Bachelor of Laws (LLB) -The University of Law 

Oxford Brookes University (UK) | Msc in International Management 
North London University | BSc Hons Business Information System, upper second 

Past Employment

In the previous years, I have been engaged as a self-employed academic writer, focusing on producing new essays and research papers in various fields including business, marketing, management, and supply chain management. Moreover, I have also gained professional experience working with various institutions of higher learning such as the University of Oxford, where I worked as a Research Accounts Advisor, and as a special project manager at Strathmore University.


As a dedicated professor, I strive to provide my students with top-notch essay-writing services that meet all the necessary requirements. With over seven years of academic writing experience and having studied at prestigious institutions such as Oxford Brussels University for my Master's Degree in International Management and the University of North London for my Bachelor's in Business Information systems, you can trust that your work will be handled professionally and delivered on time. Additionally, if you encounter any challenging accounting work, particularly those pesky pivot table problems, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Together, we can conquer any academic obstacle and achieve your desired academic goals.


Date Comment Rating
05/28/2023 Excellent work, and timely production.
05/15/2023 Kept me informed and completed task ahead of time
05/02/2023 This professor completed the large amount of course work assigned with relatively no issues. I received a good grade upon completion. I appreciate her work.
05/02/2023 My professor did a great job, and wrote the perfect paper. It was finished super quick, and exceeded my expectations
04/29/2023 Lily did an outstanding job on my paper. It was done on time and was very professional. All points were hit extremely well. Highly recommend!
04/12/2023 .
04/02/2023 did okay with the paper. It really was not a paper. I had to adjust quite a bit to make it good enough to turn in. 
03/30/2023 Please be careful when selecting these "professors". 
03/20/2023 Lily was fabulous to work with! 10/10
03/16/2023 Thanks Lily for making a painful university life better. Some people just aren't academic material and still struggle to go to university, which of course is me.
03/12/2023 Fast, kind, easy to worl with, understood the assignent
02/22/2023 thank you excellent paper
02/22/2023 thank you agian for all your hardwork and expert knowlegde , fantastic work
02/21/2023 one of the best professors, excellent work
02/17/2023 Absolutely perfect thank you so much 
02/14/2023 Amazing work!
02/08/2023 perfect paper thank you agian
02/08/2023 Fabulous paper thank you 
02/07/2023 awesome thank you so much
02/07/2023 Thank you for all your work, and making sure im on track perfect paper.
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