BA, philosophy
MA, sociology
PhD, sociology

Past Employment

Two liberal arts colleges, one highly selective, the other more selective.
One more selective regional college.
Two national universities, one very selective, the other more selective.
One public university, less selective.



Available for social science papers, especially sociology, but also able to handle undergraduate philosophy, literature, and communications papers. My areas of study and teaching include: sociology of religion, culture, politics, deviance and social control, criminology, social psychology, gender/race/class, and social theory.


Date Comment Rating
12/08/2018 Amazing paper! Got an A-. Thank you :) 

Glad to hear that. Sorry for the missing hapf-grade. It is a little tough sometimes to write for a professor that I don’t know much about.
12/06/2018 The writing style was not college level. Lots of run-on sentences that I had to organize and fix. Also, I was not given a full page for my essay as requested. Eventually, I was given enough for the full page. The paper also did not include references for a college level paper. The professor’s response was that it was not included in the paper description. So, make sure you specify if you need references for this professor.

Yes! It is extremely helpful for the writers that the project details are...detailed. When it asks how many citations, say how many. When it asks for reference style, say which reference style. (When it says, "None"--well, what are we to make of it? When it asks how many pages, list ALL of the pages that are needed. The project description listed two pages. After accepting the project with the agreed upon price, I'm told the student also needs three outlines on three writers AND a two page paper. The solution was well over what was agreed upon. We don't work for free. And we can't mind-read.
12/02/2018 Perfect Work Thanks a lot

And thank you.
11/28/2018 This professor was great! Super easy to
communicate with and my work was done really fast! Totally using again! 

You, too, were easy to communicate with. Which makes things go smooth. Be sure to tag me on your projects.
11/16/2018 This essay was so incredibly written! Extermely happy with the results :)

Glad to hear that. Hope your semester wraps up nicely.
12/08/2017 I've worked with several profs from this site due to the workload of full time University and a full time law firm job. I have to say this was one of the 2 long term projects I have worked on with this site and felt I needed to write a review. The long term assignment inclued 3 writing excersises, which led to the final paper. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST PROF I HAVE WORKED WITH ON THIS SITE. From the reasonabe price, to the grades I got back on each paper, to understaning instructions, to the communication, to the quality of work and education on the topic at hand, to the timelines- everything was to a T! Absolutely amazing prof, so poliet, a person I would want to meet in person. I can't wait to work with this prof again.
11/06/2017 Got a 98
10/27/2017 You get what you pay for, and this professor is worth every penny. 
08/21/2017 Excellent work!
07/02/2017 Solid work, I literally have to dumb this paper down some. On time and excellent communication as well. Would use again.

04/25/2017 Quite a long paper done in not a lot of time with next to no notice. Still GREAT quality and a few hours early too. Would certainly recommend.
12/20/2016 Great communication and amazing work!
12/10/2016 Couldnt be happier with timing, price, communication, and the paper was great. Thanks for saving me
11/30/2016 poor written paper based on reading an article. the paper was not even sent to me in the proper asked format. Overall i got a 50 out of 100. I have noticed a trend on many of he professors here that like to be paid but give out a poor paper. Please know that people that use your services do for important papers and assignments that are worth a lot of their grade. I will never use this professor again. 
Amazing Theology paper!!! Thank you!!
11/24/2016 I got an A on my discussion post. He's thorough and accurate.
11/06/2016 Fantastic job!
10/27/2016 Great job! Highly recommended!
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