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Business 63 English 54 History 40 Psychology 37 Political Science 26 Accounting 22 Education 22 Nursing 21 Sociology 17 Creative writing 16


  • Education

    DPhil in Philosophy  
    Masters in International Economics with a major in Philosophy  
    Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with emphasis on ECONOMICS and FINANCE
    Certified CFA in basic financial analytics from United States International University
    Bachelors (MBChB)

    Past Employment

    In these past 7 years, I have worked as a Freelance Academic Writer for numerous writing agencies and excelled quite very well. Over time, I’ve gained enormous experience in disciplines such as, but not limited to Business,  English Literature, Marketing, Communication, Creative Writing, Arts, Law, Accounting, Theology, Health Sciences, Nursing, Biology, PsychologySociology,  Political   Science,  History and Class Discussions!


    I am a professional Academic Writer with a Ph.D in philosophy. With my vast knowledge on the Academia world, I can basically handle virtually all papers touching the aforementioned disciplines with ease. I have developed academic papers and educational content which have received highest possible scores over time. Similarly, I have drafted award winning essays in record times, following strict standards and guidelines for higher educational learning.
    In all these, I have attained 97% score in customer returns making me one of the most competitive individuals on the site.
    Give me a shot for an experience of your lifetime.  


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    08/04/2020 fantastic
    08/04/2020 Great work as always and completed 6 hours before the deadline!
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    08/03/2020 It seemed like this professor wrote the paper in a different lanuage and maybe used a translation app to get it to English. So much of the paper did not make sense, was not correct, or clear. Waste of $100 as I had to write the paper myself super rushed. There are great professors on here, I would not reccomend this one. 
    08/03/2020 perfect
    08/02/2020 Fast work
    08/01/2020 Fast turn around and great paper! Thank you again!!!!! 
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