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    MA Experimental Psychology
    PhD Experimental Psychology

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    11/17/2017 Great job
    11/11/2017 ?Well written, easy to comunicate with, covered all bases and delivered on time
    ?Overall great result.  

    11/08/2017 Great work, finished before deadline. Was nervous about websites external reviews but this guy saved my butt.
    thanks guy.
    10/26/2017 Well written paper! I got an A and max points for that particular module! Easy to communicate with and fixed minor requests in a timely manner! I will defitnitely request by name the next time I'm in a jam or plain ol lazy lol!
    10/25/2017 Paper was very well written! The paper was perfect for an intro to psych paper, it was not overdone. She followed the APA format perfectly. Paper was also done early. Highly reccomend!
    10/25/2017 Outstanding. Simply Outstanding. Can't say enough great things about this professor.
    10/25/2017 The best. Very thorough. Great writing and very organized. Always on time. Or early.
    10/25/2017 Simply outstanding. Got 100% on the final long assigment.
    09/28/2017 Excellent
    09/22/2017 Excellent use of mindmapping software. Got good grade
    09/22/2017 Excellent writing. Got good grade
    09/22/2017 Excellent work as always. Got an A
    09/22/2017 Excellent paper. Got good grade!
    09/22/2017 The BEST!
    08/26/2017 On time and great quality!

    08/22/2017 Got an A. Great writing. Thank you. Best.
    08/22/2017 Got a terrific grade. Excellent APA writing. Simply the best. 
    08/22/2017 Got and A. Excellent paper. Best!
    08/21/2017 Excellent job!
    08/21/2017 Excellent work!
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