BA / MA / PhD in Communication and/or Media Studies, all from top-tier American schools

Past Employment

Have worked as a user interface expert, and have run my own businesses, not to mention my collegiate teaching experience, which is extensive. I flirted briefly with the idea of being a doctor, so I have a significant background in science/medicine/nutrition as well.


I specialize in marketing and consumer behavior and have taught a range of business courses in theese areas, but I have a wide range of interests, including anthropology, communication, broadcasting and media, psychology, digital technology, advertising, web design, medicine, biology, health, art, sociology, earth & weather science, geography, and more. I also enjoy projects that pertain to methodology... I guess some of us have to be nerds like that!

I am also an occasional screenwriter and have a good grasp of fiction, so I am happy (and in fact enjoy) working on creative writing. However, poetry is not my strong suit. The only subject matter that I am not comfortable with or qualified to handle relates to heavy-duty math (aside from statistics and business-related math), economics/econometrics, or engineering.


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02/09/2019 Timely, professional, and great at keeping me up to date with my project progress. 

Happy to help! Glad you're satisfied.
11/13/2018 Amazing paper got an A with short notice. 

Awesome! Glad I could help!
10/09/2018 I couldn't have asked for a more helpful professor. Very timely and assured that the work he provided was high quality. His communication was amazing!!!!!

Glad to hear you're satisfied! That's all I ask for. :)
10/09/2018 By far greatest paper ever. He wrote it in a timely manner and is very helpful with communicating his needs to get the paper done correctly. Amazing professor

Thank you so much! I do my best to please!
09/26/2018 This prof helped with all my questions and followed the instructions down to the letter! Highly reccomend .

Glad I could help! It was a pleasure!
05/27/2018 Thank you for your hard work! It is very much appreciated! 

A pleasure! Thank you for choosing me.
05/23/2018 Great work. Professor completed the project on time and I received a 100/100 for the final score. 

That's terrific news! So happy to help!
05/09/2018 My paper came out on time, and it's awesome!

A great student! Super-easy to work with. Thanks for choosing me!
02/13/2018 Only received a 43% mark
12/09/2017 Got my tax paper to me about an hour before the deadline, but kept in contact with me giving me updates so I wasn't worried it would be late. Good paper and no plagirism issues at all.

Unfortunately sometimes things cause delays, but I always try to keep students informed as much as I can when complications arise. Thanks for being so understanding!
12/08/2017 I was honestly worried that this website was a scam and I saw a few horror stories but I am relieved that this is real. Professor Chaos did an excellent job. So happy. So relieved.
12/06/2017 Got a 97%! This professor was amazing to work with so nice!! Will use again
12/05/2017 He did a brilliant job on my project! I could not have done any better, thank you for such a great job, I will be using him again! 
11/26/2017 The professor was able to finish this assignment on time and adhered to the instructions well. The main complaint was that the sections needed to be described a little more fully but I received an 89% so that was good enough for me. 
11/21/2017 Top quality work!
11/13/2017 Was the only professor to honestly reach out to me to discuss taking on my project. He first evaluated his ability to take on my project, where he contacted me to discuss his available times and what he can do for me. Because of this, I knew exactly what time I would be getting my project sent to me, allowing me to plan accordingly. The price he offered me seemed fair, so no haggling required, unlike some of the people on this site who bid 4x what Chaos asked while not even contacting me at all.

The work he did for me was exactly as expected, and assisted me greatly in my endeavor. I wholeheartedly endorse Chaos as a UP, and if I need anything in the future again will be sure to go back to him.
10/11/2017 I was very hesitant about using a site like this to complete my assignment but I'm so glad I spared myself the headache and took a chance! Professor Chaos produced a quality paper with the exact specifications I asked for delivered on time! If I get anything less than an "A" I'll be surprised! 
10/09/2017 Quick and effecient.
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