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English 159 Nursing 156 Business 146 Psychology 136 Management 69 Healthcare 66 History 63 Sociology 61 Education 51 Political Science 46


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    University of California, San Diego

    University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK 

    BA, English (Top-tier) MA / PhD, Media Studies (Tier 1 university). 

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    I am a professional writer who has published academic papers and various articles and has over ten years’ professional experience in writing and editing.

    I can work on echnical writing, quantitative analysis, data science, and statistics. Additionally, I can tackle all other academic writings such as research papers, essays, term papers, critical reviews, summaries, reading responses, project and research proposals, Argumentative essays, among others


    Date Comment Rating
    11/26/2020 She did an excellent job and did everything I instructed her to do. Overall great paper!
    11/26/2020 Thank You I do appreciate your time and services
    11/25/2020 Excellent
    11/25/2020 late 
    11/25/2020 After being super sceptical about writing services, I thought it was pretty scary to put one of my most important works at risk. However, after a few days of nervously waiting, Catherins provided excellent work and showed thorough understanding what my topic was about. Cannot thank you enough, you really saved me! 
    11/25/2020 Good, speedy work and very professional. Fair rate and free revisions, I would definitely use this professor again
    11/25/2020 Great Job!
    11/24/2020 Good work handed in
    11/24/2020 Great work. 
    11/24/2020 Awesome work and long before the deadline! Love working with this professor. 
    11/24/2020 n/a
    11/24/2020 did very good!
    11/23/2020 Great essay, met all the guidelines, and no typos. However the essay was not given on the deadline. 
    11/23/2020 The requirement was to find two articles that complimented the text provided in class and write about it, but the professor justed summerized the given text. When asked to add the additional sources the professor said that they will do but but never did.
    11/23/2020 good stuff the prof worked on adjusments for sure would use again 
    11/23/2020 N/a
    11/22/2020 Awesome work!!!! Thank you 
    11/22/2020 Good job
    11/22/2020 Not overly happy with the work I received from this professor, i got a C grade on my stats reports. A lot of the relevant info was missing from the stats results section. Also, I received the project from the professor two days late which isnt great but, fortunately i applied for an extension to avoid late mark penalties. yeah, not happy

    As advised, the paper needed 5-6 pages in order to guarantee high score but the customer had paid for 2 pages and therefore, limited information was provided
    11/22/2020 Got a B+
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