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English 124 Business 108 Psychology 107 History 82 Nursing 81 Accounting 64 Political Science 55 Education 48 Sociology 45 Healthcare 38


  • Education

    DPhil in Philosophy  
    Masters in International Economics with a major in Philosophy  
    Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with emphasis on ECONOMICS and FINANCE
    Certified CFA in basic financial analytics from United States International University
    Bachelors (MBChB)

    Past Employment

    In these past 7 years, I have worked as a Freelance Academic Writer for numerous writing agencies and excelled quite very well. Over time, I’ve gained enormous experience in disciplines such as, but not limited to Business,  English Literature, Marketing, Communication, Creative Writing, Arts, Law, Accounting, Theology, Health Sciences, Nursing, Biology, PsychologySociology,  Political   Science,  History and Class Discussions!


    I am a professional Academic Writer with a Ph.D in philosophy. With my vast knowledge on the Academia world, I can basically handle virtually all papers touching the aforementioned disciplines with ease. I have developed academic papers and educational content which have received highest possible scores over time. Similarly, I have drafted award winning essays in record times, following strict standards and guidelines for higher educational learning.
    In all these, I have attained 97% score in customer returns making me one of the most competitive individuals on the site.
    Give me a shot for an experience of your lifetime.  


    Date Comment Rating
    11/25/2020 Great work. I had to make some modifications to my paper and the modifications were done within an hour or so...I was really impressed.
    Definately will use again.
    Thank you.
    11/25/2020 Sweet paper
    11/24/2020 AMAZING JOB. followed all intructions to a TEE and got me an A
    11/24/2020 Great!
    11/23/2020 Amazing work, recieved A!
    11/23/2020 another A!!
    11/23/2020 Amazing job! Before deadline and amazing writing!!
    11/22/2020 Thank you so much!!!
    11/22/2020 Very fast and very good
    11/22/2020 Thank you so much for your work!
    11/22/2020 Thank you so much for your work!
    11/21/2020 Thanks!!
    11/21/2020 Great paper, perfect for what I needed. Thanks alot!
    11/20/2020 Great to work with! Promp completion and fantastic work! 
    11/20/2020 Did an impressive job given the extensive amount of work in such a short deadline. Some issues regarding flow, sentence structure, vocab, phrasing, repetitiveness, and grammar- but these were all superficial issues. The core arguement, evidence, and analysis was very strong. The issues were understandible given the amount of work in such a short time constraint (again, very impressive). It was extremely overpriced, but worth the steep premium given the parameters of the situation. Also very cooperative & no complaints. Finished slightly earlier and I asked for some very time sensitive revisions, no compaints and did as much as possible. Very easy to work with.
    11/20/2020 I will not be using this professor again.   Poor written essay.  Thankfully I asked for it two days before deadline.   Now I have to rewrite this essay completely.  
    11/20/2020 killed it and was able to deliver an 8 page / APA format / research paper in 8 hours. A legend. Truly delivered. 
    11/19/2020 Where do i begin? This was my first experience on this site and let me just say, it will be my last. I was provided a 26 page research paper, which i paid close to $400 for and I will be using none of it. Nevermind the grammatical errors, the paper was borderline incoherent, disorganized and off topic. Not to mention this paper included 12 additional sections that were not needed. I asked this professor several questions regarding sections of the paper I wanted adjusted and they were breezed past. I went so far as to upload a sample paper, closer in style and format to what I needed and that was also ignored. I reached out to UnemployedProfessors for assistance with all of this, so that I wouldn't have to take it as far as disputing it with my financial institution, and received no answer back. Regardless to how unsatisfied I was, still I was WILLING to pay out a fraction of the initial cost of this paper, as I understood there was atleast an attempt to complete my assignment, however, because this professor was not concerned with my experience on this site, nor was this company, an official dispute has now been charged to my bank. You should be ASHAMED of your lack of assistance and consideration in this matter. As long as you get paid right? 
    11/19/2020 Great work! Never disappoints!
    11/19/2020 task not understood, lots of copy paste and not taken time to read through the guidelines Would not recommend.
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