Carnagie Mellon University: English and Communication (B.A).  
Georgetown University: Strategic communication (M.A). 
Georgetown University: Crtical rhetoric. (PhD).

Past Employment

-Ghostwriter for leading academic writing agencies (16years and counting). 
-Accredited authorship: See-  ''Text and Performance Quarterly'' (Vol. 71, Issue, No. 4).


I have sat on the editorial board of ''Text and Performance Quarterly'' and researched extensively on academic topics of various folds. My postgraduate research examined strategic communication and methodologically scrutinized critical rhetoric.
I may not have the most no of completed projects on this platform, but I have vast proficiency when it comes to academic work, with over 16 years’ experience, I can certainly handle just about any task given my way from research proposals, thesis writing, dissertations, business plans, case studies, resumes and cover letters, any student service, you name it, I've got you. I only bid on projects that I can deliver & I'll diligently handle any task within the shortest time frame, feel free to reach out in case you have any queries, did I mention I offer free plagiarism reports / edits upon request, best bargain for gold professor. Additionally, I'll ensure that each citation is prepared according to style, providing a thorough and well-organized reference list to support the ideas and information covered in the paper.


Date Comment Rating
09/28/2023 Splendid, thanks Sir.
09/28/2023 Good communication skills delivered what I asked for.
09/11/2023 100%
09/11/2023 He always comes trough for me, best professor on this site.
09/06/2023 Great work. 

Thanks mate!
09/06/2023 Great!!!
09/06/2023 All instructions were keenly followed and delivered waay before the deadline.
09/06/2023 Done exceptionally well.
08/28/2023 Excellent skills! A+ on this assignment. Met all the critia. 
08/17/2023 This professor is so nice, easy to work with and timely. They offer many revisions and are affordable.
08/17/2023 Turned out great,splendid.
08/08/2023 received 100, kudos!
08/08/2023 Thank you for your patience and dedication.
07/31/2023 Far ahead of schedule, 100%.
07/31/2023 Accurately followed the rubric to the letter, splendid!
07/25/2023 Thank you so much dear Prof. 

You're welcome mate!
07/24/2023 Good work! Thank You! 

Thanks mate!
07/23/2023 GOOD JOB
07/23/2023 On time, and addressed all the  major key points, splendid!
07/18/2023 Good communication, overall great performance on all projects.
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