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English 597 History 485 Business 439 Psychology 383 Political Science 310 Sociology 299 English Literature 272 Literature 252 Accounting 248 Philosophy 239


  • Education

    BA, English (Top-tier) MA / PhD, Media Studies (Tier 1 university). 
    I have a humanities background, but I have tutored and taught in many related fields, ranging from math to the social sciences to ESL. I've completed in-depth, graduate level projects on topics as diverse as accounting, business, biology, music, psychology, and theology for my clients. One of my other projects involves publishing books, so I have some background and experience in formatting and editing books for the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. If you're a self-publishing author, I can help you out.  

    Also, I used to work as an admissions consultant specializing in graduate admissions for international students, so I have extensive experience with admissions essays. Someday Later this  year, I'll finish my book about these admissions essays!

    I am insatiably curious about absolutely everything. 

    Past Employment

    Editing, tutoring, teaching: College level (8 years) Retail (bookstore): editor / proofreader (6 years); 11 years of combined teaching / private tutoring / TA-ing experience, miscellaneous experience with business, marketing, finance, PR / marketing work. I have experience with white papers, cover letters, SEO, and resumes too. 

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    It has come to my attention recently that some unscrupulous competitors claim to have a writer named "Deleuzienne."  This site, UnemployedProfessors.COM, is the only site I write for and anyone using my username is violating a trademark. Be careful out there on the web!

    Get my book: "Hacking Papers: How to Write a Successful Paper (even if you never did the reading)". It's full of quick tips and tricks about research and writing.  Now out in paperback ($8.95) and as always, on Kindle! $3.99 but probably worth at least 4 bucks!  

    Get it here on Kindle! (Plaintext link:

    and here in paperback. (Plaintext link:

    I'm also working on a new book about grad admissions essays, so stay tuned. And let me know what content  would be helpful or what questions you would want in a book like this!

    I've completed over 7,000 projects for this site. I must be doing something right! 

    Areas of special interest: Anthropology, sociology, technology, computers, English, linguistics, media, philosophy, political science, psychology, art, history, gender studies, culture studies, business, pedagogy / teaching, ethnography, CSR, ethics, religion. 

    I can help with Vellum readings, language classes, and more.

    I am also pretty good with math(s).  If you have a project you think I can take on, invite me and I'll check it out!

    Press (includes a writing sample):

    NOTE: My bidding minimum is $30/page (double-spaced, standard margins + font), $45/ page (1.5 spacing), and $60/page single spacing. Sometimes I bid more than this minimum because of turnaround, the cost of materials such as books or journal articles, the complexity of a project, how much work I already have and so on. Please don't ask me to bid less than my minimum. Remember that this site, bank fees, and taxes each take an enormous cut, and I am netting FAR less than that per-page cost. Thank you for understanding.

    A few tips:
    1. Word count > page count, every time! Try to get a ballpark estimate from your professor.
    2. Although more info is usually better, there is a point where an overwhelming amount of info can cut into precious time, especially on very tight deadlines!  Think about what info I really need to write. I can't always read an entire semester of assigned readings in a day. Also keep in mind there is a limit on how many files you upload with your project. It can be very time consuming to download dozens or hundreds of .jpg, .pdf, and .png files, especially if they are out-of-order pages. The less time I have to spend on admin stuff like that, the more time I have for writing. 
    3. An ideal deadline is about 24-36 business hours away from when you must hand it in. This will give you time to  look over it, revise if necessary, ensure that you have the file, etc. I realize this is not always possible, but it is ideal: and if your deadline is more flexible, you can usually save some money this way since my bid will be lower!
    4. Unfortunately I can't provide ongoing status updates.  I read most messages as quickly as I see them, but I can't always respond immediately. Thanks for understanding! 
    5. The system cannot accommodate multiple due dates. It's super annoying, but remember that all I see is the due date you have chosen.
    4. Sometimes...I need to sleep or eat! Please allow a few hours for a response and remember that I am on US Pacific Time. 


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    08/08/2020 Project was completed on time, all instructions followed & no issues with plagiarism. The essay is incredible - well written, cohesive & thought provoking. Excellent work! Thank you!! 
    08/05/2020 Thanks!
    08/04/2020 FLAWLESS five page paper. Followed directions perfectly. A++
    08/03/2020 This Professor got me an A on an essay with insane specifications (literallly pages of instructions) for a class with a notroiously difficult professor who doesn't give A's on essays. I couldn't be more thankful!
    08/03/2020 This Professor went above and beyond for this assignment. They got me the highest score I could achieve on it. I highly recommend them!
    08/03/2020 I got close to 100/A+ on this essay written for absolutey impossible Film&Lit professor I had. This professor does great work no matter how specific the topic and instructions are.
    08/03/2020 This professor did a great job, was thoughtful, and very helpful.
    08/02/2020 This professor wrote an essay that received a 95 from a very difficult professor who typically doesn't give above a 90 on any essays. Couldn't be more thankful They worked quickly and followed my professor's extensive and complicated instructions. I highly recommend them, they are very much worth their rate.
    08/02/2020 Revised/basically re-wrote my paper that I couldn't get higher than a 79 on (no matter how many times I resubmitted) and I got a 94 with a VERY difficult professor. Thanks so much!
    08/02/2020 Good communicator! Job well done!
    07/31/2020 Creatively written! Awesome job.
    07/29/2020 Great Job on my work. I did have to go in and "make it my own" so it would be consistet with the work I had submitted in the past but that is to be expected. Thank you so much! Would 100000000 % use again
    07/27/2020 I've used this professor for so many different papers and assignments. Always an A+ every time ! Thank you Deluzienne ! Only professor I fully trust on here
    07/26/2020 Very happy with the end result. I got a good background personal statement to work with and make minor tweaks to it. Thank you!
    07/25/2020 Deluzienne delivers 100% quality work every single time . Assignments have always been on time and the work is exceptional. I will never use another professor on this site.
    07/25/2020 overpriced but quality work
    07/20/2020 AMAZING WORK! I LOVE THIS MAN. I had told this prof that I had bad luck on this site before and he went out his way to make sure my work was A+ material. I asked for 3 sources, he gave me 23!! He reached out to me multiple times to ensure the work was the best it could possibly be. I cannot thank you enough. 
    07/18/2020 Reliable and super coomuncation! Great work quality.
    07/13/2020 He simply nailed it!  Definitely will be using again!
    07/10/2020 This professor is one of my favourites on this website. I payed $180 for an essay, and got 79% on it. My advice for those looking to get  A+, don't just settle with their solution. Read over it as if you're the professor marking your paper, and ask for your paper to be revised if you feel the professor writing your paper hasn't followed through the instructions thoroughly. I'm starting to learn that this is key to getting a better grade. I wish I would've done it for mine, because I know this professor would've listened to my concerns and revised the paper have I asked. But to me it seemed perfect, however, my professor gave me a lot of feedback on it that I overlooked. So just keep that in mind. I wish I'd gotten an A but again, I should've taken it upon myself to see error and communicated them with him. He's still a very good writer and get the job done well. 
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