Oxford Brookes University (UK) | Msc in International Management 
North London University | BSc Hons Business Information System, upper second 

Past Employment

For the past years, I have worked as a freelance academic writer where I wrote new essays and research papers in business, marketing, management, supply chain management among others. In addition, I have worked with different institutions of higher learning like the University of Oxford as Research Accounts Advisor and special project manager at Strathmore University.


I am the "go-to" kind of a professor when it comes to your essays. I dedicate my time to researching to ensure that I produce quality essays that meet all the requirements. I have over five-year academic writing experience and having studied from Oxford Brussels University for my Master's Degree in International Management and the University of North London for my Bachelor in Business Information system you can rest assured that your work will be handled professionally and delivered in time. To add on this, if you have any accounting work that is proofing stubborn, don't let it interfere with your peace, just let ME  know, and I will kick its butt especially those PIVOT TABLE PROBLEMS. Let's do this.


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01/25/2023 thank you for everything , i really appreciate your work . Excellent paper 
01/25/2023 thank you for all you help , excellent job
01/24/2023 excellent once agian , thank you so much
01/24/2023 Thank you so much Lily 
01/24/2023 Fantastic responses, thank you so much
01/24/2023 Thank you Excellent paper. and done quickly
01/22/2023 Thank you ,pefect agian 
01/18/2023 Thank you , i really appreciate your fast work also
01/18/2023 excellent paper thanks 
01/17/2023 Excellent thank you 
01/14/2023 This professor really came through at zero hour. Awesome work and in record time!
01/11/2023 Thank you so much , great paper
12/13/2022 Fantastic work, quick turnaround, very responsive and engaged to produce the best paper possible. Thank you!
12/08/2022 Thank-you
11/21/2022 Thank you very much for the help. Extremely good communication!!! 
11/21/2022 Amazing experience. Defo recommend!
11/12/2022 Perfect thank you 
11/03/2022 got a 100 thank u/you
10/26/2022 Absoulety amazing.
10/18/2022 thank you agian
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