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Political Science 712 Criminology 376 Business 232 English 227 Sociology 223 History 219 Psychology 192 Accounting 119 Philosophy 115 Economics 82


  • Education

    Ivy League BA, Ivy League MA (Sociology), Ivy League MA (Political Science), Big State School PhD (Political Science)

    Past Employment

    Adjunct Professor, Intelligence Analyst, Private Sector Risk Analysis


    PhD in Political Science with an additional MA in Sociology. I write witty stuff all across the humanities and social sciences with some additional specializations that I have developed over time. I love writing long term papers and essays but also consider myself to be the king of the discussion/reaction paper. There's nothing like applying basic critical thinking to something unfamiliar with - I find it truly fun.

    I am the original Unemployed Professor, and the first professor hired for this site. Unlike most of the other professors on this site, I only bid on projects that are BOTH in my areas of expertise, and of interest to me. Most other professors bid on almost every single project that is posted. When I bid on your project, you can thus be sure that I am not only qualified to complete it but also excited to do so.

    Core Specializations:
    -Political Science
    -International Relations
    -Admissions Essays

    All quoted projects are Cambria or Courier New 12pt font, double-spaced, unless otherwise noted/requested. Instruction/material lock-in occurs 72 hours prior to delivery for papers 10 pages or shorter, and five days prior to delivery for longer papers. No changes in instructions or provided materials will be accepted after these junctures. All quoted times are 11:59 PM PST, unless otherwise noted! If you don't provide a preferred citation style, I will use APA by default. Feel free to make me aware of any needs that differ from these rules, and I will make an exception whenever it is possible.


    Date Comment Rating
    01/16/2018 I use this professor when I can. Always delivers on time + high-quality work. (4th-year university essay received a B+)  
    01/11/2018 Great work on my biology assignment. No regrets.
    01/09/2018 Delivered a well-written paper that went beyond my expectations. Not to mention he completed it a day earlier too.
    01/08/2018 Amazing!
    01/06/2018 You will not regret the work delivered from this professor. Hands down, one of the BEST!
    01/06/2018 Super duper job on my bio assignment. 
    01/02/2018 Excellent work on my Q&A assignment.
    01/01/2018 Great job. Followed the specific instructions and provided great content. Only downside is that I had to dumb it down a little. Will be using again!
    12/21/2017 Wow. I’m in shock after editing this paper that I received. Absolute trash. The paper says the same thing over and over—using filler words, restructuring the same ideas, providing little to no primary sources, and tons of run on sentences. “Indeed, and with...” was used 52 times in 17 pages. My page count wasn’t met when I formatted correctly. I guess I should have just written this paper myself because it’s going to take me just as long to edit this turd. 
    12/20/2017 would def use again. assignment was early and perfect :) 
    12/19/2017 Beautiful work and did it within a short time period! I highly recommend. 
    12/18/2017 This professor did an excellent job. Unfortunately, I got stuck in a diffcult four credit elective due to a scheduling conflict. I hired him to complete a series of papers that were the only grades in the course. He completed all papers a week ahead of time giving me time to proofread them and make the necessary edits. He's very easy to communicate and will respond back to your messages within 24 hours. All papers were of B+/A- quality and just needed a bit of polishing to make an A quality paper. I highly reccomend him!
    12/17/2017 Amazing work and delivered before the deadline
    12/16/2017 Finished the paper on time, got an 89% grade.
    12/13/2017 Professor had good communication but paper got a B-
    12/11/2017 A always
    12/11/2017 Didn't answer all of the questions, left about half unaswered.
    12/10/2017 Really amazing work competed increadibly expeditously. There were some (very, VERY minor) style related elements that I had to edit prior to submitting it; for example, some sentances started with "In this respect," or "with this in mind," which made the flow a tiny bit chopier then my own writing would be usually. However, this is an exceedingly minor flaw that took me all of five minutes to correct, and I know for a fact that many of my peers - and therefore many of the people reading this review - write with that kind of sentance structure anyway.

    The contect was spot on and related well to what had been discussed in lecture and in my course's seminar. I attend one of the Universities ranked in the top 10 on US News and World Report, so in general the work load and expectations are quite high.This professor has a mastery of the kind of material you will have encounter in an undergradute course in political sceince, international relations, or security studies. This kind of clear and well articulated subject area knowledge will translate into better results for you, on a faster timeline than you might expect. All in all, highly recomened! 
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