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Nursing 401 Business 332 English 284 Psychology 267 Management 187 Education 160 Healthcare 145 Political Science 135 History 132 Sociology 118


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    University of California, San Diego

    University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK 

    BA, English (Top-tier) MA / PhD, Media Studies (Tier 1 university). 

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    I am a professional writer who has published academic papers and various articles and has over ten years’ professional experience in writing and editing.

    I can work on echnical writing, quantitative analysis, data science, and statistics. Additionally, I can tackle all other academic writings such as research papers, essays, term papers, critical reviews, summaries, reading responses, project and research proposals, Argumentative essays, among others


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    10/11/2021 Excellent
    10/11/2021 Professor is always my first choice. Always on time and accurate
    10/08/2021 Great job
    10/08/2021 My assignment got C+ grade from her work. Defenitely not recommend her to anyone. 
    10/08/2021 great work! got another A!
    10/08/2021 Excellent work! great communication. got an A
    10/07/2021 Great paper. However, just realized these professors also work for ryde essays and they charge cheaper there. Just helping a friend
    10/05/2021 Thank you!
    10/04/2021 Amazing quality of work! thank you!
    10/03/2021 Thought it was sketchy at first but it is legit. Thank you Catherins!
    10/02/2021 great professor. god with timeing and overall work.
    10/02/2021 Great products!
    10/02/2021 Awesome job
    09/29/2021 Great work.
    09/22/2021 Nice job and well done. thank you
    09/22/2021 Got this just in time that it is due!
    09/22/2021 Great paper! Highly recommend using this professor.
    09/21/2021 An Hour and 30 Minutes late, didn't follow initial instructions, and minor grammatical mistakes, buthankfully the work turned out ok.
    09/17/2021 Thank you. 
    09/15/2021 Excellent work! I got an A! This professor was always quick to respond and fixed everything needed. I will use her again for sure!
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