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    Ivy League BA, Ivy League MA (Sociology), Ivy League MA (Political Science), Big State School PhD (Political Science)

    Past Employment

    Adjunct Professor, Intelligence Analyst, Private Sector Risk Analysis, Certified First Responder


    PhD in Political Science - Big State School Where People Really Love Football
    MA in Political Science - Ivy League School with a decent football team
    MA Sociology - Ivy League School with a terrible football team
    BA (Honors) Political & Sociology - Ivy League with the worst football team

    I write stuff all across the humanities and social sciences (I can make it witty if you'd like) with some additional specializations that I have developed over time. I also love science. While I can't handle specialized engineering coursework, I adore math, geology, oceanography, and a few other "hard" sciences I might be forgetting.

    I love writing long term papers and essays but also consider myself to be the king of the discussion/reaction paper. There's nothing like applying basic critical thinking to something unfamiliar with - I find it truly fun.

    I am the original Unemployed Professor, and the first professor hired for this site. Unlike most of the other professors on this site, I only bid on projects that are BOTH in my areas of expertise, and of interest to me. Most other professors bid on almost every single project that is posted. When I bid on your project, you can thus be sure that I am not only qualified to complete it but also excited to do so.

    After informally polling my regular clients between May and December 2018, I have found that the papers that I am producing are receiving average grades in the range between 92% and 97%.

    I also really enjoy working with students for entire courses. If you book multiple projects with me throughout the semester, I will lock you in at the site's minimum price for the entire semester even though rates typically go up during the busiest parts of the year (Mid-October to early December and March to mid-May). That way you won't get gouged by an unscrupulous professors when you can afford it the least!

    I run all of my papers through Write Check to make sure they are plagiarism free. Even though I write everything from scratch, I believe you can never be too careful.

    I also respond to every single message I receive. If you send it between 12PM EST-11PM EST, I will typically respond to you within the hour.

    Core Specializations:
    -Political Science
    -International Relations
    -Admissions Essays

    All quoted projects are Cambria or Courier New 12pt font, double-spaced, with Word 2003 standard margins, unless otherwise noted/requested. If you don't provide a preferred citation style, I will use APA by default. Feel free to make me aware of any needs that differ from these guidelines, and I will make an exception whenever it is possible.


    Date Comment Rating
    05/19/2019 Excellent, only prof I use

    It's always a pleasure! Cheers, Theo
    05/16/2019 My "research" paper was graded as a C- since it did not include any quotations or statistics and the objective was not met. The whole paper was simply paraphrased.

    I'm sorry to hear you received that feedback. As I can't match a review to a paper, feel free to reach out so we can discuss this. Best, Theo
    Once again, a masterpiece!  I believe this prof to be #1 on this website.  I've used his services multiple times and he is very reliable.  He is highly recommended.

    Cheers :)
    05/16/2019 I have used Professor Rogue multiple times, and I have recieved A's on each assignment. Thank you!

    Always a pleasure to work with you! Cheers, Theo
    05/15/2019 Another 100%

    05/15/2019 Got a 100% and paper was finished earlier than requested. 

    That's what I aim to do! Cheers, Theo
    05/10/2019 I waited until my project was graded to comment. On the 8 page paper I recieved an 88. No complaints here. I thought the price asked was fair and the paper was even completed a day early. This professor was great to work with and I would recommend to anyone else in the future. 

    Great to hear. Pleasure working with you! Cheers, Theo
    05/10/2019 500 word paper on globalization 

    I've used this site on multiple occasions. I've worked with this user multiple times. He is an excellent writer who ensures you get what you paid for. Always prompt at responding and keeps his ego at the door, despite being highly educated and academically skilled. 

    Thanks for the kind words :) Cheers, Theo
    05/08/2019 Works fast and communicates well

    That's what I always strive to do! Cheers, Theo
    05/07/2019 Great paper! Done early as well!

    05/06/2019 Fantastic

    I aim to please! Cheers, Theo
    05/06/2019 Great Paper

    Very glad you like it! Cheers, Theo
    05/06/2019 A++

    Thanks for the kind feedback! Cheers, T
    05/05/2019 Great essay and in a timely manner!

    That's always my goal! Cheers, Theo
    05/03/2019 I had a 3000 word assignment which I only made about 4 or 5 edits to. Only one was a typo and the others were style. He stayed in contact throughout the process. I got full credit for my assignment and I am very happy with the work of this professor.

    Glad to hear it! Sorry for the typo :) - I catch almost all of them. Doh! Cheers, Theo
    05/01/2019 Finished two days before it was due with outstanding quality.

    That's always my goal :) Thanks for the feedback! A pleasure working with you. Cheers, Theo
    04/28/2019 Amazing work, on time and all around Great Prof to work with. Would surely use again.

    It was a pleasure working with you. Please drop me a line if you need help in the future! Cheers, Theo
    04/27/2019 A+++

    Great to hear! Cheers, T
    04/26/2019 Did a phenomenal job getting my assignment done on time. The material was great and of a professional college level. Very few grammar errors, which Grammarly was able to correct in no time. 
    Would definitely recommend this professor's work! 

    Thanks so much for the kind feedback. Be wary of Grammarly though - it sometimes flags false positives! Cheers, Theo
    04/21/2019 A TRUE PROFESSIONAL 

    I sometimes write papers without pants on but I'll take it! LOL Cheers, Theo
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