University of Hawaii at Manoa, Class of 2012 - BA in Chinese Language and Literature

University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education Class of 2020, MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Past Employment

2017 - current - English Teacher, Taitung, Taiwan

2015 - 2017 - New Jersey Public Schools, Monmouth County

2014 - 2015 - Fusion Academy, California

2013 - 2014 - Honolulu Public Schools

2012 - 2013 - Kojen English, Taipei

2009 - 2012 - Honolulu Public Schools



My name is Max and I'm happy to help. I currently work as an English teacher for students of all ages in an aboriginal village In the south of Taiwan. The program was established to help kids from lower-income families find a positive environment to come to after school for enrichment, and maybe a path towards better opportunities in the future. English is becoming more and more important around the world, so my role here has been growing over the last few years.

Please feel free to contact me, even at odd hours. Because of the time difference, the hour might not be so odd on my end!


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