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  • Education

    BA, English (Top-tier) MA / PhD, Media Studies (Tier 1 university). 
    I have a humanities background, but I have tutored and taught in many related fields, ranging from math to the social sciences to ESL. I've completed in-depth, graduate level projects on topics as diverse as business, biology, and theology. 

    Also, I used to work as an admissions consultant specializing in graduate admissions for international students, so I have extensive experience with admissions essays.

    I am insatiably curious about absolutely everything. 

    Past Employment

    Editing, tutoring, teaching: College level (6 years) Retail (bookstore): editor / proofreader (6 years); 11 years of combined teaching / tutoring / TA-ing experience, miscellaneous experience with business, marketing, finance

    Last updated 10/2017


    Last updated 11/2017 
    I've completed well over 5,000 projects for this site. I must be doing something right! 
    Note: The number of projects in my queue is misleading, as it includes projects that are completed and for which I am awaiting payment, projects due very far in the future, as well as small ongoing projects. 

    Areas of special interest: Anthropology, sociology, technology, computers, English, linguistics, media, philosophy, political science, psychology, art, history, gender studies, culture studies, business, pedagogy / teaching, ethnography, CSR, ethics, religion. 

    I am also pretty good with math(s).  If you have a project you think I can take on, invite me and I'll check it out!

    Press (includes a writing sample):

    NOTE: My bidding minimum is $25/page (double-spaced, standard margins + font), $40/ page (1.5 spacing), and $50/page single spacing. Sometimes I bid more because of deadlines, the cost of materials such as books or journal articles, the complexity of a proejct, and so on. Please don't ask me to bid less than my minimum. Thank you for understanding.

    A few tips:
    1. Word count > page count, every time! Try to get a ballpark estimate from your professor.
    2. Although more info is usually better, there is a point where an overwhelming amount of info can cut into precious time, especially on very tight deadlines!
    3. An ideal deadline is about 24-36 business hours away from when you must hand it in. This will give you time to  look over it, revise if necessary, ensure that you have the file, etc. I realize this is not always possible, but it is ideal: and if your deadline is more flexible, you can usually save some money this way too!
    4. Unfortunately I can't provide ongoing status updates. Until I can afford an assistant, I can work either on your project or on messages to you about your project. I read most messages as quickly as I see them, but I can't always respond. Thanks for understanding! 
    5. The system cannot accommodate multiple due dates. Super annoying, but all I see is the due date you have chosen.
    4. Sometimes...I need to sleep or eat! Please allow a few hours for a response. 

    Coming late 2017: My eBook on how to write papers even if you haven't done the reading! Ask for details and if you're a customer, I'd love to give you a free / review copy! 


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    11/19/2017 As always, this professor can do any assignment you have, last minute or not. Do not look around no more, just come to him as there is nothing you need to worry about besides providing clear and specific directions.
    11/19/2017 Amazing as always!
    11/18/2017 Great paper! Very responsive to requests and quick.  Would recommend to people in the future.
    11/18/2017 Assignment was turned in on time and all directions were followed. Great paper and I will be using him again!
    11/16/2017 Without a doubt the best professor on this website. He is very insightful and intelligent. Look no further - you will get an A+ paper from this professor. If you aren't satisfied with your result, chances are you didn't describe the project well enough. I cannot recommend this professor enough!
    11/16/2017 Got a 76 in the report
    11/15/2017 Was very precise with his studies and was able to complete in a very short notice. 10/10. If he bids on you. Go for it. You will not be dissapointed.
    11/15/2017 2nd time using him. It was incredible and on time
    Great job! Stayed in communication and got it done very quickly. Received a 90% only because I failed to communicate a few things. Will definitely use again!
    11/11/2017 Rather helpful. Completely understood what I needed for my essays. Not very patient though.
    11/11/2017 Excellent essay delivered on time and A+ material. Very clear and concise writing, went above and beyond expectations. 10/10.
    11/11/2017 recieved A  on this paper! Well Done!
    11/08/2017 Incredible personal statement. Was a huge help for me during a stressful last month while overloading on classes. Would definitley use again and highly reccomend!
    11/08/2017 Excellent work! My topic was related to business, specifically finance. The professor produced a high quality paper. Be sure to set the completion date atleast 24-48 hours prior to the due date of your paper as he was a little late getting the paper completed. It wasn't a big deal in my case. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    11/06/2017 Was fantastic, really went above and beyond. Thank you
    11/06/2017 Was fantastic, really went above and beyond. Thank you
    11/05/2017 Always wonderful to work with!
    11/05/2017 Best of the best!!
    11/04/2017 I was really nervous to use a site like this but I was just so busy with work and being a mom, I wouldn't have been able to get my eassy done. The professor did a great job and emailed back really fast when I was trying to decide if this was a good idea or not and accpet the bid. My eassy is great and was delivered on time. I took a chance with this site always thinking it would be a scam but it isn't and I am very greatful this professor gave me a great paper.  
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