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    MA Experimental Psychology
    PhD Experimental Psychology

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    Teaching Assistant
    Graduate Student Researcher
    Adjunct teacher


    Publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, national and international conferences presentations.

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    12/13/2020 Amazing work super professional and knows their stuff! Got my project done way ahead of deadline and did amazing work. 10/10 recommend for any psychology papers or research.
    12/08/2020 Did not meet the page requiremnt I requested. The paper itself was riddled with poor grammar. 
    12/02/2020 Basic enough paper. Fortunatly, I made sure to give myself time in adance to edit because it really needed it. The writer had more than two weeks to write it but the paper seems rushed and unpolished. Tried getting to the 8 page limit by adding extra space between paragraphs. For a "published" psychology writer, I doubt this would be the case. Unless, the journals that are publishing his work don't review it.

    Giving it a 4 stars because some of the points are well put together.
    12/01/2020 wonderful work. my favorite professor for my psychology papers 
    11/25/2020 Hit all my deadlines in a timely manner, even an early deadline, high quality of work, with very few mistakes!
    11/19/2020 This professor is exellent. I request them specifically, usually for psychology projects and they never disappoint. They alwasy complete the work early, sometimes on short notice, and they stay in communication so you know your work is in good hands. 
    11/18/2020 Difficult assignment, and they took it last minute. I would recommend 1000% Work was well done and they got it to me early! 
    11/09/2020 Wonderful, as always! This prof has been indispensable for me!
    10/12/2020 Absolutely perfect!!! 
    10/09/2020 Excellent paper, couldn't have asked for more!
    10/07/2020 Great job!
    10/07/2020 AMAZING JOB!
    09/15/2020 the work for my psychology course is wonderful
    08/08/2020 Absolutely nailed the assignment right down to the citations from the provided, annotated bibliography. This is my new go to professor!
    08/02/2020 Great work!
    07/26/2020 Thank you!
    07/14/2020 I got 100. I definily use this professor again. 
    07/14/2020 I got 98. I am so happy.
    06/24/2020 It was a wonderful A paper!
    06/10/2020 Great work!! Highly recommend Sane!
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