University of Hawaii at Manoa, Class of 2012 - BA in Chinese Language and Literature

University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education Class of 2020, MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Past Employment

2017 - current - English Teacher, Taitung, Taiwan

2015 - 2017 - New Jersey Public Schools, Monmouth County

2014 - 2015 - Fusion Academy, California

2013 - 2014 - Honolulu Public Schools

2012 - 2013 - Kojen English, Taipei

2009 - 2012 - Honolulu Public Schools



My name is Max and I'm happy to help. I currently work as an English teacher for students of all ages in an aboriginal village In the south of Taiwan. The program was established to help kids from lower-income families find a positive environment to come to after school for enrichment, and maybe a path towards better opportunities in the future. English is becoming more and more important around the world, so my role here has been growing over the last few years.

Please feel free to contact me, even at odd hours. Because of the time difference, the hour might not be so odd on my end!


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01/20/2022 Saved me
12/19/2021 Work was completed on time thank goodness, but honestly this was the bare bare bare minimum that was needed for the project. In fact, the conclusion that tied all of the elements together as was stated necessary ijn the rubric I shared was completely missing. It is enough for me to pass my class but for $200, I might have just pulled an all nighter and done this myself.
12/18/2021 Good prof, always completes my work on time and as a pass!
12/17/2021 Great paper and finished it on a time crush. Much appreciated!
12/12/2021 The work was of excellent quality and thorough. Max did a fantastic job. He hit all the points on my prompt, and I can tell he looked over the examples I gave him. The only issue for me was that he submitted it late. I initially requested him to submit it to me by 5 pm, and he asked for an extension to submit it at 8 pm since he had to do another revision on someone else's paper which set him back. I agreed since I had only given him two days to complete the 5-page paper. But, I didn't get the paper until after 10 pm, and I had already informed him that my paper was due at 10 pm. I am just bummed because my teacher even said she would have given me an A if it wasn't late. So, I got a B instead. (I'm in a graduate program, so teachers are more strict with deadlines.) Still a passing grade, and I was still impressed with his work. So thank you, Max! But, maybe don't bite off more than you can chew next time.
I understand that I only gave him two days to complete the essay, but he must've started the essay on the day I wanted it submitted to me, making him barely have even a day to work on it (when I gave him two.)  If you select Max, make sure you're giving him a lot of time to complete your assignment, so you don't have this happen to you. Don't choose him for your project if it's due in the next few days. I wish the website would give partial credit back to customers who get their assignment after their requested due date/time. We shouldn't have to pay full price when we don't. 7/10
12/05/2021 Splendid work. Just finished editing yhr essay and it looks great. Thank you so much! Highly recommend 
12/05/2021  Excellent understanding of instructions and subject matter.  
12/03/2021 Amazing work! 
11/30/2021 Constant A work. My go to in a pinch. Great return time. 
11/30/2021 Fast and quick response. Everything was great! Thanks for your assistance! Really appreciate.
11/30/2021 Thank you. A+ 
11/30/2021 Very detailed paper and met all the requirements.
11/30/2021 Great work
11/29/2021 Thank you for the free revision.
11/29/2021 Thank you for the free revision.
11/29/2021 I am satisfied with the paper I received.
11/29/2021 I love this professor. The work is just marvelous. I will definitely use this service againg
11/29/2021 Great job
11/29/2021 Provided the assignment ahead of the time.Provided the assignment ahead of the time.
11/25/2021 Selected this professor for many assignments. Maxdill usually delivered work on time but sometimes it delivered work on time but sometimes it delivered to you a bit late. But the assignment itself done with professionalism. Support work fine as well.
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