PhD in History (Ivy League). MA in Contemporary History and Politics (Ivy League). MA in Psychology (Top Tier). BA (Honors) in Politics, History and Philosophy (Top Tier).  BA (Honors) in English Literature (Top Tier).  LLB  (Bachelor's of Law).  

Past Employment

Professor, lecturer, private tutor, workshop facilitator, ghostwriter, published author, translator. 

I have written and published three academic books in the field of history, politics and international relations, as well as numerous peer-reviewed journal articles on a variety of topics.

All of my degrees are from universities that rate in the top 1% worldwide.


I'm an academic chameleon. I am just as comfortable writing MA dissertations for health studies or psychology as I am compiling a PhD proposal in international relations; writing undergraduate essays on English literature, politics, philosophy, history, sociology or film studies; proofreading biology briefs; editing sociology dissertations...or creating a business and marketing presentation. The list goes on and on.

In other words:  whatever you've got, I've seen it before. If I bid on your project, it's because *I am confident that I can do it well*.  I pride myself on the speed and quality of my work.

I have taught in a professorial capacity at universities in both the US and UK; therefore, I am very comfortable working with a wide range of international students. Along with English, I am also fluent in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hebrew and Polish. 

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.  

NB:  The MINIMUM Gold-level bid on this site is $30 per each double-spaced page. During busy periods, and if the project demands extra time and attention, this rate may go up significantly. Additionally, extra charges apply for a 24-48 hour turnaround time.  *** PLEASE NOTE---during high season (midterms and finals) the market for profs is extremely competitive. Expect bids to be considerably higher, as a result. You can also expect that if you choose my bid, you will receive premium work with maximum effort and attention, every time.***


Date Comment Rating
05/23/2022 Always amazing work! Truly the only prof I trust to complete my projects correctly and to produce great work! 
05/09/2022 Thanks professor you did an amazing job.
05/06/2022 Great paper, up to date sources, and very clearly written. 
04/28/2022 Really good paper. A few typos here and there, so be sure to run it through Grammarly, but the content itself was great! 
04/27/2022 Followed all directions perfectly! Corresponds in a timely manner and allows for revisions if you need. Will definitely be using again. Thank you so much !
04/20/2022 Extremely well worded paper and done before the due date. The professor was communicative and thorough in his explanations. I am very pleased and will be sure to request him the next time I am in need! 
04/11/2022 To have a BA in English Literature "Honors" from an Ivy league school i expected a better paper. I had to re-write passages and add further analysis to the paper. no

The client provided a sample paper which was followed closely. Furthermore, I always include a free round of edits with my work, and this client never requested any changes or edits It’s a shame that this person chose to leave a negative review based on their own unprofessional assessment, without actually knowing what the grade would have been. *shrug*
03/30/2022 Best one on this website
03/20/2022 Great job ahead of due date.
03/19/2022 Outstanding paper - well researched, points were well argued and defended. This is my last course and I would still come back to this professor for everyday writings. Well done!
03/12/2022 Great work. Got an A and was told it was the best paper in the class. Will use every time.
03/06/2022 I came on this website because no matter how much I read and no matter how many hours I spent on my essays, I could never seem to get A's. Humanities-Portent helped get me an A on my essay, what more can I ask?
02/28/2022 Great
02/13/2022 Another knock out of the park. Excellent work.
01/14/2022 A phenomenally well written piece. Seriously top notch. THIS is the professor you want to hire!
12/19/2021 Amazing work as always, never disappoints. When I say that HP is the only prof on here that is worth paying, I totally mean it! Truly terrific work and is always available to help you along the way with the project.
12/11/2021 Always on time, never have to worry with Hp working on your paper. Well worth the price because you will always get an A.
11/29/2021 An absolute godsend. Delivered way ahead of schedule and the quality was impeccable.
11/24/2021 Another great paper!!!
11/13/2021 Wow! The paper was perfectly executed and he got it to me early in the day on the due date. I will mark this professor and send all of my projects to him in the future! By far the best paper I've gotten from this website. 
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