DPhil in Philosophy  
Masters in International Economics with a major in Philosophy  
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with emphasis on ECONOMICS and FINANCE
Certified CFA in basic financial analytics from United States International University
Bachelors (MBChB)

Past Employment

In these past 7 years, I have worked as a Freelance Academic Writer for numerous writing agencies and excelled quite very well. Over time, I’ve gained enormous experience in disciplines such as, but not limited to Business,  English Literature, Marketing, Communication, Creative Writing, Arts, Law, Accounting, Theology, Health Sciences, Nursing, Biology, PsychologySociology,  Political   Science,  History and Class Discussions!


I am a professional Academic Writer with a Ph.D in philosophy. With my vast knowledge on the Academia world, I can basically handle virtually all papers touching the aforementioned disciplines with ease. I have developed academic papers and educational content which have received highest possible scores over time. Similarly, I have drafted award winning essays in record times, following strict standards and guidelines for higher educational learning.
In all these, I have attained 97% score in customer returns making me one of the most competitive individuals on the site.
Give me a shot for an experience of your lifetime.  


Date Comment Rating
09/29/2023 I was amazed by the communication I received from you. You listened to every request and delivered an amazing job on time, with a perfect paper that was just fabulous. Your attention to detail and dedication is truly appreciated, and it's great to know that I can count on you for quality work when needed!
04/27/2023 Had my essay within 24 hours. Only minor adjustments needed to fit my writing style more, but saved me hours during finals' week on a paper! Thanking them so much!
04/16/2023 Great job!
04/08/2023 My profeessor did an AMAZING job. She went above and beyond. I highly recommend. 
12/03/2022 Awesome!!
10/25/2022 Amazing Work, My Proffesor Gave me an A+++++
10/21/2022 Great Communication throughout. Extremely satisified with the report and accompanying excel document analysis. Would work with again!!
10/20/2022 Perfect
10/20/2022 Shes does really great work I would recomend 10 out of 10 !
10/16/2022 So nice and done in a timely fashion! Thank you so much I appreciate it!
10/16/2022 Awesome work! 
Thank you so much!
I will absolutely choose this professor again!
10/13/2022 Great work! Will for sure hire again 
10/13/2022 Always on time and detail oriented thank you!
10/11/2022 I am very happy with my paper the professor was quick and open minded to my creative views.
10/10/2022 very good work and on time!
09/25/2022 Thank you for the quick and seamless communication as well as my assignment.
08/27/2022 Feedback from school: Exceeds Project Requirements

Thank you so much for the short notice assignment! I'm very happy with the work and I really appreciate you!
07/07/2022 The professor had to write three copies of the paper to get it semi-right, and even then it required a lot of editing from me. When I read some reviews (for all professors, not just this one) as I was selecting a professor, I was very worried about the negative reviews but I decided to ignore them. This was blissful ignorance. My professor wrote about completely off-topic things in the first two papers, and needed a lot of guidance from me on a simple prompt (For a 2000-level English course, I found this concerning). I would suggest you simply do the work instead of using this service. I appreciate the professor's willingness to help and try again, but I don't think that this should've been necessary. There was also massive issues with citations and sentences that should be cited, even in the final product. 
04/19/2022 great work
04/12/2022 The assignment was perfect. No changes were required. Looking forward to use this prof again. Thanks
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