DPhil in Philosophy  
Masters in International Economics with a major in Philosophy  
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with emphasis on ECONOMICS and FINANCE
Certified CFA in basic financial analytics from United States International University
Bachelors (MBChB)

Past Employment

In these past 7 years, I have worked as a Freelance Academic Writer for numerous writing agencies and excelled quite very well. Over time, I’ve gained enormous experience in disciplines such as, but not limited to Business,  English Literature, Marketing, Communication, Creative Writing, Arts, Law, Accounting, Theology, Health Sciences, Nursing, Biology, PsychologySociology,  Political   Science,  History and Class Discussions!


I am a professional Academic Writer with a Ph.D in philosophy. With my vast knowledge on the Academia world, I can basically handle virtually all papers touching the aforementioned disciplines with ease. I have developed academic papers and educational content which have received highest possible scores over time. Similarly, I have drafted award winning essays in record times, following strict standards and guidelines for higher educational learning.
In all these, I have attained 97% score in customer returns making me one of the most competitive individuals on the site.
Give me a shot for an experience of your lifetime.  


Date Comment Rating
10/24/2021 Great job and on time. Thank you
10/01/2021 Another amazing paper. Done exactly as asked with quality content. Will definitely use again!
09/27/2021 did good
09/21/2021 I had a mid-term that I knew I didn't have time to study for. This professor was able to help me get the mid-term completed in the requested time and with an awesome final score. Highly recommended for difficult tasks!
09/19/2021 Followed instructions for the assignment perfectly and delivered a high quality finished product. Very satisfied!
08/31/2021 Done exactly as asked for. Very happy.
07/20/2021 Few grammar issues, otherwise great.
07/15/2021 Ty great work 
07/13/2021 Ty
07/11/2021 This professor accepted my project. Then emailed me at 1 in the morning asking for info on a book, I emailed when I woke up and emailed right back still 11 Hours before the due time. More then enough time to finish the project it was a fairly short project. I didnt hear anything else back fomr this professor and as it got closer to the due time i emailed asking on the progress and didnt hear anything back until 7 hours after the due time saying she decided not to do it because there wasnt enough time. This woud have been nice to know before it was due she could of emailed me and told me she wasnt going to do it or even withdrew her big that i accepted whitch she didnt do so i didnt even have acces to the funds to get another proffessor to do it. Very disatisfied!!
07/05/2021 I have used this professor many times and my assignments are always done on time and directions are followed exactly so I get 100 percent every time. I will continue to use this professor for my assignments. 
06/27/2021 Absolute GARBAGE. DO NOT USE THIS PROFESSOR. Can not write in English, does not follow instructions.
Wish I could give ZERO STARS.
06/11/2021 She did a wonderful job and I would use her again she is very thorough 
06/01/2021 Used mutiple times. AMAZING WORK!
05/31/2021 thank you
05/31/2021 On time
05/29/2021 One of the worst experiences I have had on this website. The paper was awful with a lot of repetition. The essay did not even properly discuss the topic it was supposed to. Professor did rewrite it, but did not deliver the second version within the time he/she had promised and my essay was submitted late. 
05/29/2021 amazing! and on time 
05/24/2021 Quality work and good response time
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