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    MA Experimental Psychology
    PhD Experimental Psychology

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    Teaching Assistant
    Graduate Student Researcher
    Adjunct teacher


    Publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, national and international conferences presentations.

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    08/08/2020 Absolutely nailed the assignment right down to the citations from the provided, annotated bibliography. This is my new go to professor!
    08/02/2020 Great work!
    07/26/2020 Thank you!
    07/14/2020 I got 100. I definily use this professor again. 
    07/14/2020 I got 98. I am so happy.
    06/24/2020 It was a wonderful A paper!
    06/10/2020 Great work!! Highly recommend Sane!
    06/09/2020 Got 70/100 (distinction) for my assignment 
    06/02/2020 Gets the job done and with excellent results
    05/31/2020 great
    05/31/2020 great work 
    05/21/2020 Great :)
    05/19/2020 Amazing as usual!
    05/12/2020 Amazing!!
    04/29/2020 Perfect paper everytime! Highly recommend to anyone looking to get an A+!
    04/13/2020 By far the best professor on the site. Genuinely works with and wants to do the best possible job. 10 out of 10 everytime. 
    04/13/2020 Thank you for the completed project, main idea was correct, formattiing was great, given in a few hours early as well. Unfortunately, there were multiple grammatical and spelling errors throughout the paper, and wording was slightly awkward and repetitve. A lot of words for something that could be said more consisely. Had to re-write more than half the paper, and notes were incomplete. I have yet to recieve a grade but this is the third time i have significant issues using this site. 
    04/06/2020 I got a perfect score . thanks so much
    03/31/2020 I have used this prof several times and as always, excellent work.
    Thank You!!!
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