward success and prosperity in academic and corporate matters.
    I have excellent coaching and tutoring skills in addition to commendable proficiency in reading, analyzing, researching, and solving academic problems. I can help you to complete your research project in various disciplines including Accounting, Business Studies, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations (PR), Human Resources Management (HRM), Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Environmental studies and Forestry, Film & Theater studies, English, Law, and Nursing. I possess ultimate professionalism with exemplary abilities to stay organized, punctual, timely, reliable, and dedicated toward addressing students’ needs.


    Date Comment Rating
    06/18/2021 FANTASTIC! Fast production of text that needs no revision. Seriously professional. 
    06/18/2021 Got it done on time and was very detailed in their task. would definitely use this prof. again.
    06/13/2021 Went above and beyon!!!
    06/13/2021 ??
    06/03/2021 Highly recommend and delievers great quailty of work.
    06/03/2021 Great work! 
    05/29/2021 Great work, done on time. 
    05/28/2021 received 80% so professor gets the same rating.   Thanks so much.
    05/27/2021 Finance Priciples assignement.  Yes my own fault for not checking the assignement or knowing the content.  But if you say you can do the work work, make sure you can.  After I asked to make sure the workings were shown, some questions still showed no workings and the answers were flat out wrong.  Assingmement got 40%, so the rating can as well.
    05/26/2021 Amazing work, got it done in a timely fashion before the due time. Requested for some revision due to exceeding word count and revised it with no problems. 10/10 would hire again
    05/20/2021 Didnt get me the paper on time.
    05/20/2021 Amazing! wrote about  many points that I thought about without even having to explain much to him. Followed the outlne perfectly, there are are only minor thigns that i have to fix but nothing too serious. worth it!! 
    05/20/2021 Perfect A score on m paper. 
    05/19/2021 This paper had an overwhelming amount of instructions to follow and this professor knocked it out of the park. I got a 95/100 without lifting a finger. 100% would use this professor again!
    05/17/2021 Delivered on time and a well written essay, very good english used
    05/17/2021 Provided me with an amazing 10 page paper beyond my expectations. The paper was delivered timely, and on short notice. This professor literally saved me and my grade in this class. I am so beyond grateful. I cannot recccomend this professor enough. Incredibly in depth paper, no grammatical errors, and no plagarism. THANK YOU!!!!! 
    05/17/2021 Fast and responsive! Thank you!
    05/15/2021 Quick and proficient.
    05/14/2021 professor killed a psychology case presentation on PowerPoint! Was totally happy with it. Just had to put my name on it!
    05/13/2021 They wrote such a high quality paper for me in record time, and also made last minute revisions and took every pointer very seriously. Thank you so much!!
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