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  • Education

    Ivy League BA, Ivy League MA (Sociology), Ivy League MA (Political Science), Big State School PhD (Political Science)

    Past Employment

    Adjunct Professor, Intelligence Analyst, Private Sector Risk Analysis


    PhD in Political Science with an additional MA in Sociology. I write witty stuff all across the humanities and social sciences with some additional specializations that I have developed over time. I love writing long term papers and essays but also consider myself to be the king of the discussion/reaction paper. There's nothing like applying basic critical thinking to something unfamiliar with - I find it truly fun.

    I am the original Unemployed Professor, and the first professor hired for this site. Unlike most of the other professors on this site, I only bid on projects that are BOTH in my areas of expertise, and of interest to me. Most other professors bid on almost every single project that is posted. When I bid on your project, you can thus be sure that I am not only qualified to complete it but also excited to do so.

    Core Specializations:
    -Political Science
    -International Relations
    -Admissions Essays

    All quoted projects are Cambria or Courier New 12pt font, double-spaced, unless otherwise noted/requested. Instruction/material lock-in occurs 72 hours prior to delivery for papers 10 pages or shorter, and five days prior to delivery for longer papers. No changes in instructions or provided materials will be accepted after these junctures. All quoted times are 11:59 PM PST, unless otherwise noted! Feel free to make me aware of any needs that differ from these rules, and I will make an exception whenever it is possible.


    Date Comment Rating
    11/16/2017 $50 and got 68 on my paper! 
    11/15/2017 Deserves every dollar.
    Excellent, Timely, and Patient 
    11/12/2017 Thrilled to have this in a day early, grade was 90%.
    11/11/2017 I'm extremely satisfied with the paper. He responded quickly to my emails and made changes last minute upon request. Thanks again!
    11/10/2017 Always early, Always top notch work. Thank You!
    11/08/2017 Always beyond my expectations, a credit to his craft. Follows instructions well and minimal changes required. Highly recommend. 
    11/08/2017 Completed project exactly as requested. Better than expected! A+ for sure
    11/07/2017 Absolutely first-rate. 
    11/06/2017 This is the second time I have used this prof and am so glad I did. Really well written, and I can tell that the prof grasps the content and concepts from his/her writing (this was a sociology paper). I feel confident in this professors abilities and relieved to know you are working on them! Always on time and cited perfectly. 

    11/05/2017 Consistently provides A+ work.  Thank you!
    11/05/2017 Great work!!
    11/04/2017 Did an excellent job, on time, and great attitude. Can't ask for more.
    11/04/2017 the best out there!
    completed my assignment before deadline! 
    Well written book review in a time crunch.  Received an A!
    A+++++  Great work as usual!  I highly recommend this prof because of his original writing, follows instructions, and responds to questions quickly.  Delievers papers hours ahead of deadline. 
    10/24/2017 Usual Excellent work
    10/23/2017 Always top notch papers!  A+
    10/22/2017 Delivers early with solid work!
    10/22/2017 Amazing job!
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