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English 109 History 98 Business 74 Political Science 69 Medicine and Health 66 English Literature 62 Philosophy 52 Accounting 46 Sociology 38 Criminology 37


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    Bachelor of Science (Physics/Mathematics, Ivy League), Master of Arts (English Lit, Ivy League), PhD (English Lit, Ivy League.

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    Been a ghostwriter and tutor for roughly 15 years. I've written on pretty much every subject, and every topic. My work is characterized by elegance and strong argument. I attend carefully to the instructions, and make sure I deliver a paper on topic, which meets citation standards. I have written everything from basic persuasive essays, to theses and dissertations. I am expert in the following areas: English History Business Criminology Psychology Law Political Science Economics Philosophy Education Film Anthropology I stand behind my work, and always meet my client's expectations. I look forward to working with you to meet your academic needs.


    I pride myself on elegantly crafted, cogent and expressive essays, term papers, theses and dissertations. Let me get you an A+!


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    05/19/2021 Great writer, very timely and got my essay to me earlier than expected. Thank you!
    05/17/2021 Just amazing work. Genuinely, went above and beyond and completed my assignments exactly how they were supposed to be completed. Unreal work, thank you!!!!
    04/28/2021 Professor Platium did an awesome job! 
    04/22/2021 First time using this service so I did not know what to expect. P's writing style is brilliant. I'll be back for more :) 
    04/18/2021 Very determined to make sure assignment is done to perfection of instructions.
    04/17/2021 Will use again! Got my paper to me at 4pm, when I asked to have it done by midnight. A whole 8 hours early!! Paper doesn't need a thing changed to it. Great communication. Thank you!!
    04/16/2021 Great communication and polite. My paper is was handed in on time and I didn't do it, so I'll give full stars. Hopefully I get a high mark. 
    05/12/2020 My professor thought it was a good star, so I give 10 stars. Recommend to anyone
    04/15/2020 Excellent paper and completed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this professor to anyone.
    04/11/2020 This professer has been my go-to for TWO papers so far in my history course. The first paper written for me recieved a perfect score as well as extra credit points!! Thanks so much for your hard work platinum!!
    04/11/2020 The English Annotated bibiliography for my research paper that was completed was an A, so i was very satisfied especially with the communication. Will be using this professor in the very near future. 
    03/26/2020 Another 10 starts for another paper from platinum. You are an aboslute lifesaver!
    03/25/2020 This review is for the second paper platinum wrote for me. Another awesome essay related to criminal justice. Thanks again plat!
    03/25/2020 This is a review for the first paper platinum wrote for me. It was an essay for a criminal justice class and it was great! Platinum does great work and you should definitely hire them!!
    03/09/2020 Awesome work.
    03/03/2020 Received fukk credit. Great research on the topic. Received 97.2%
    02/15/2020 Great work. Asked for an extension but it was ok and delivered as promised. 
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    01/09/2020 Prompt and well written 
    01/08/2020 Great work! 
    09/17/2019 wow
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