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  • Education

    PhD in History (Ivy League). MA in Contemporary History and Politics (Ivy League). MA in Psychology (Top Tier). BA (Honors) in Politics, History and Philosophy (Top Tier).  BA (Honors) in English Literature (Top Tier).  LLB  (Bachelor's of Law).  

    Past Employment

    Professor, lecturer, private tutor, workshop facilitator, ghostwriter, published author, translator. 

    I have written and published three academic books in the field of history, politics and international relations, as well as numerous peer-reviewed journal articles on a variety of topics.

    All of my degrees are from universities that rate in the top 1% worldwide.


    I'm an academic chameleon. I am just as comfortable writing MA dissertations for health studies or psychology as I am compiling a PhD proposal in international relations; writing undergraduate essays on English literature, politics, philosophy, history, sociology or film studies; proofreading biology briefs; editing sociology dissertations...or creating a business and marketing presentation. The list goes on and on.

    In other words:  whatever you've got, I've seen it before. If I bid on your project, it's because *I am confident that I can do it well*.  I pride myself on the speed and quality of my work.

    I have taught in a professorial capacity at universities in both the US and UK; therefore, I am very comfortable working with a wide range of international students. Along with English, I am also fluent in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hebrew and Polish. 

    Please do feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.  

    NB:  The MINIMUM bid on this site is $25 per each double-spaced page. During busy periods, and if the project demands extra time and attention, this rate may go up significantly. Additionally, extra charges apply for a 24-48 hour turnaround time.  *** PLEASE NOTE---during high season (midterms and finals) the market for profs is extremely competitive. Expect bids to be considerably higher, as a result. You can also expect that if you choose my bid, you will receive premium work with maximum effort and attention, every time.***


    Date Comment Rating
    09/12/2019 Awesome work, clear thought out perfect score, thank you!
    09/05/2019 A+
    09/05/2019 A+
    09/05/2019 Always superb, thank you
    09/05/2019 A+
    09/05/2019 A+
    09/05/2019 Consistent quality and communication, best professor on here
    08/27/2019 A solid professor for history and sociopolitical assignments.
    08/14/2019 Probably THE ONLY PROF worth your time, money and marks. Assignments were completed on time and to perfection. Got an A on the last one. Another 2 submitted. I have no doubt what the marks will be. LOVE THIS PROF!
    08/14/2019 This prof is too good for words. Absolutely PHENOMENAL. If you provide clear instructions with rubric, this prof does the work to a T! Perfection at its best.
    HP was so patient and listened to my every request, and even suggested ideas that would be more suitable for my coursework. 
    Spoke through adding revisions with me. Furthermore, extremely accommodating!
    I definetely recommend 100%. 
    Not surpised at all of such good track record on the site. 
    08/10/2019 Excellent work, and extremely courteous and professional. Thank you!
    08/09/2019 Amazing Work. The work was on time, the prof goes through the rubric provided and really gives constructve feedback once the assigment is completed in order to make sure nothing is missed. 
    08/07/2019 Fantastic paper!!!! 
    08/07/2019 Fantastic job. HP has done several papers for me, and they have all been "A" papers. Do not worry about anything; your paper will be done right and on time. If you need Ph.D. level work, this person is for you. 
    08/06/2019 The assignment was completed on time and I made an A+, thank you so much for saving me this semester! 
    07/30/2019 I got a perfect 100% on my paper!!  Thanks for coming through again!
    07/28/2019 HP never disappoints 
    07/23/2019 I got an A+ on this assignment. Most definitely recommend.
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