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English 138 Business 120 Psychology 116 Nursing 96 History 87 Accounting 76 Political Science 60 Sociology 58 Education 50 Healthcare 44


  • Education

    DPhil in Philosophy  
    Masters in International Economics with a major in Philosophy  
    Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with emphasis on ECONOMICS and FINANCE
    Certified CFA in basic financial analytics from United States International University
    Bachelors (MBChB)

    Past Employment

    In these past 7 years, I have worked as a Freelance Academic Writer for numerous writing agencies and excelled quite very well. Over time, I’ve gained enormous experience in disciplines such as, but not limited to Business,  English Literature, Marketing, Communication, Creative Writing, Arts, Law, Accounting, Theology, Health Sciences, Nursing, Biology, PsychologySociology,  Political   Science,  History and Class Discussions!


    I am a professional Academic Writer with a Ph.D in philosophy. With my vast knowledge on the Academia world, I can basically handle virtually all papers touching the aforementioned disciplines with ease. I have developed academic papers and educational content which have received highest possible scores over time. Similarly, I have drafted award winning essays in record times, following strict standards and guidelines for higher educational learning.
    In all these, I have attained 97% score in customer returns making me one of the most competitive individuals on the site.
    Give me a shot for an experience of your lifetime.  


    Date Comment Rating
    03/03/2021 great job
    02/21/2021 Great!!
    02/19/2021 AWESOME!!!
    02/18/2021 Good 
    02/17/2021 This professor wrote a great paper. There were some grammar issues and spelling errors (for example socalist instead of socalite); however, I was able to fix eveything as well as connect some of the missing ideas and supporting evidence. Although the paper wasn't perfect or ready to turn in, the professor also offered revisions and help after posting the solution. While I chose not to go that route and I edited the paper myslef, I was very appricative of this.  
    02/16/2021 Great! Finished project early. Would use again.

    02/15/2021 perfect work, right on time, with the right amount of citations and great writing. Thank you very much!
    02/15/2021 Great work! Very fast response. 
    02/11/2021 100%
    02/11/2021 great 
    02/04/2021 They were amazing and whent above and beyond to assure that the paper met my needs. 

    To be honest I was trying to contact the service to see how I could get my money back as I will have to as another prof to redo this assignment. This prof asked for a 10/10. I attempted several times to communicate with the prof about what all was wrong which was every freaking thing, which suck because this is my money, the prof sent me back the same paper and made no adjustment, none what so ever 

    01/25/2021 I did a Politics Research and Design question. 

    - Did not communicate 
    - Did not do the work properly
    - I received a 38 % which is a pass by compensation 


    01/24/2021 Clear as water!!
    01/21/2021 10/10. Thank you for the work. Will end up using this writer for future work.
    01/19/2021 Got an A in my liberal arts discussion! Highly recommend! 
    01/16/2021 Amazing work as always!
    01/15/2021 writing is fantasic got 100% 
    01/15/2021 Great job!
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